Sunday, October 13, 2013

There I go rambling again.

Oh hi there. How was your week (I realize it is now Sunday afternoon and perhaps a tad late to talk about this past week, but I haven't written since Wednesday, so we'll just press on)? Mine went quick. Too quick.

But alas, my study-filled week has come to an end. Tomorrow, I embark on my very first day of training. I'm excited. Very excited. I'm also happy to report that I am prepared. I put in the work, I put in the hours, and now my brain has been filled with over 200 definitions and acronyms pertaining to the airline world. Go ahead, quiz me. I even know the military alphabet, too. I feel so official. ;)

And hydrated. I feel so hydrated.

But you know what I don't feel prepared on? That gosh-darn hair of mine.

I got all of the reinforcements. I even got myself a Bump-it (c/o of my friend Jamie who mailed me hers and saved me the embarrassment of actually having to purchase one in a store - thankyou!!!).

But lord have mercy, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this shiz!

You see that sock bun thing up there? Every time I try to put it in, I feel like my hair is too layered and it just splays all over the place when I try to roll it down into a bun. I even tried to just wrap it around the bun thing, but then I felt like my hair wasn't long enough to actually cover the entire thing. I'm doomed. I'll just have to be the frumpy ponytail stewardess who has no poise or lift in her hair. C'est la vie.

I do like the hairspray though. So there's that.

Anyway, I report for training at 0800 (<---that's right, I learned the 24-Hour clock, too). And for the next 5 weeks will be submerged in my new world!

Do you know what I've realized just now? This new job will be my 7th job since I was 18. That's SEVEN jobs in just 9 years. It's not that I'm afraid of commitment, but well, it's that I've just never found the right fit. So I'm really hoping this is the one. Please let it be the one. Even my mother told me,  "Now, Michelle, DON'T just get bored after 3 months and quit! Stick this one out and really go for it to see if you like it!"

I mean, I know I only gave Pottery Barn 3 months of my life, but I can't help it if it's blatantly obvious how much I dislike a job. For the sanity of myself and the sanity of those around me, it was necessary to make a quick exit.

But I have a good feeling about this new adventure of mine. I really do. Maybe this will be the one. Maybe I'll finally know what it's like to be with a company for longer than 2 years. Maybe I'll be a lifer? Or, ya know, maybe I'll up and move to Thailand and live in a hut for the rest of my life. Who knows. But, I'm willing to bet on the former. ;)

Here's to a great week, friends! Catch ya on the flip side.


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  1. Sounds like you had a weekend full of studying! Glad you are so excited about this job :D
    I know military time and quite a bit of the military alphabet, but it's been so long that I can't remember all of it ha ha.

  2. Love military time! :) It's how I live my life haha.

  3. I knew a couple of flight attendants when I was younger. They LOVED their job, and all of the benefits it brought to their lives! I hope that it brings you that kind of joy too!

  4. Good luck! I've always wanted to be a flight attendant, it seems like such an awesome job!

    Crumbs and Curls

  5. Good luck! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. Good luck with training! You're going to do great!!

  7. Good luck with your first day/week of training! Woooooohooo! You've got this girl!

  8. Good Luck with training! And maybe try simply twisting your ponytail into a bun and keeping in place with bobby pins until your hair gets a bit longer? Side part, low bun usually works for the shortest of hair. I've also found that wetting my ends helps keep my hair together too.

  9. Don't do the bun the way it says on the package with rolling it down, just pull your whole ponytail through it, place the doughnut all the way against your head at the base of the ponytail, then just spread your hair down over it and pull a hair band over it. then tuck in any ends sticking out. I even use like 2 or three hair bands and just pull them over the top of the bun to secure all pieces of hair, then spray like crazy. I have shorter hair and this way is soooo much easier and makes sure the whole doughnut is covered. good luck!!

  10. Good luck at your first day!...Also, I have layers in my hair too and always struggled with the sock bun/foam thing. I've found dirty hair works better, or backcombing the ponytail before I roll it with that bun thing. It took me forever to get the hang of it though, so hopefully that will work. Also, I've done a bun with just backcombing my pony tail, then wrapping it like a bun and securing with bobby pins. I also have thin hair though, so that helps.

  11. good luck! and sock buns confuse me too. they never seem to work out how i think it will.

  12. Have you heard of Kate? ( She is a hairstylist has a blog and on the top is a link of a bunch of hair tutorials. She goes step by step with videos and she has medium length hair so I'm confident you could pull some of those off! She does a lot of updos and she even has "polished ponytail" tutorials, ha! Don't fret about your least it is shiny! Shiny hair is always good? (We'll call this the bright side)

    So excited for you! You are going to do fabulous!! Good luck at training!

  13. Once you get the hang of military time, it's so easy! You've got me beat on the alphabet though. Good luck with training!

  14. Military alphabet? Never heard of it :(

  15. I dont think I could even count how many jobs Ive had. I also have a great habit of just not showing up instead of quitting. Im that good. Military time is so much easier for some reason. Put your phone to military time and it will help you learn it so much faster. and get your butt on a plane to germany.

  16. Yay!!! I'm glad you like the hairspray! I'm such a dork ;-P



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