Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My kind of night.

Abandoning my kickboxing class for a margarita pizza and red wine happy hour at Ottimista's was probably one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. Plus, you know, it was a good 1.8 mile walk, round-trip, so the guilt of not exercising definitely did not make it's way into my alcohol-soaked brain.

I gotta say, I truly enjoy nights like last night. The impromptu, random insert-any-mid-week-day-here night out with my man. Where we talk about a whole lot of nothing (or, in last night's case, I talk about a whole lot of nothing while he nods and mm-hmm's while simultaneously sneaking peaks at the television to see the football game.), we eat great food, then somehow we turn into that couple who sit on the same side of the table (I know, gross.), we people watch, we clink glasses while toasting to this or that, then I do more animated story telling (because I like to secretly think that's what he loves most about me), then we sneak in that last drink right before happy hours ends... You know, those kinds of nights? Yeah, I really like them. :)

Anyway, if you must know, in lieu of my 7-pound weight loss, I helped myself to one piece of tomato and basil bruschetta, two generous sized pieces of pizza and three I-wish-they-were-more-generous sized glasses of wine. And I enjoyed every bit of it!

I'm going to try this new thing in my life called "moderation". I believe we shouldn't deprive ourselves from life's goodness! But perhaps some things should be enjoyed more moderately? For example, I "moderately" had 3 glasses of wine, instead of my usual 6. And did I still enjoy it? Definitely. And did I feel much better this morning compared to other mornings when I drank the 6? Absolutely.

You see? Moderation. Key. Boom.

After dinner, and our casual 0.9 mile stroll home, we popped some popcorn, hopped in bed, and watched on our ginormous flat screen TV (a.k.a. my 17" Mac Laptop) Breaking Bad.
To which I almost had a heart attack. (<--WALT!!! You're killing me!)

Anyway, here's to more nights like that! *clink*

Happy Tuesday, Amigos! <---"Amigos" insinuating that it is Taco Tuesday, of course.
Tacos? Amigos? Spanish? Get it?? Eh, Eh? <----I'm so weird.


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  1. I love those mid week date nights!!!!

  2. I love date night! And they're always a fun way to break up the week....and OMG Breaking Bad was SO intense!!!! I can't believe there are only 2 episodes left. So sad.

  3. I love your little stories about your life! :)

    xx Denysia Yu

  4. Ha you sound like us! I'm reading blogs while watching Breaking Bad. I have to use it for a distraction from the scary parts.

  5. Mid week dates are the best ever!

  6. So jealous you are watching Breaking Bad. I've been waiting 6 weeks to watch it!! Pizza in moderation is always hard for me. You done good.

  7. That sounds like such a great night :)

  8. That sounds like an awesome night. I'm way overdue for one of those. And tacos? I'm always about tacos.

  9. Sounds like perfection, except that I wasn't sitting right there between you two like at the wine bar...... I had so much fun with you guys :) have to do it again SOON!!!

  10. Fabulous night in my book. I love nights like that too, especially when we end dinner early and decide we could cuddle before bed while awake instead of cuddling up to sleep. If that makes sense... That breaking bad episode was INTENSE! Vince Gilligan is a mad man genius!

  11. I love my wine. Moderation is hard. LOVE Breaking Bad. Been on edge of my seat every episode this season. Sad to see it end :(

  12. This sounds so lovely! I'm so glad you guys had a great time...and that bruschetta sounds to die for.



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