Monday, October 14, 2013

I was the girl in mom jeans and sneakers.

I'm home, in bed, and I'm exhausted.

I decided to be extra prepared for my first day of training, so I woke up at 5:30am, after a night filled with little sleep and when I did manage to sleep, all I did was dream about airplane terminology. I was on the road at 6:15, hair up in a not-so-sexy ponytail, but I made it work sans Bump it or sock bun. I just didn't have the patience for that so early in the morning!

We didn't have to "report for duty" until 8:00am. And do you know what time I pulled up into that parking lot this morning??


So there I was, sitting in my little hamster car, still pitch black out in an empty parking lot, with an hour and twenty minutes to spare.


7:20 rolled around and I couldn't wait any longer, I finally took the plunge and went inside.

But can we first talk about what I was wearing?

Today, and just today, we were asked to wear jeans and "sneakers." I was so paranoid about making sure I followed directions accordingly, so I took sneakers to mean: gym shoes. I thought for a split second that perhaps I would wear my Chucks, but again, I didn't want to be the one standing out who didn't follow directions.

So old-pink-and-grey-gym-shoes-that-are-more-like-pink-and-brown-gym-shoes-and-have-been-worn-through-more-than-100-miles-of-running it is!

Allow me to just tell you how much I hate the look of jeans with sneakers. I just can't. I looked like I was ready for a day at Home Depot, ready to plow my fields or something. Plus, normally, I would wear skinny jeans, but I just felt that it would be even more awkward wearing skinny jeans with sneakers, so instead, I busted out my boot-cut jeans for an all-around Mom Jean/Sneaker combo.

Sexy, I know.

So there I am, at 7:20, walking in, full of Mom Jean/Sneaker glory, prepared for what the day had to bring!

A few minutes later, as the room started to fill up with ladies (and a few 'gents), I noticed something.....


Why didn't I just decide to wear my cool shoes? Why did I have to take their instructions so literally and actually wear my old, gross, gym sneakers?! Ugh.

Anyway - other than that slight disgrace to my Fashion Degree I earned so long ago, the day was actually a really good day.

We were split into teams and got to go on a 3-hour scavenger hunt all through San Francisco, taking photos of our group at different locations, like Coit Tower and Pier 39. Not too shabby for my first day of work, eh?

Plus, it's night and DAY compared to my last job, socially speaking. Everyone is so so nice and so so normal. We had easy conversation, we were laughing, we were supportive; it just felt like such a great atmosphere all day.

After our day of orientation, they held a little social gathering for us all to mingle and get to know each other, and get this, there were beverages. All you can drink beverages. And I'm talking wine and beer beverages to be exact. Don't worry, I kept it classy with just 2 glasses, but I mean, come on!

If things continue on the way they did today, I think this company and I will get along just swimmingly.


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  1. were your jeans cuffed? because that would be totally awesome. :) Sounds like an amazing career!

  2. hahaha we are so alike. i CAN NOT wear sneakers and jeans. It just look sooo wrong. Super dying to know what airline you're working for.

  3. I recognize those napkins and I think I know what airline you're working for!! So awesome! Nadav's brother is also pilot for them! ;)

  4. I feel the same way about sneakers and jeans..or sneakers in general....if they aren't being worn with shorts/athletic capris or yoga pants....I feel alien wearing those things. Now chucks? love em. So glad your first day went great though, sounds like the best first day ever! Woo!

  5. What on earth are chucks? I have never heard of this terminology before!

    Glad to hear you had a great first day!

    1. Converse shoes. Chuck Taylor was a basketball player that sponsored the shoes :)

  6. Jeans and sneakers are my nightmare!

  7. Uhm hello. Where is the picture of your bangin mom outfit?! So happy your new job is starting off so well! Maybe Ill see you on a flight back to the states sometimeeeeee (even though I could never afford to fly Virgin) :/

  8. oh man, i HATE jeans and sneakers so much. it makes me cringe. glad it didn't ruin the day for you, sounds like it's going great! :)

  9. It sounds like a great first day! You had me laughing out loud with the jeans/sneakers! I would have done the same thing, and cringed when I put it on! I am not a fan of that look either, but I'm also a rule follower and would have assumed that's what they meant :) Chucks from now on!

  10. So funny. That would be me totally and I feel the same way about jeans and sneakers! yuck!

  11. So happy that you had such a good day! Sounds like an awesome place to work!

  12. that sounds awesome, I'm excited for you!!

  13. haha. Thanks for sharing! I'm so glad it's not just me who feels horribly awkward at stuff like this.

  14. I refuse to wear jeans and sneakers. Nope. But I am happy you had an awesome first day!

  15. Hey, I have like four pairs of Chucks? Does that mean I'm cool? Because according to some people, it means I dress like a teenager! ;)

  16. Okay, I'm definitely the "mom". I wear jeans and sneakers all the time and have no idea what Chucks are. And where's the picture of this horrible outfit?

  17. I was hoping for a pic of the Mom Jean/Sneaker combo! Glad it's going so well!



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