Friday, September 27, 2013

Tahooooeee, Let's Gooo!

Happy Friday!

Guess where I'm going this weekend? Lake Tahoe!

Wonderful Lake Tahoe, the place where...

              boats will be driven! 
              paddle boards will be ridden! 
              and skin will be tanned!

Oh, except, wait. 

"Surprise, you can't do any of those things, Michelle!" said the Tahoe gods.

As of yesterday, I received this picture of what Tahoe actually looks like:



But...but...I was supposed to come home a bronzed, golden goddess after this weekend! I was supposed to be sun-kissed, sexy, and vivacious after a weekend on the water, toning my muscles all svelte-like while paddle boarding around the lake all day!

(Apparently I had high expectations of this Tahoe place.)

But, hey... It's okay! A little cold never hurt anyone, I say! We'll have hot tub time, fireplace talks, and warm, comfort food eats, instead! A red-nosed, blotchy skinned goddess is just as sexy as a bronzed and golden one, right? Right.

Happy weekend, friends. I hope your sexy selves enjoy it, wherever you are! Rain or shine! Snow or Sun! Wind or Humidity! Night or Day!

.....Okay, stop. Just stop.


P.S. You know how I have this really cool nickname, "Mish"?
Well, there's another Mish in this world who is ten times cooler and funnier than I.
Plus, she's Asian too. So, ya know, bonus points there, of course. ;)
Pay her a little visit, won't ya? :)

Hey everyone! I’m the other Michelle blogging over at Mishfish13… I’m not going to tell you to come visit, but I will say that Michelle’s tend to be pretty awesome… 

A little bit about me…

If it looks like I’m a hot, sloppy mess (physically or figuratively), I'm doing a great job of portraying my life. I’m terrible at making decisions even though I find happiness anywhere. Right now, I’m trying to decide whether to stay abroad for a full year or to cut it to four months.

Did I mention I’m currently in Grenoble, France?

Anyways, there’s this thing I do to keep my ADD-lifestyle on point. And by “thing I do,” I mean new idea. I make bucket lists that I have to complete within four months. Then I sit back, give myself a pat on the back, and then drink myself into oblivion.  

Kidding. Then I start over.

I’m a magnet for embarrassment.
I will forever have the maturity level of a grape.
I love adventuring. I have an on-off relationship with hitchhiking. 
And music festivaling. 
And seeing how much I can stretch my stomach before it breaks.

Thanks to Michelle for letting me drop by!


No, no, thank YOU, Michelle, for stopping by to say hello to all of my wonderful friends.

Happy weeekenddddd!!! Whoo! (Can you tell I'm just a little bit excited?)


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  1. My friend just did an Ironman at Tahoe last weekend. Brrrrrrrrr. That's all. Just Brrr.

  2. As I'm reading the first few sentences of this post, I'm thinking, "Sun?! Paddle board?! No no's going to be COLD there! She's going to be so disappointed!" So I was going to comment to warn you, but then I read further and you had already found that out. Haha! So sorry this trip won't be what you were hoping for. But Tahoe is beautiful any time of year. You'll have an amazing time. I'm so jealous!

  3. Have an amazing time!!! :) So jealous!

  4. You are such a funny writer!! I've been busy with work and stuff so I've not made the blogging rounds as much... have a wonderful weekend! Tammy x

  5. Hope you have an amazing time!! I have been itching to go to Tahoe for years now, literally anyone whose ever been only has awesome things to say about it. Plus, I can totally get down on seeing snow since I live in Florida (aka the hottest place on Earth)

  6. Have always loved Tahoe. Even entertained the thought of moving to Reno so I could be close....Okay, so I could be close to Mary Beth, too.



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