Thursday, December 19, 2013

Good thing I had a team, because it appears I'm horrible at Trivia.

There's this pizza joint, Patxi's (which is apparently pronounced: Pah-cheese. And let me tell you, took me a long while to figure out as I've been terribly trying to pronounce it: Patxxxxxi's. Go ahead, try and say that out loud. It ain't so easy with a 't' and an 'x' combo). Anyway, Patxi's hosts a Trivia Night every Wednesday. So, The Dizzle-Meister thought it would be a grand affair if we invited some friends to go for a night. One last little hoorah before the Holidays, if you will.

Now, if you don't know this about me, I will tell you today: I am very competitive. Like, no matter what the game is, I must win. And I must make sure no one else is cheating. And if I am winning, I also must make sure everyone else knows by shouting loudly, "WHOO HOO!!!!" "We SO got this!" "Oooooh yeah, who's winning now, BITCHES?!?!" Okay, maybe not that last one, but it might as well be with how obnoxious I can be.

So of course, last night's trivia sesh was no exception. I went into it with full confidence. We had six highly intelligent people on the team, if I do say so myself. We had it in the bag! I made sure to tell everyone before the game started that when it came to anything MUSIC or CELEBRITY related, have no fear, because I was SURE I would know it!

First question: Which celebrity was the most searched person on Google?

I knew the answer immediately! It was SO obvious! I had just heard this on the radio the other day!

So I said, "Guys, guys, guys! I know this! It's BEYONCE!!!!!"

And because I said it with such confidence, no one even thought to question my knowledge.

After submitting our answer, I gave myself a little mental pat on the back for being such a great contributor to our team.

The answer was revealed by the emcee: "The most Googled person for 2013 is.........MILEY CYRUS!!!!!"





I kid you not, for the rest of the evening, I didn't know any of the other questions. Seriously. None.

Politics, history, celebrities, movie titles, writers, China something or other, volcano stuff in Italy? I mean.... huh??

But guess what?!

I DID have a perfect team, because EVERYONE else at my table KNEW the questions! EVERYONE. ALL OF THEM. THEY ALL KNEW.

But me.

So yeah, we won. And know that I use the word "we" loosely.

We got $50 off our bill that evening, which I was very happy to have won. But you know, clearly a big wake up call to my lack of trivia skills.

Sorry guys. Maybe next time I'll just be your cheerleader as you guys rock it. ;)


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  1. Gah - Miley strikes again! :) I participated in one earlier this year where I had VERY little to contribute…until children's book titles was an ENTIRE round. Dominated by the teacher over here! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!

  2. I love trivia! It's so fun, but I always feel really dumb when I don't know something. There's this site called Geeks Who Drink and they basically go to bars and do geek trivia. I always want to go, but I'm scared to look stupid in front of the other geeks who may very well shun me as a geek. My worst nightmare. haha.

  3. Don't feel too bad because I would have done the same thing. Trivia is fun but it can also make you feel dumb.

  4. hahaha, I've always been terrible at, I totally think beyonce should have been the most searched!!! (that is to say, I've certainly searched her enough...)

  5. I totally knew it was going to be Miley! But that probably would have been the only question I know ha ha.

  6. I would so be with you in that sinking boat of trivia suckage. I am horrible at trivia because I don't pay attention to anything going on in the world (aside from pop culture).

    At least you had fun and had a good team!

  7. I suck at trivia too. I thought I was so good at it until we played during a cruise to the Bahamas and I knew a whole lotta nuttin'! We got second place only because my boyfriend knew most of it.

  8. I would have thought it was queen b too!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  9. That mint tee is adorable, you guys are rocking.


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