Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Calling all DIYers!

San Francisco, I have come to quickly learn, is quite notorious for its "I-don't-want-this-insert-anything-so-I'm-going-to-leave-it-on-the-curb-for-someone-else-to-take-and-lord-knows-they-will"-ness. Quite the nickname, I know.

Anyway, the other day, The Dizzle and I were walking back from who knows where (no really, I don't remember), and we saw this chair on the sidewalk! And well, something spoke to me about this little chair and I said, "Boo! We must take this and we must take this now!"

Because I am an expert refurbisher and will know exactly what to do to make this chair whole again.........not.

But something inspired me and well, since I clearly have some free time on my hands, I thought it'd be fun to have this as a little project.

Except that I know absolutely NOTHING about anything fixer-upper or furniture related.

As you can see, it needs a little work seeing as the cushion is missing and one of the legs is broken:

If I could wave my magic wand, I would get a new cushion, and I would possibly reupholster the whole thing, maybe even to a new color?? Though, I suppose I do kind of like the color it already is. I would also re-do the legs and take off that bottom bar, so that they're just 4 pointy-ish pegs.

Here are a few chairs I've pinned for inspiration:

Follow Michelle Lim's board Modern Chair Refurb on Pinterest.

Now. If only I had any sense of creative talent in me when it comes to this kind of thing...I suppose YouTube is a good place to start? For all of you DIY-ers out there, and I know there are aplenty, got any suggestions for me?

And let's hope it's a little better than Fasha's words of wisdom:

Thanks, Dad. But if you could read from my original post, I want to do it myself and not from a guy who does Chiropractic tables. K, thanks. ;)


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  1. You must talk to Jena Roach! She is the wizard. recentlyroached.blogspot.com
    She also has some tutorials on her blog. And she is funny like you. You will get along :)

    1. I know! I love her posts, it's one of the reasons I was inspired! But I need like DIY for dummies, she seems like a pro!

  2. Yes I second that check out Jena and also Jackie from Jade and Oak :) They are DIY QUEENS!

    1. oooh thanks for the shoutout! i haven't done anything with upholstery before... is it in bad shape/dirty? if it's clean, you could just find a cushion that's about the right size and cover that in a fun fabric (love this one https://www.fabric.com/buy/un-764/waverly-santa-maria-desert-flower) - you could sew the fabric or just kinda wrap it around the cushion so it looks kinda shabby/boho-ish.
      -- jackie @ jade and oak

  3. Oh you can do a lot with that chair!! You can get thick foam from Joanns or another craft store to make a cushion. Or even check goodwill or something for one you can re-cover to match. For the legs, Home Depot sells furniture legs that just screw into the base of the chair. I'm not sure about how to recover the entire thing, but I'm sure you can find a tutorial on Pinterest. I did a post on recovering dining room chairs a few months ago, so maybe that will help. I can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. What an awesome find! I know nothing about reupholstering though.. but good luck :D

  5. I had this pinned. http://www.familyhandyman.com/woodworking/furniture-repair/how-to-reupholster-a-chair/step-by-step I always dream of being an expert DIY-er, but I can't pull it off. Good luck!

  6. I suck at that stuff! I give you a thumbs up for even daring to bring it home. Make sure to febreeze the heck out of it or whatever you would need to do to clean it. That's my other hang up!!

  7. How to DIY.
    Step 1 - Find a chair you'd like.
    Step 2 - Use it as a comparison to the fixer upper.
    Step 3 - Throw away that trash, and buy the chair you want.

  8. Try checking this out: https://www.spruceaustin.com/

    She even has a step-by-step book (with pictures) that you can purchase.

    ♥ Duckie.

  9. To re-upholster, start by taking it apart slowly...using plyers and random tools. Take pictures of how it comes apart so you know how to put it back together. Use pieces that you pulled off as patterns to cut the new fabric. You'll need a staple gun, batting, fabric, and possibly some piping or trim. It's not as hard as it seems. Go for it!

  10. I always get way in over my head when I try to do a "DIY"... I usually end up buying the supplies and then never finishing the project :( BUT I was thinking it could be cool to make your new cushion a different fabric.. just a thought!

  11. i'm so jealous! i never find anything good on the streets! nice score. can't wait to see what you do with this chair!

  12. I say just start working even if you don't know what you're doing.You'll learn in the process.xx

    dreaming is believing

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