Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My First Grown Up Dinner Party

Saturday night, we were invited to head up to Marin County for a lovely little dinner party of nine. The Dizzle's Mama's best friend was hosting and let me tell you, she went above and beyond! So above and beyond that I have officially decided I will never be able to pull something so amazing off and therefore will only attend dinner parties as opposed to hosting them.

The evening started with some wine and living room "mingling." We met this older Dutch couple of about 70 and well, they were just the cutest! And as you know (or don't, because why would you?), The Dizzle's Mama is from Holland, so they were getting along swimmingly in all of their Dutchness. May I also mention that there were bottles upon bottles of wonderful wine. And I'm talking wine that was way fancier than my $9 bottle of Pinot that I'm used to. One could say I was in wine heaven. I even had the Asian Glow to prove it.

That beautiful, splotchy, not embarrassing at all, Asian Glow.

Moving on.

We started the meal with this delicious goat cheese/walnut/raspberry salad, and I wish I took a picture of it because it was so pretty. Can a salad be pretty? Because it was. But instead of taking a picture, I devoured it in 5.2 seconds (have I mentioned how classy I can be at a dinner party?). Next, we moved on to the main meal. LAMB. I had never had lamb before, but as I recently promised myself, I was going to venture out and try something new. I tried my hardest not to think of my childhood best friend,  Lamb Chops, but it was a tad difficult. Between you and me, though, I really did enjoy those chops. They were juicy and tender and also devoured in 5.2 seconds. Sorry, little Lamb. I do love you.

During our meal, we were informed that we had little name cards at our seats and to open it up to reveal a question for each of us. (I tell ya, this hostess thought of everything to make this evening one of perfection). We took turns reading our question aloud and answering it for the group.

My question was: "What's your favorite place to visit?"

And well, we all shouldn't be surprised that I went on and on about my love for Thailand.

Anyway, it was a really great evening. Thank you to Kathy for being such a gracious host and making the evening a memorable one. Let's hope I didn't make a drunken fool of myself and can perhaps be invited back sometime.

P.S. Verner and I couldn't stop making fun of his oh-so mature sweater ensemble for the evening (you should have seen his slacks and belt, too). I told him he looked like a dad going to his kid's Christmas music program. HA. You can just tell he loved that comment.
Don't worry boo, you're the sexiest dad I know. (<---creepy?)


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  1. I love dinner parties!! What a good idea to ask questions of everyone, I think that would be so fun to do! Planning my party as we speak...

  2. How civilized! :P
    Seriously though, it sounds like a lovely evening. One that I would love to host but would never be able to pull off so elegantly. But, I will be stealing that question under the place card idea for sure.

  3. I've always wanted to host or attend a dinner party. I don't have the space to host and I don't know anyone cool, or fancy, enough to throw one.

  4. That sounds like a fantastic dinner party! Glad you had such a wonderful time!

  5. I only drink red wine. Why, oh why, does the Asian Glow plague me????

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