Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What do you get when you mix good people with good wine in the Napa Valley?

A whole 'lotta gorgeousness...

A whole 'lotta yumminess...

And a whole 'lotta shenanigans...

Thank you, Beringer's, for providing a lovely backdrop for a day o' fun.
Thank you, Mama, for coming out from Georgia to spend the weekend with me!
Thank you, V Dizz, for being such a trooper around so much estrogen. ;)
Thank you, Dizzle's Mama, for coming along and purchasing that amazing bread and cheese, to which we all devoured in about 10.2 seconds.
Thank you, Kimchi, for joining in and giving me a great ab workout from so much laughing.

NO thanks to you, Labor Day Weekend, for making me gain back 3 out of the 5.6 pounds I've lost! I'll let this one slide, but it's back in the saddle for me starting TODAY. I have 2 more weeks to win this DietBet and I sure as heck am NOT losing this thing!

Hope you all had a wonderful, labor-free, weekend!


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  1. this looks so lovely so glad to be from the area!

  2. hahah last weeks vacation definitely did a number to my dietbet work, too! Can't win them all!

  3. Your dress is adorable! Love Beringer... we used to go there when I was little!

  4. This long weekend was definitely not FAT FREE for me either. Silly holidays, they always help you to pack on the extra baggage don't they? At least you had a good time.

  5. Oh wow! I've never been to a wine tasting ... Like at an actual vineyard before. This looks like so much fun and I love Beringer too. Will have to look into wine tastings at the vineyards in VA soon :)

  6. i want to be a part of this weekend! it looks perfect.

  7. Ah, gorgeous! If you and VDizz ever find yourself out in the sac town area, let me know and I'll take you guys to Bogle! This is mostly my way of seducing you to come to town.

  8. Aw, great photos! You all look so cheerful and lovely. :D I've been wanting to spend some time in wine country; I've only ever driven through and I feel like this time of year would be the perfect time to really enjoy it. Live it up! :D

    Kate x


  9. I think you look amazing at the moment! I don't care how much you weigh, you look freaking fantastic! And this post made me want to visit the US even MORE than I already do. I want to drink wine in the Napa Valley :'(

  10. Great, great weekend! Your turn to come out and visit me!!! Love you :)

  11. ok. vdizzle's pose is just too much. hahahahahaa... fierceness.

  12. Ooh! Beringer is one of my favorites! :) Looks like fun!

  13. Looks like so much fun. i also want to be a part of this weekend.your dresses are awesome.
    napa valley wine tours



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