Monday, September 30, 2013

Best weekend ever award.

I'd like to go on record here and say that this past weekend was definitely one of the best weekend's I've had this year. In fact, this was actually our first weekend getaway together since being back in the United States FOUR months ago! So, yeah, this was a needed weekend away!

The Dizzle and I rented a sexy Ford Fiesta, complete with neon purple lights inside, and headed out on a 5 1/2 hour road trip (thanks, traffic) to Lake Tahoe to meet friends! Road trips are fun. I really think we should do them more often. We listened to music, we took naps, we listened to This American Life, we talked, I sang, we ate. It was good times. I mean, don't we look like we're having good times? Yes, yes, I think we do.

Despite the mid-week snow fluke, by the time we actually got there, it was cool and crisp, but sunny and GORGEOUS. I couldn't get over how breath-taking the views were. Seriously, the water was that blue. No Photoshop needed, my friends.

^^^Just ignore the finger in the upper left corner ;)^^^
I'm sure it's of no surprise what activity was deemed my favorite of the weekend. You know me, being all Asian and shiz. We went to Harrah's and I was in heaven. Glorious, glorious, smoke-filled, heaven. We played craps, roulette, black jack, the big wheel, and slots galore! Did I win a single penny? Well, no. But that's beside the point.

It was so much fun and I can't say enough thanks to Mo and Justin for allowing us to tag along for the weekend. Great bonding time, indeed.

Oh, and then, on the way home - The Dizzle and I got a car.

The Hamster Car, you guys! We. Got. THE. HAMSTER. CAR!!!!

I find it quite hilarious. I mean, I never in my life thought I'd ever want a Kia. But there's just something about that funky little thing that makes me smile. PLUS! It was ZERO down and only $269 month! 
A steal if you ask me!

So... you may be wondering why, if we live in San Francisco, do we need a car?!

Well, my dear friends.....that big news shall FINALLY be revealed tomorrow. ;)


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  1. Can't wait to hear what the news is!!! I'm going to be on the lookout for the next post! :)

    xx Denysia Yu

  2. wow, that really DOES sound like the perfect weekend and what a view!
    and no lie, my husband and i went to the grand canyon a few weeks and the person who took our picture DID THE SAME THING! fortunately for me i know enough photo shop to take it out, but i just thought it was funny that he didn't notice his finger was in the top corner at all!

  3. I'm so jealous you soaking in all the sun! It's been raining for the past two weeks with crazy winds too. Congrats on the car, it looks soooo cute :3 I'm a sucker for cute and "cars that most people won't consider getting".

    Can't wait for your news tomorrow!

  4. You're killing me smalls ;). Can't wait for you to finally spill the beans!!!

  5. you've got me on the edge of my seat girl! Way to go on the Kia!

  6. Oohh I hate (and love it at the same time) suspense! CAN'T WAIT!!

  7. Im sooo curious. It's a bad habit. I just wonder and wonder and wonder. Can't wait to find out the big news!

  8. Oh man, why must you tease me!? I'm so curious!

    I'm so glad you had such a great weekend! And I LOVE that hampster car! I had a Kia for YEARS and they are really great cars!

  9. Oooooooh the super nosey person can't wait to hear the news!!! And secondly, I think my favorite photo from above is the one where you're in front of Harrah's with your jacket buttoned up unevenly haha. Too cute!

  10. You sure do know how to keep people on the edge of their seats missy! lol Can't wait to read about the big news!

  11. what is the big news!?!! i am kind of hoping it's a new job for you since i know you aren't 100% happy where you are. or a puppy.

  12. I have a hamster car and LOVE it! Only downfall is it doesn't have the automatic lights. Boo!!! The trip looks like it was fun!

  13. What a gorgeous weekend away!! I just planned a weekend in Michigan for next weekend and this post just made me that much more excited!

    Congrats on the car!! what a great deal - and now hey... you have a hamster car haha

  14. Congrats on the new car!! I've driven one of those, they're pretty nice actually!

  15. It was such a great weekend! Being out of town this weekend is laaaaame



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