Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Please excuse me.

Pardon my silence over on these parts of mine, but I am about yay high (visualize me holding my hand above my head) in memorizing aviation lingo such as airport codes, aircraft terms, time zones, military alphabet, 100 different acronyms.... You know, easy things like that.

So while I'm looking at a picture like the below, trying to wrap my mind around what exactly ailerons are, I hope you are out and about, enjoying your Wednesday. It is Wednesday, right? Oh dear sweet baby Jesus, that means I only have 5 more days to memorize all of this!

Wish me luck.

I may have to pull out the big guns. I don't really know what my big guns are at this point, but if you find them, let me know.


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  1. You have tons of time during training too, don't worry!!

  2. You are very intelligent and YOU CAN DO THIS!!! I have complete faith in you and your memorizing abilities. (The big guns might be to stop drinking during training ;)) You know, clear headed and all that.

  3. Way to go Delta Bravo. I think that sounds kind of airline-y...right?

  4. I come back from hols to find you've had a complete change of career woo! Good Luck, Mish.

  5. GOOD LUCK! I am a horrible memorizer, the only thing that ever helped me was this really weird trick. Let me try and explain it. If it makes no sense, just say "cool!" ;)

    Okay so you pick a path you've taken a million time. Mine was a path I used to walk to school everyday that just stuck in my memory and then pick out like 10 - 15 things you used to pass in order like green mailbox, funny shaped tree, pile of rocks... whatever you remember then place the object you're trying to memorize in their place so like the green mailbox is the cabin, the funny shaped tree is some other term, the pile of rocks is another term. You get the idea? Then when you have to remember all you have to do is walk the path you know so well in your mind.

    ha ha! I feel totally crazy writing that out loud... I should have stuck with GOOD LUCK!

  6. reach deep into your asian blood that is laced with studying power...those are your big guns. I have never been able to tap into if you do...godspeed.

  7. Watching an episode of House...he's on a plane, in first class, and a drunk passenger just barfed all over his free, gourmet meal. Tada! Your new life.

    But in all seriousness, I'm so very super excited for you. Quick: which airport is SUX? No cheating!

  8. YAY! Welcome to the club! We can talk airline lingo to each other now! hahahaha! Excited with you about your new job! How long is the training period?

  9. This is (a little) off topic, but I am excited to hear about your flying adventures. I am extremely afraid of flying; although I am not one of those people who refuses to fly, because they hate it so much. I am hoping that you will do at least one post (or a few) about how to ease flying fears and relay some tips for those of us who are anxious about hitting the "airwaves." :)

  10. Make it into a song.

    No, no, I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous but I used to do it when I had to memorize things in school. And it works.

    And then make a video and post it on your blog because I can only imagine how funny a song you make up would be ha!

  11. I sincerely hope that one day, as I'm up in the air, I lift my head to watch the stewardess explain the emergency procedures only to see you standing their giving them! I will be so excited and then I will introduce myself to you in the most awkward of ways.

  12. Probably don't say "big guns" while you're on the airplane!

  13. good luck!
    and remember coffee is your best friend right now.xx

    dreaming is believing



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