Monday, December 16, 2013

Dramatic Sleeper

It has come to my attention that I am quite the......"interesting" sleeper, if you will. The Dizzle has taken it upon himself to capture these sleep moments of mine because, well, he clearly likes to hover over me and stare creepily at me while I sleep. Just kidding.......or am I?

Keep in mind, these photos were taken all on different days and I had no idea I ever slept like this until now. I always thought I was a quiet and still sleeper who only slept on my side in the fetal position.

But alas, that is not the case...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, "The Dramatic Sleeper."

I mean, what's up with that bottom left one?

It's no secret I've always wanted to be a famous actress, but apparently even my subconscious likes to work on my craft, so you know, I can always be ready to..... faint dramatically? Skillfully hide? Appear dead?

Now you know how I sleep.
And now you can continue on in your life with that knowledge and feel more complete.
You're welcome.


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  1. This has made my morning! Haha I am the bottom left one all the time.xx

  2. This has made my morning! Haha I am the bottom left one all the time.xx

  3. I'm a horrible snorer... I keep my husband up, the snore strips don't help and I don't know if I have apnea yet or not... I also pull covers until my husband is uncovered and I hog all the covers all night long! I'm also in this "horrible sleeper club" :) Yay GO US!

  4. I love that he sneaks pics while you're sleeping.

  5. this is pretty fantastic... i think it should be a weekly series

  6. hahhaaha dean would have a field day doing this of me. I'm a horror to share a bed with. Apparently I just flail my limbs and elbow his head a lot. Whats the deal with that?

  7. HAHAHA omg this is hilarious! The bottom left one should be nicknamed "the hibernation"

  8. um hello, i love your sheets! ...I feel so much closer to you now ;)

  9. Hahahahaha! Mike sleeps like this too! Hilarious. Thanks Diz, I am now going to document his dramatic poses. Post to maybe...

  10. I am the dramatic sleeper of the family too! I snore, I sleep walk, I sleep talk, and Ryan says I "hog the bed" because I like to cuddle. I have woken up a few times with Ryan sleeping on the couch because I was being "too dramatic" haha

  11. Haha the fact that he took multiple pictures of you sleeping, just to prove a point. I thought I slept in one spot too until my husband informed me otherwise!

  12. The bottom left makes me laugh. I have a friend that sleeps cocooned like that. So weird!

  13. I couldn't help but laugh at these! When I was a kid I used to be a contortionist in my sleep, I'd wake up in some of the weirdest positions and not know how the heck I did it. Now I think I am pretty normal.. but who knows!

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