Thursday, January 9, 2014


Some plans are brewing, friends, and I'm getting excited! The Dizzle and I saw this deal on Groupon yesterday. I have been talking about us taking a trip to Mexico for what seems like forever now. But because last year was spent spending thousands of dollars on world traveling and then even more thousands of dollars moving to the most expensive city in the world, Mexico was put aside for obvious reasons.

So here's the deal we saw:

-Roundtrip Airfare
-7 night stay at Barcelo Grand Faro in Los Cabos (oceanview room)
-All inclusive, meaning all meals and most importantly, booze, is covered
-$929/person, which includes all taxes and fees
-TOTAL: $1858

I compared apples to apples for what it would cost without the Groupon deal, and we would be saving about $505.

Here's also the deal...

We want to go in July for our 3 year anniversary. I told The Dizz that this was a big one for us because I have never been with anyone that long before and well, I think that's cause for celebration, don't you? The month of July is also a big one because it's my birthday. My 28 year, not a milestone at all, birthday.

But mostly, it's been NINE MONTHS since we've been out of the country and it's KILLING me. I need to get out. I need to go somewhere new. I need to see more, god damnit!

(calm down, michelle. deep breaths)

So, anyway, I figure, if we plan now, we can buy this Groupon deal, then have 6 months to pay it off until July. Then, come July, we have this great week-long vacation to enjoy together and celebrate!

I've never purchased a Groupon Getaway before, so I'm still trying to research if this is the best deal or not, but so far, I think it's pretty good. I'm especially loving the all-inclusive part.

Have you ever done a vacation through Groupon before?

Have you ever been to Los Cabos?

Any suggestions on making a Mexico trip happen that is fun and cost-effective?

Would YOU like to also book this trip and come drink free booze all day by the pool with us? Yes? Great. Let's do it!


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  1. Either way... Cabo is a blast... if you're looking for some adventure, we took some excursion there where they take you out to these salt flats with 4 wheelers and a helmet and let you just drive like crazy. It's a blast. And you come back filthy dirty with Cabo clay mud and big cheesy smiles

  2. That sounds freakin amazing! Jealous!

  3. Cabo is my fav. Gooooo. But don't be surprised if I pop out of your suitcase.

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  5. I've been wondering the same thing about Groupon Getaways because I have been looking into it as well! Let me know if you end up doing this deal!

  6. Sounds amazing, i would do it mexico is amazing and i'm sure groupon is legit so why not!

  7. This sounds like a really good deal! I've seen a lot of awesome deals on Groupon, I really want to try it out. I'd just make sure to read the fine print :D

  8. I've never used it, but I totally just signed up for it. What did you start?

  9. I wish I could do that, but I don't even have the money for an inexpensive trip right now! I hope you have lots of fun though! I didn't even know Groupon had vacations like this. I'll have to check that out fo rthe future!

  10. My friend worked for Groupon and says their pretty legit :)

  11. I've never booked a vacation through Groupon, nor have I been to Cabo, but we stayed at a Barcelo resort in Puerto Vallarta a couple years ago and it was ah-mazing. We felt like royalty the 7 days we were there. The staff, food, grounds, beach, everything was fantastic so I'm sure they must keep those standards at their other resorts (they have them in all the major getaway beach spots in Mexico). As far as whether it's a good deal - it is, but it's not unusual. When we went two years ago, we booked 7 nights at Barcelo (all-inclusive, of course), roundtrip air fair, shuttle to/from resort, and full-day ziplining excursion and tequila tasting for just a little less than what that Groupon is for. So yeah it's a good deal, but I don't think you need to feel pressured to buy it right away because you can probably find another in a few months.

  12. It's an excellent deal because Airfare alone could cost $600 and once you subtract that from the cost of the groupon you are only paying about 300 for lodging-which obviously is super cheap for all those nights. I know this because we are going to Cabo in June!! That's about how much airfare is going for right now from Cali. The hotel that we are staying at runs about $180 per night for all inclusive (although that part is covered for us so we just have to come up with airfare). I'd check out the hotel on Trip Advisor just to make sure it doesn't suck. Since I'm still in Cabo planning mode I checked and it looks okay.

  13. Also, your blog is showing me Petco ads for guinea pig bedding. *how does it know????* ;)

  14. That sounds amazing! Can't wait to hear if it all works out like you though it would. I would definitely check dates before you purchase. Those things seem to have a lot of blackout dates and/or when you check the dates you want the prices are a lot higher than they advertised!

    1. Good point Justine! The blackout dates have been an issue with some classes we purchased off of Groupon! SO definitely check that out!!

  15. Cabo is awesome! I don't see why the deal wouldn't be good as far as it being from Groupon! We've bought all kinds of things from there, but not a trip yet! The prices sound pretty great though for what you'd be getting!

  16. i've only been to cabo once during a cruise. i just got back from Cancun and mind you, it was a blast. I don't mind going back. A friend of mine did the groupon thing and she said it was legit. she was hammered the whole time there hahahahaa... have fun!!!

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  18. I bought a trip on Groupon (that or expedia escapes but pretty sure it was Groupon) and it was amazing! It was all inclusive for 4 nights in Isla Mujeres, Mexico and was one of the best trips I've ever taken. Airfare wasn't included which made the deal a lot less complicated but look around. They have deals on a ton of websites every week. I think ours was $600 and we had a private pool overlooking the ocean and it was all inclusive. I posted a picture today on insta @aebarber. If you want to go to Los Cabos and like the hotel then it should be all good!!

  19. As always, I'm super jealous!! And I say go for it!!

    ♥ Duckie.

  20. That sounds like a great trip and a great deal - do it, just check the weather in Mexico in July, make sure it is not 100+!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  21. as long as groupon will let you book the dates you want, it's usually the best deal to get. Groupon is best for people with a little flexibility. Have fun! (won't it be killer hot in July though?!?)

  22. i'm slightly addicted to Groupon haha i've only done one getaway from them to the DR and it was great..all inclusive no airfare tho. i will say check the dates because sometimes the reason they are so cheap is because they are selling it in the off season (thats how the DR was) also when we went we had to do a time share presentation...doing so you could probably negotiate some activity into it for doing the presentation so even tho it sucks its worth it in the end. I will say that the booze in an all inclusive resort sucks..even with "premium" if your goal is to stay with a drink in your hand my advice would be to buy a bottle or 5 when you land at the airport in the duty free shop and enjoy the party in your room!! this response was way too long just to say that groupon getaways are usually a great deal lol

  23. When Rob and I planned our first official adult vacation, we booked with and we were so proud of how much it cost. But everything was pretty sub par, including the fact we weren't "seated" together during all 4 flights!!! We talked our way into the emergency exit seats every time but just keep in mind that deal websites don't obviously always look out for the needs of the consumer.

  24. Hey girl, I went to Cabo in September and I thought it was kind of "meh." I mean, it's a nice tropical spot...but it will not come anywhere close to satisfying your travel bug. It might as well be California...I mean, there's a Costco for goodness sake. The food at the all inclusive places leaves a little something to be desired (worse than cruise food--which isn't too bad.)

    I know I'm probably coming across as a bit negative, and that's really not my intention. I just know how it is when you're watching your budget, and I would be sad if you spent the money and then weren't too pleased. So basically as long as you're cool with it basically feeling like the US and then food and booze being so-so, then you'll really enjoy the pool, ocean views, snorkeling, and night life. Also, don't start a tab at any cash only. Otherwise they bait and switch their prices.


  25. We actually bought a groupon to the DR a couple years ago but ours didn't include airfare! I say go for it! It was a super nice resort where we went and it was a really good time. I can't wait to get another one.

  26. We live on the East coast in Georgia, and we have gone to Cabo for two summers in a time share. I kind of feel from the East coast, it's no different than Canun/Cozumel. Just takes longer to get there. It is beautiful, and if you've never been, go.

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