Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Six. More. Days.

Fact #1 - I have 6 days left of this DietBet and as of this morning, 6 pounds lighter (whoop whoop!), I am 0.1 pounds away from hitting my goal and winning the $12,400 pot (well, technically splitting the $12,400 pot with whoever else has lost 4% of their body weight). Basically, all I have to do is keep eating meals like the one above, and I'm golden.

Fact #2 - I should note that the above meal I prepared for us last night was highly unsatisfying. I roasted the brussel sprouts with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. The Dizzle devoured and loved them (so he says). I, on the other hand, choked them down and imagined it was a cheeseburger instead. Too much green, too little red. As in red wine. I think I'm going through withdrawals (ha! it's been 3 days).

Fact #3 - These six days cannot be over soon enough.

Fact #4 - I told V Dizz that come Sunday, after my final weigh in, we are having a splurge day. Even if it gives me the runs (TMI?), I am doing it and I am going to enjoy it, damnit!

Fact #5 - I was taking a kickboxing class last night, and as I was doing some side lunges, I looked in the mirror and noticed that my butt was looking very Miley-like. As in Miley at the VMA's.

No one's butt should look like that.

So tonight, I am attempting a cycling class in hopes to firm up my tail-feather.

The End. Saggy butt, out.


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  1. You should try barre class. I'm tellin ya... its amazing.

  2. You got this!!!! Bring home the money!!!!!

  3. Cycling is awesome for the bootie. Sadly, mine's a little Miley-esque too. I was drawn into a Brazilian Butt Lift infomercial this morning and am planning on ordering it after the wedding. 60 days to a higher, firmer, "bum bum" as they call it. :)

  4. Stephanie, Brazilian Butt Lift is amazing! Seriously kicks your booty into shape, I did it for about 6 months (just kept trying different programs) and honestly saw a change! Now I'm doing Insanity and that ish REALLY kills my entire body. So far I've liked all the Beach Body workout programs I've tried...plus then I can save money on a gym membership!
    BTW I always feel like a creeper when I comment because I don't have a blog so no one knows anything about me. I'm seriously considering starting one just so I can be friends with all you people...

  5. Dang splitting $12000 doesn't sound too bad!! I think the site DietBet is the coolest thing and would totally give it a go if I had any weight to lose! I'd just lose my money. :( good luck!! It'll be worth it! And so will the runs!

  6. Yuck, brussel sprouts are so bitter. I just can't eat no matter how I cook it.

  7. squats are key my friend (for da booty)!

  8. I hear ya, and i promise, the runs WILL totally worth it ;)

  9. only 6 more days?! you got this, girl!

  10. wait what, your butt's not supposed to look like a raw, de-feathered chicken?

  11. .1 in 6 days? Girl, please. I don't have any tips on working the ass, since mine's naturally large and in charge, but it seems like everyone's got you covered! :)

    Michelle @ Mishfish13

  12. Could you imagine a ghetto booty in that weird flesh-colored contraption?? It just looks nasty! Someone's going to end up in the looney bin!!

    .1?! You got this girl!

  13. Lol I do squats like it's my job. The behind looks pretty good in pants or workout gear but then I take a peek at it nekkid and I'm like WTF happened?!? Where's the lift?!?



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