Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Don't worry, I didn't get shot.

Yeah, you heard me. Shot.

Let me give you a little 4-1-1, mmk? Sunday, around 12:30 (I really don't know the time, actually, I'm just guessing, but that's beside the point), The Dizzle called me and said,

"BOO! Did you hear? There's been a shooting on Chestnut!!"

(Again, I don't think those were his exact words, but I'm trying to make this story entertaining.)

Wait, what?! SHOOTING? On CHESTNUT?!

Here are three key facts you should know before I continue:

1. Chestnut is just 2 blocks from my house.
2. The Dizzle works ON CHESTNUT and was maybe only a crosswalk or two away from the shooting!
3. Our neighborhood, here in San Francisco, also known as "The Marina," is particularly known for how safe it is, so to have a SHOOTING is quite preposterous if you ask me!

But alas, a shooting.

Our neighborhood looked like this all day Sunday:

APPARENTLY, some guy had a gun and then pistol-whipped some other guy in the head, whilst trying to steal the guy's backpack? Then the cops came and the guy started running away and jumped in some bushes to hide? But then he turned the gun on the cops and then the cops shot the guy? And now the guy is supposedly in critical condition in the hospital? (Clearly I read the news thoroughly and know my facts to a tee.)

Anyway, no casualties were injured (I think), and my main man, V Dizzle, is safe and sound!

So then, of course, I had to bake chocolate chip cookies to calm our nerves and bring us some comfort on this violent-filled day of ours!

...and when I say "bake," I really mean I opened a box of Krusteaz, mixed the powder with an egg, then threw it in the oven for about 12 minutes.

But I'll tell you what.

BOMB. As in bomb dot com. As in I know no one ever says that anymore, but I think we should bring it back, because sometimes something is just really good and that's the only description I can think of.

So there's the first half of my week for ya.

Oh, and also?

Virgin America just released their newest safety video today, and well, my only question is:


(Have I mentioned I love my job?)


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  1. That video? Amazing. You need to get into that ish somehow!

  2. I love your job too. Preeeetty sure I just spotted SYTYCD's Season 9 runner up Cyrus in that dancetastic vid. Do you get to meet him?!

  3. Well I'm glad you didn't get shot!

  4. first of course, fresh baked oven makes the day better. then 2, you are making me wanna really apply for Virgin. hahahaha

  5. I just saw the video on Ellen... I always thought of a job as a flight attendant but lucky me, I get plane sick!

  6. Full disclosure: That is the first time in a long time that I've watched an entire inflight safety video. Smart thinking, VA!

  7. That video is pretty awesome! The life of a flight attendant seems pretty nice! And yes, people do use the bomb dot com. Well, at least I do to!

  8. They were talking about the Virgin America safety video on the morning radio show I listen to! I immediately thought of you!

    I'm so glad everyone is safe and no one was seriously injured by that crazy man!

    Also, thanks for the chocolate chip cookie craving, Mish. ;)

  9. I saw that video and instantly thought of you! You shoulda been in there! p.s. thanks now all I want is a chocolate chip cookie!

  10. "Bomb dot com"... LMAO I'm with you, let's bring it back! Also, if I'm shaken up FOR you do I get cookies??

  11. Wha??? How did I not hear about this shooting? Glad you two are okay!

    Just give those Virgin America peeps a glimpse of your Zumba moves and I have no doubt you'll be in the next dance/training video. :)

  12. Wow, that video was amazing. Way to get people's attention. So glad you love your job :)



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