Friday, November 22, 2013

Drive-by Shooting.

I think I'm on to something.

I haven't solidified a photography class just yet, but I have managed to whip my camera out a little more than usual. Last night, for example, was in the car on our way home. I started snapping away around the neighborhood while The Dizzle drove. I'm not gonna lie...I think this could be the start to a new trend.

It's called, wait for it..... "Drive-by shooting."

It's simple really. You just have someone drive you around and you start clicking away! As many as you can at every turn! Then, when you get home, you filter through your 100+ blurry photos and find maybe two, three tops that turned out... not so blurry and semi-okay. The surprise factor and anticipation for an interesting photo make it all worthwhile, in my opinion.

Okay, fine. Maybe I should still look into that photography class. Perhaps dark and blurry photos won't take off as a new trend?

Anywhooo, on to my next topic for this lovely Friday before I finally haul myself out of bed to get a start on my day. A few lovely ladies and I teamed up so that one of you can win $250 CASH for the holidays to spend any way you please. Easy entry right: Here.

I hope you all have a grand weekend, friends. Do me a favor and stop by Keenyn's blog and leave her some love! But first, a little 'hello' from Keenyn, herself. :)

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Happy Friday!


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  1. If you're into Photography, you would love what you can do with your photos post-shooting in Photoshop. Check out this site...

  2. I've taken a few photography classes, but I've never considered myself a great photographer. I've always wanted to improve and to take more photos, so I've started doing those monthly photo challenges that you can find online! It's been really fun! Also, I love the line in your banner about the jerk hahaha. Hilarious.

    Mo |

  3. I'e tried driveby shootings before! I've actually come up with some really good pictures! I've also made myself pretty carsick in the process, but that is a small price to pay.

  4. lovin the concept. haha... i think it should start doing that too! make the Pillow drive (i've been driving lately) and take pictures... OF HIM because he dislikes it. hahaha

  5. I do this from the back of a motorcycle, I love it. You can see them here and here
    Keep at it, I'd love to see more :)

  6. What part of SF do you live in? My husband may or may not be interviewing with a company down there so we are trying to get ideas of good areas just in case!

  7. "Drive-by Shooting". So clever!



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