Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Still going strong.

^^^Gorgeous view from my run last night^^^

What's that saying? I feel like a chicken with its head cut off? Or something like that? Yeah. That's me. Things at work have really ramped up for me. I've been learning so many new things, going to more meetings, handed new responsibility. It's all been awesome and I think I'm really headed in a great direction here, but I've just been slammed, without a moment's rest! (Allow me to mention that I thrive on that type of atmosphere and 100% prefer it over sitting around, twiddling my thumbs, bored to tears.)

But enough about work.

Allow me to boast about my week of diet and exercise:

Monday - I ran 5 miles (Say whaat?! I haven't done that in almost a year!)
Tuesday - I ran 5 miles (Say whaat, again?! Thank you to the "Spice Girls" Pandora Station.)
Today - I'm going to Zumba! (May I remind you of that time I had an awkward Zumba battle. Let's hope that doesn't happen again.)
Thursday - Rest Day
Friday - I will run 5 miles (Fingers crossed. Fridays there are no guarantees.)
Saturday - Rest Day
Sunday - Hiking (Hey, Mo, Hey!)

And on top of all that crazy-who-am-I exercise, I've been using the My Fitness Pal app, which has really helped me keep track of what I'm eating and staying on top of portion control and good eating habits! I really do love that app.

ALSO - Let me just say: Remember that DietBet I'm partaking in? Well! The pot is now up to $11,340!! Can you believe it? And GUESS WHAT? You can STILL JOIN (until day 14). Every day, the pot keeps growing and more and more people are joining to lose 4% of their body weight by Sept. 17! In fact, my Mom just joined today and let me just say how proud of her I am for doing so (Hey, Mom, Hey!).

SO FAR - I've lost 2.2 POUNDS! Nothing insane, but I'm definitely feeling better. Funny what healthy eating and exercise can do for you, eh? Maybe I should do it more often?

It's been very motivating to see results happening and let's just say there have been many o' naked happy dances happening in my neck of the woods. (Glad you have a visual now.)

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Cheering you on! And if you win, I'm driving to SF for a drink (or 10).

  2. go you! any run over a mile is good in my book!

  3. good for you girl!! i gotta get back on the healthy track... SF weekends really screw things up for me #alcohol #pizzaat2am

  4. We went to SF at the beginning of the year and fell in love. I think I'd even run with those views!

  5. Zumba is my looooove! I get certified to teach next week! Get it girl :)

  6. Keep it up girl! Happy for you!

  7. Gurl. You are a better woman than I am with all that working out. How was Zumba?? I've thought about going but then I get too embarrassed and chicken out. Where did you go for it?

  8. You're doing so well, Honey! I joined a little late, but hopefully will catch up with you soon :) Love you!!!

  9. Look at you, rock star! You totally kicked my ass in gear by convincing me to sign up for Diet Bet. Even if nothing comes back to me ;) And now I'm instantly adding the Spice Girls Pandora station to my list!

  10. That is awesome, boo!!! You're just doin the damn thang! Lov eit, so proud of you. Keep up the awesome work!

  11. That sounds so fun! I wish I could do it! I would look disgusting if I lost 4% of my body weight though. Ew.

  12. I´ve been using My Fitness Pal too lately, and it´s so fun and easy to use! I`ve been working out for three weeks now, but haven´t gotten time for more than 3-4 workouts, so I´m amazed over how much you´ve accomplished workout-wise!!

  13. Hey! I just stumbled on your blog, and was drawn to this post by the photo (gorgeous) ! I'm about to try to get back on track with a healthier eating/lifestyle and weight loss attempt, and congratulate you on your progress! :D

    Kate x



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