Thursday, September 12, 2013

I really want to spill the beans.

See that up there? That's been me every time I've thought about blogging in the last few weeks or so. It's just that, well...remember those days when NO ONE read your blog and it didn't matter a tiddledoo what you said because Mish Lovin' WHO?!? ......Know what I'm sayin'? BUT NOW. I mean, I'm just so popular and all... HA. I'm kiddding, I'm kidding!

However, I have had several people in my life say, lately, "Michelle - DON'T put this on your blog." And I'm like, well jeez, what's the fun in that if I can't share it with these strangers that have become my online besties?

Can I just say one thing though, in the midst of all this nonsense? I think some things are happening. I think some exciting things are happening. And perhaps well, maybe nothing is happening, but I'd like to think that yes, some things are happening. I would also like to think that very soon here I can shout it from a mountaintop what's been going on behind the scenes here in Mish Land.

But you know what I also miss? Blogging.

I miss talking about my day. I miss sharing my news, no matter how small or big it is. I feel like lately, my life has been super boring and no matter what happens it can't even come close to the excitement I would write when I was traveling the world, you know? So sometimes, when I open my laptop, thinking about blogging something, I'm left with a blank screen because I just feel like well, shoot, who's going to want to read for the umpteenth time that I ate a salad for lunch, grilled some chicken, and lost another pound? Yeah, no one.

So anyway. There was a small rant about a whole lot of NOTHING. My apologies. But be patient. Some news is coming. I promise.

Hugs and kisses. Peace out. Chip chop. Badda bing badda boom. <-----?


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  1. We need more fasha, invite him to SF!

  2. You're preggers? Got discovered as the next TV superstar? (I saw your tent performance, cray cray)
    Are you going travelling again?
    Getting married?
    What is it??
    Can't wait!

  3. UMMM, I would like to read about all things boring, please! I need some Mish in my life. Obviously I also want to know what's going on ;) but COME BACK TO US UNTIL YOU CAN TELL! Okay, that's all :)

  4. Well geeze, way to get a girl excited!! I wanna hear news!

  5. travel again!!!! i need someone to live through ;)

  6. Way to get people guessing. I'm intrigued! Hope it is super good!

  7. What a tease!! I feel that way sometimes (a lot of the time) about blogging, with the blank screen and nothing to write about... If I had a big secret though there's no way I wouldn't be able to tell!

  8. I hope things are happening. And I selfishly hope they include a puppy, because puppies are awesome, and pictures of puppies in San Fransisco are even more awesome.

    Whatever it is, I'm excited for you!

  9. You're such a good, funny and witty writer that no matter what you write, it's a good read. Even the mundane! I wish I could hook you up with a corporate job at TJ Maxx...I'm in the Canada office and it's an awesome place to work - everyone is so nice and everyone!

  10. i want to know!! i really hope it's an engagement or puppy. or both. yes, both would be awesome.

    (hey dizzle, propose to mish with a puppy! all girls love puppies and jewelry. seriously.)

  11. personally, i think you should just blog away..especially the stuff people are telling you not to put. those are usually the best posts.

  12. You got this! And once it's official and the beans can be spilled, just think of all the GREAT material you will have!!

  13. Ahhh hell. That's not even fair!

  14. Lol I think about the gold old days when my parent didn't know I blogged and I could talk about drinking myself silly on the weekends... sigh. I'm dying to know but I'll wait it out, until you can't hold it in any longer (maybe next week? Ha).

  15. Dizzle's gonna propose, I just know it! You are suspecting, and you are probably right gurl. GET IT.

  16. such a tease. wanna meet up for lunch or hh this week??

  17. if you're not getting married and you're not moving....

    did you find a new place of employment???


    i'm catching up on your posts here. i want to crash your date night with pizza and wine? you guys sound like a fun couple to double date with.



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