Friday, November 29, 2013

Holy Liver.

I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with food, family, friends, and fireballs. Just kidding, I didn't have any fireballs, I just wanted to think of an alcoholic beverage that also started with the letter 'F'. However, if I were to pick an alcoholic beverage that started with the letter 'W', then I think it wouldn't come as a surprise that I drank that in litres. Anyway, I think today I am going to give this ol' liver of mine a break and just consume water instead. (Fast forward to 5pm when I completely forgot I said this and have a glass of wine in hand again.)

I had every hope of waking up early to hit the Black Friday sales, but then sleeping in until 10:30 just seemed like the more logical thing to do. However, I have decided to throw my gym shoes on and walk 2.5 miles to Union Square and check out Victoria's Secret's stash. THEN, I think I will walk myself right over to In-N-Out, because all I wanted last night was just that and lo and behold, they were closed. Go figure.

Oh, also, the night before Turkey Day, some friends and I went to The Mint Karaoke Bar in The Castro, and well, you know me, I love karaoke almost as much as I love gambling. And that's saying a lot. So when Serena agreed to sing Don't Stop Believin' with me, well, it basically made my night.

As you can see, we take our karaoke very seriously.

Happy day after Thanksgiving, friends!
I'm off to get my walk and shop on!


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  1. Enjoy that tasty In N Out for me! Oh how I miss it.

  2. being gluten free for a month, i drool just seeing the word In N Out (okay, i may have cheated with a donut, or two, or ten)...

  3. I love karaoke! haha. My sister and I were thinking of going this weekend. I don't think I've ever participated in Black Friday shopping...much too crazy for me.

  4. I cooked so much food and had so many leftovers, your brother has been back to the house to eat every day since! Maybe I should cook more often ;)

  5. I thought the drink that starts with "W" was "Whiskey" and I was like, "Wow, she must have had a fun Thanksgiving!"

  6. I thought you would get a laugh out of this: I had a dream last night that I hired you to be my personal trainer. During our first session, we both decided it was way to hard, so we stopped working out and drank wine instead. Hahaha!! I love our workouts. I wish you lived closer to LA...I'm sure we'd be great friends. :)

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