Monday, November 25, 2013

Unemployment Interview

I just got off the phone with what I can only imagine was a very annoyed and very sassy woman from the South who doesn't very much like her job of having to call recently unemployed patrons and listen to their story of what stupid thing they did to get themselves fired.

The last thing Virgin America handed me, after confiscating my freshly printed company ID badge, was an unemployment pamphlet and a "have a nice day." So I decided to give it a try and file for unemployment to see if I was eligible. I mean, hey, why the hell not?

Today's phone interview was the last step in the process to being approved. It went a little something like this:

Unemployment Agent: "Now ma'am, tell me what exactly happened that caused you to be terminated?"

Me (strangely overcome with nerves and anxiousness): "Well uh, I ummm....I didn't bring extra batteries to class, which were a required item to have when on duty as a flight attendant."

Unemployment Agent: "Well, ma'am, why didn't you bring extra batteries? I mean, if they were required, shouldn't you know that you need to bring them to training?"

Me: "Well, I mean, yes. But, see, I had the flashlight with batteries, but I just didn't have extra batteries and uh, I thought we just needed them for when we were actually on duty. So....yeah."

Unemployment Agent: 


Okay, not those last two, but I mean, it basically could have been.

Anyway. She told me they now have to contact Virgin America to verify everything and then a decision will be made on if I'm eligible or not. I'm crossing my fingers here. I mean, I think I'm eligible? But the way she sounded, so skeptical like, seriously made me question it. So we'll see. Some extra income would be welcomed right about now and ease the stress in the finance department and allow me some more time to figure some things out. I guess I'll just hope for the best and prepare for the worst? Is that how the saying goes?

Stay tuned. 

I'm off to the kitchen to make some chicken curry, in case you wanted to know.


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  1. You should be approved, I would be really surprised if that doesn't happen.

  2. ha ha your GIF's are always hilarious. I would have been nervous too and I tend to talk a lot when I am nervous, so I would probably have started at Day 1 of training and they would have most definitely said "shut the hell up!". Good luck!

  3. Good luck! I hope you get approved. You should be.

  4. More than likely you will be approved. The only real reason they deny someone is theft from the company. It sounds like the company didn't give you a legit warning ahead of time. Reasons for denial and approval vary by state. Don't feel too bad I was laid off twice from two different jobs this year and then found a new job and was terminated after six weeks because I didn't go to lunch with the girls in the office and they didn't feel I was a team player for not participating in said events. Needless to say I won my unemployment case! Good luck!

  5. She probably sounded skeptical because she didn't believe that that's the only reason you were fired. Because forreal, they could be a little freaking lenient. Good luck!

  6. I'm still pissed at how you got let go. Sorry Hun, wishing the best for you!

  7. Wow, I'm so sorry to hear that! I can't believe they would let you go over batteries....yikes! I hope you get the unemployment.

  8. This is bringing back flashbacks of my own experience talking to the annoyed, sassy unemployment lady. Hopefully what happened to me doesn't happen to you, which is that I got denied because my previous employer LIED about the reason I was fired. And they wrote up a bunch of crap about me that wasn't true so they wouldn't have to pay. I could go on, but anyway. The point is, hopefully you'll get it. I'm sure working that job (the unemployment lady job) royally sucks, so I kind of get why they're so sassy. Not that I appreciate it.

  9. I wrote you this amazing comment and Blogger fucked it off because why not?

    The gist was we should start an international, work from home business that combines our overwhelming array of talents. I so want to quit my job, strut out of the door and yell MISH AND I WILL BE RICH AND ONE DAY, YOU WILL RUE THE DAY YOU LET ME LEAVE.

  10. I was putting batteries in Christmas decorations over the weekend and I thought of you. Virgin doesn't fly out of the airport near my house, but I'm boycotting them anyway. I hope you get the unemployment!

  11. You got fired for that?!?!?! My goodness that is seriously the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. They sound horrible!

  12. I'm sure you will be approved. The people that work at the unemployment office (at least the ones that I've met, because I was on unemployment when I lived in LA) are miserable government workers. They Don't get to deal with lovely people such as yourself very often. Good Luck!

  13. We flew Qantas to Australia this month, instead of Virgin. Because I knew back in February when we booked that Virgin would be a jackass to you, clearly. And I boycotted them ;)

  14. I still can't believe they fired you because of batteries. It was an honest mistake and I hope you're doing better! Hugs.

  15. totally thought you got fired because you wore tennis shoes to the orientation ;) jk but seriously i can't believe that's why you got fired. harsh man.

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