Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Who says I have to have a career? Tales from a Housegirlfriend.


You like that? I just came up with it tonight as I was doing the dishes. The Dizzle is at work and I spent yet another day at home pondering life.

These days, as we go about our daily business around town, I often find myself thinking, "Could I do that job?" You know, like, for example, tonight I was taking a class at the gym and I found myself watching the instructor. He was shouting commands at us to squat deeper! and lunge further! and then every now and then he'd let out some kind of sound that I think was meant for encouragement, but sounded more like a yelp (this is where I wish blogs had sound so that I could show you what I mean). Anyway, as he was doing these things, I asked myself, "Could I do that job?"

Or, even, over the weekend, as we stopped at the local Starbucks, I saw a sign for the "Employee of the Month" and it was this woman named Carol and she just so happened to be our cashier. And you know what? She really was an excellent employee. She was quite friendly and didn't mess up our drink order. So then I thought, "Could I do that job?" 

And the thing is, the answer to that question that I've been asking myself so often, is yes. Yes I could do all of those jobs. And yes, I could probably find some sort of enjoyment and maybe be quite good at it, maybe even be their next employee of the month. But the point is....Do I WANT to do that job?

And well, to answer that question honestly, one must look at their current state of life and compare it to the new life that could take place, a.k.a a new job that requires you to be somewhere for X amount of hours, getting paid $Y amount of mula. Is it worth it?

(I have a point here, bare with me.)

So, after comparing scenarios, I always come back to the conclusion that nothing, yet, has quite struck me as exciting enough, or worthwhile enough, to leave my current situation for.

Current situation being: Unemployed. Housegirlfriend.

And, to be honest, I think I've gotten quite good at this role of Housegirlfriend.


I am a master at this. Queen of the bed, some may say. The bed and I? Well, we've been best friends for quite awhile. And sometimes, sometimes, I will even make the bed before The Dizzle gets home. Because that's what good Housegirlfriends should do.

Exhibit B) DISHES

Yes, that's right. I did the dishes. And we don't even have a dishwasher in this apartment! HAND washed, baby. I scrub and scrub 'till my little fingers are as pruny as....prunes? In fact, you know what? Today, I did them TWICE. Yes, that's right, count it, twice. And wouldn't you say that should make me Housegirlfriend of the month? Yes, I think so too.

Exhibit C) TRASH

You see that bag up there? I took it out of the silver bin and carefully placed it on the ground to be taken out by The Dizzle. Isn't that so kind and thoughtful of me? It's all ready to go! Gold star for this Housegirlfriend!

So my point here IS....Who says I have to have a career? Sure, I'm 27 and in my prime for career glory days, some may say. But personally, I think careers are overrated. Forced to be somewhere for 40 hours a week?! That's 40 hours of bed lounging that could be done! (Just kidding...sort of.)

I think, for now, I'll focus on my amazing Housegirlfriend duties and perhaps find a hobby on the side. In fact, just today, as I was taking a break from my important celebrity news catch-up, I found a photography class that starts next month! I'm kind of excited about venturing further into that realm. Anyway, that's all for now.

Time to get my booty into the kitchen to start dinner. Yes, that's right, I'm cooking. Chicken, quinoa, and brussel sprouts, all to be ready for my man when he walks in the door. Employee of the month? I'd say so.


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  1. Embrace it! Do you mind me asking what the Dizzle does? I find it comical that I haven't had a job since I got married. I find it especially funny because I worked my butt off from as early as I can remember up until the time I got married. I definitely feel lucky to get to be a "housewife" while I also do school online from home. You'll find something awesome!

    1. Verner is a personal trainer at Crunch (primarily), but he is also doing web development and internet marketing, so he gets to be home a lot too :)

  2. Oh my gosh. That was me. NOT my husband bahaha

  3. Hey Michelle, I am sure you've already thought of this - is there a chance that you could re-apply for the airhostess job next time they open applications? Would they allow you to try again or is it a case of 'once you're out, you're out'?

  4. Good for you!!! I love being at home, Kyle always tells me that as long as I'm happy he doesn't care what I do. Embrace it! :)

  5. I get back to SF on Saturday night, and I CAN'T WAIT TO BE A HOUSEGIRLFRIEND WITH YOU!!!

  6. I love being at home... when I was unemployed for a few months I had so much free time and now I just crave my bed 24/7 :(

  7. I love how you can look at this in hilarious light. Give me your optimism!

  8. I am loving your post. I have always dreamed of quitting my job and traveling around the world like you guys did. I have the same feelings that you do about work but I thought it was just me. I work as an Executive Assistant and I'm also going to school online. I am seriously thinking of quitting my job and just living on student loans until I finish school. I hate my job and it drives me crazy that I have to be at this place for 40 hours a week. It just seems like such a waste. How do we find a job that we love to go to everyday?

  9. I love your blog!!! Today i am also lounging mainly because I lost my job two weeks ago...i was freaking out but reading your blog really helps me and puts me at ease...makes me rethink my freakouts and i know that both of us are going to be AMAZING!! have a wonderful day!!

  10. Love your post. I am TRYING to become a housegirlfriend, but the man is not having it. I keep telling him that while I am probably going to be 55 by the time I finish getting my degree (part time and online while working 40Hr a week), but if the opportunity arises to become a housewife, ima take it.

  11. Hey, my husband is the house-husband (cooking, cleaning, taking care of the animals) ever since he lost his job and it's been great so far! It also gives him time to learn new programming languages so he can advance in his career once he's ready to look for a job- in fact he told me to think of this as him going to school. So I think it's important to take some time to think things through. Wish I could!

  12. You'll find something, I think I may have mentioned United! Check in to see if they are looking for flight attendants out of SFO! I love that you do the same thing I do with the trash...now I will have something to reference when Mike asks me why a bag is sitting by the door lol! High five!

  13. I love your view on this! Hoping you find something you love soon!

  14. Get a job on TMZ, chasing down celebrities with your new found paparazzi photography skills? Duh. I could totally see you as the hot asian on that show. The one that they are missing!!

  15. My at-home job pulled back on my hours recently, so other than a project here and there, I'm relatively unemployed. I totally get what you're talking about. I do it too. Thinking I could totally do {insert job here}, but A. do I want to, B. do I actually have the requirements they are asking for (i.e. is there even a possibility that they would interview me), and C. would it be good experience. At this point, I have no idea where my life is headed. Hope you're photography class is a lot of fun! :)

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  18. Haha! I'm totally a housegirlfriend too. . .it's kind of nice! Maybe it'll be a permanent thing, maybe I'll find a job eventually. . .but I'm loving sleeping in and doing whatever I want. Every. Day.

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