Monday, January 27, 2014

Casting Call

The Dizz and I just got back from an...interesting experience, if you will.

A casting call for a, wait for it, "Real People Photo Shoot."

The other day I was bored and perusing around Craigslist, looking at a few jobs to apply for, and then getting sidetracked in the "Gigs - Talent" section. Let me tell you something, if you're ever bored and need a little entertainment, just head on over to Craigslist.

After filtering through the Naked Maid position and the Asian Escort jobs, I found the ad looking for "Real People Models" to be a part of a new tech company launch showing who their future customers will look like.

So I thought, well, we're real people, and well, they'll pay $800 EACH for just a few hours of shooting, so why not?!

I sent over a few pictures of me and The Dizz, then in a few hours, we got an email back to come down to their casting call.

This place was in Ghettoville, San Francisco, folks.

At one point, I asked The Dizz, "What if we're on our way to get shot today? Like for real, shot?"

He simply replied, "Well, that'd suck."

And of course, the potential dangers of Craigslist didn't stop us.

So we parked the car and entered this WAREHOUSE. Literally, it was this warehouse in the middle of nowhere. I just kept thinking: Good thing I'm not alone...

Inside, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it looked somewhat legit and professional. There was a table with about 4 laptops, a station for photos, and a station for video.

Also, there were several other candidates there, so we knew we weren't going to get shot.......yet.

After standing around awkwardly for a few minutes, assessing the situation, they had us get our photo taken while holding up a mini whiteboard that said our name, age, and height. The guy took a few pictures, then sent me over to take a little "Hi, my name is Michelle..." video. After that, we headed over to the laptops and filled out a profile: name, age, ethnicity, shoe size, dress size, etc.

And that was it!

We were the youngest ones there. Everyone else was at least 50-70 years old, so I was a tad confused as to why we were even there in the first place.

There was this one man named Danny F. Oooh, something about him just irked me. He was wearing a turtleneck and blazer. And he had REALLY white, big teeth. Danny F. wanted everyone to know he existed. When he told them his age (55), he then looked at me and said, "Yeah! 55! I know!" As if, what? I wouldn't believe it? No, no, Danny, I believe it. In fact, I thought you were a little older.

It was pretty hilarious. And random. And slightly awkward.

A big thank you to The Dizzle for letting me drag him to this. He sure is a great sport, wouldn't you agree? Plus, he's a tall, sexy half-Black guy, so I think he's got good chances to be picked. ;)

Anyway! I have an interview in a few hours at this cute little boutique down the street! Wish me luck. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow!

Mishi, out.


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  1. You wouldn't believe the weird things I have found on craigslist while I was jobless. Once I went to some casting call to be in some strange hair extension commercial. The hairs were all connected to a string that you just wear like a headband on your head. So weird.

  2. This is hilarious and awesome. I didn't even know "gigs" like this existed. $800 is no joke!! I'm totally going to go looking on craigslist now! Haha!! Hopefully I don't get shot, for reals, either. I don't have a tall half-black man to protect me though...maybe I should work on that too.

    xo Denise

  3. Good luck! Hope you get it. You're so like your dad (in a good way!) There's never a dull moment when you're around. Love you!!!

  4. Niiice, for $800??! Awesome! Good luck at the boutique!

  5. It could be my dream job to do EVERYDAY!

  6. Good luck! I'm glad you didn't get for real shot

  7. Not a bad day's work for $160 bucks! Craigslist can be a little scary but at least it always turn into a great story!

  8. That would be cool if you get picked! Maybe this can be your newest career! ;)

  9. Good luck with your interview! I'm in the process of applying to jobs now too and it's hella stressful. Best of luck!

  10. This is so interesting!! I might have to peruse Craigslist a little more often. Even if you're not picked, it's still a pretty cool experience!

  11. Good luck with the interview!!! :)

  12. That's crazy!! I would totally do that for $800 a piece! Geez, I need to start finding gigs like that on Craigslist just for the extra $$! You always keep me interested with you excursions - whether they be around the world or to Ghettoville, San Francisco! Good luck at the interview! Really hope we hear some good news soon. :) Have a great Monday!

  13. Glad to hear you're still alive! Good luck with your interview!

  14. Haha this is interesting.

    Good Luck on your interview Mish!

  15. $800?! I'm envious of how many cool listings you've found on Craigslist. No matter how hard I look for gigs to earn extra cash... nothing :(

    Good luck with your interview!

  16. Good luck with your interview! Turtleneck and blazer? Just no. Never.

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