Saturday, October 26, 2013

This one's for you, Mom.

Hi Mama!

How's life in good ol' Georgia going for you? I feel like we haven't talked in so long and ever since I got this email from you, I've been meaning to call!

I've been really busy with training and by the time I get home, all I want to do is curl up in bed with a bottle glass of wine and zone out. But perhaps the thought of calling you still means something ;) Isn't it crazy to think that when I was halfway across the world we often talked more on the phone than now, when I'm actually living in the same country as you? I must get better at calling!

Anyway, here's a little update with what's been going on up in hurr:

I've really been enjoying training! It's SO much information, but good information. So far we've had 3 exams, and I got 100% on all three! No surprise, I know, I know ;) You're my mom, so I can brag to you. However, I will tell you some unfortunate information that won't make you quite as proud. I kind of, sort of got in trouble for my cell phone the other day. Apparently we have to turn them off outside of the classroom, not at our desks. So one of the teachers had to have a little talk with me after class and tell me that "though I was extremely smart, I needed to be careful and not have my phone out in the classroom" as it is a "performance issue." <--- Whoops. :(

(Do you like how I made a point to tell you that he said I was 'extremely smart'? There I go bragging again...)


I got my uniform this week and I tried it on at home and got really excited! I mean, how cute is this trench coat??? It's still crazy to think that in just a mere 3 WEEKS I'll be an actual flight attendant, up in the air, flying all around the country! (That is if I don't get kicked out of training before then...)

You know what else I'm really excited about? The people I'm meeting! (Most)Everyone is super friendly and outgoing and I feel like I'm starting to develop some great friendships. A group of us went to happy hour last night and it was so much fun. Remember when I was at Pottery Barn and everyone BUT ME would go to happy hour? Yeah, not anymore, suckers! Look who's popular now! I mean, helloooo, look who's standing in the middle.... ha! Just kidding. Not really though.

Oh, also, I feel like the grandma of the classroom. Everyone is like 22 or 23 years old and then there's ancient me. Yes, ancient is apparently 27 in my book. Perhaps, when hiring me, they thought I was younger due to my Asian genes? ;)

Let's see, what else?

Oh! I must tell you about my day today! I met Verner's mama at Macy's this morning because they were having a One Day Sale and she invited me to go shoe shopping so I could find a comfortable pair for when I'm in the air! (She's always looking out for me like that.)

So anyway, we get there and I have the guy bring me like 6 different pairs of shoes. And of course, because I'm cursed like this, I like the MOST expensive pair that isn't even on sale!!! But let me tell you, Mom, these heels felt like I was walking on clouds. So you know what Marion did? She BOUGHT them for me! I couldn't believe it. And THEN, as if that wasn't enough, she bought me two pairs of pantyhose because I told her that all of the ones I had were ripped.

I tell ya, that woman has a heart of gold. You can rest assured that while you are living on the other side of the country, there's a "mama" taking good care of your daughter in the meantime ;)

I can't wait until these flight benefits kick in, though. I was missing you a lot today. I can't wait until I can just fly out on my free days and see you whenever I want! Hallelujah for this new opportunity, eh?

Speaking of, I am going to find out next Friday where I'll be based! Fingers crossed I get SFO. Part of me feels like this opportunity came at just the perfect timing, and everything came together and aligned itself for me to get this position effortlessly and seamlessly; I feel like it was meant to be in a way! So with that SAID, I feel as though the universe can't just give me this position and then throw me across the country to New York! It's meant to be that I get to stay here in San Francisco, right?! Right. ;)

Okay, I'm rambling. It's time for me to shut it down and turn on the movie as Verner is oh-so patiently waiting for me to be done blogging :) Speaking of Verner though, he's doing great, keeping busy with work and such. He says hi. Oh, and did you see that note he left for me in the car a few mornings ago?

I mean, really now. How did I get so lucky? :)

Okay! Time to go!

I love you, Mom!
I WILL call you this week, I promise!
I hope everything is great!




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  1. Great letter to your mom!! I'm LOVING your outfit also, you look great! I'm so happy that you're enjoying this new job and it seems like the perfect fit for you! :)

  2. I have a question about your flight benefits. Do you have to fly standby or do you actual tickets? My ex-husband worked for American and we never got to use his flights because all the flights out of our base were either fully booked or worse, the flights we would need to take home were booked. We almost got stuck for 3 days in Chicago once because two flights got cancelled so the seats we thought we would have got given to paying customers and booked up all flights for 3 days and we ended up purchasing tickets on another airline just to get home.

  3. This is cute! my mom would go gaga if she stumbled upon a post dedicated to her on my blog!

  4. What a sweet letter to your mom! I'm sure she appreciates the update. Hope Tim is doing good after surgery.

  5. So cute! Love this letter to your Mom! I am so glad everything is working out so well with training and your new job. So exciting. I'm crossing my fingers for SFO!

  6. I really was the first one to comment, but because I was using my ipad and not the computer, it didn't get published for some reason. Anyway.... thank you for your blog. I love and miss you so much!!! It just wasn't all that fun in CA without you, you know? BTW, which dates are you planning on being in SoCal for Christmas? I need to make my flight arrangements. OH!!! Will I be able to use the benefits by then?

  7. That trench is awesome, and I'm so glad you're enjoying your training, and that it all seems to be working out well for you!

  8. I feel like I just read something that wasn't for my eyes. What a loving, fun update for you mom. Seriously... so sweet! And those red trenches are gorgeous! I'd be wearing mine all the time.



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