Monday, August 19, 2013

Other than almost dying, my weekend was pure perfection.

I don't know about you, but I had a damn near perfect weekend. The weather was beautiful, I accomplished everything on my to-do list, I tried my hand at something new, I had a date with The Dizzle, and it was just grand, really.

But before I get to those grand things, can I tell you how I almost died first? Yeah? Okay, cool.

Friday night, The Dizz and I spent several glorious hours frolicking the town of San Francisco. And when I say frolicking, I mean we parked our butts at this wine bar for a few hours, sippin' away. After we were good and ready, we headed over to The Kabuki Cinemas in Japantown for a 9:30pm showing of Wolverine.

We got our popcorn, we got our Peanut M&M's, and we even had some wine beforehand, because the theater is cool like that and serves alcohol (as every theater should, in my opinion). At about 9:20, we settled into the darkened theater, cozied up in our reserved seats, held hands, and was ready for some Wolverine action!

Promptly 20 minutes into the movie, I was fast asleep.

Promptly 45 minutes into the movie, The Dizzle was fast asleep.

Promptly 90 minutes into the movie, we got up and went home, to bed, like proper 75-year-olds should.

Now here's the part where I almost died (cue the dramatics).

At about midnight, as I am fast asleep, dreaming of a hairy Hugh Jackman, or something like that, The Dizzle smells something burning.

He checks the oven. Nothing.
He looks outside our window. Nothing.
He goes out into the hallways. SMOKE GALORE.

He heads down one flight of stairs and sees smoke wafting out of the corner apartment.

It is only him and two other girls wondering what the heck is going on. The Dizzle, being the hero that he is, begins to pound on the door to see if anyone is home. He hears nothing. Meanwhile, more smoke is pouring out, filling the hallways, smoke detectors blaring.

Also meanwhile, may I remind you, I continue to sleep away in my wine-induced coma.

They call the fire department.

The Dizzle dashes upstairs, through the smoke and stench, in order to save my life.

He BURSTS into our apartment (okay, I'm sure he didn't burst, but it's making the story more exciting), and gently, but urgently, shakes me awake!

"Honey? You need to wake up now. The fire alarms are on. Smoke is filling up the building and the firefighters are on their way."

"Huuuuhhhh? Hmm? What?" I ask groggily, wondering if it's Hugh or Verner that's waking me up.

And sure enough: Outside, 2 big fire trucks pull up, blaring!

The firemen run upstairs and pound on the door. They hear nothing.

They then BREAK the door to enter!

(And of course, I'm standing there, documenting like a risky and dedicated blogger should.)

There was a girl inside!
Sleeping through all the smoke and alarms and pounding and breaking of the door!
Wait. Sleeping?!

This dumb-dumb apparently turned her oven on, in her drunken stupor, then fell asleep and forgot about it, then never even woke up until the firemen physically shook her awake!

I mean....

So anyway, long story long, you can clearly see how I almost died! <---not really.

And now, I just feel like anything else I share with you about my weekend won't be that exciting compared to this death-defying experience!

But I will still share with you anyway, because I'm kind like that.

Let's seee.....I started my DietBet officially today after sending in my official weigh-in photo over the weekend. The pot is at $9690!! Can you believe it?! (You still have time to sign up TODAY if you want!!) So over the next 4 weeks, I am hell bent on losing 4% of my body weight! I must win people. I must! And I will! In fact, I am running 3 miles after work today. Boo-yah.

Other mentions: I got a quick haircut. And when I say quick, I mean, real quick. Scary quick. I don't think I really love the lady that did it. But I mean, it was $22, what can I say? At least now, there's some sort of texture instead of one poo length.

Oh, and we used our juicer for the first time this weekend. Apples, pear, tangerines, broccoli! It was delish. I highly recommend it.

(And here is where I insert the crappy cell phone pictures for proof.)

ALSO! I attempted my very first banana bread yesterday. And guess what? It was a hit!
In fact, it was such a hit, that when we took it to the park for some sun-soaking and wine drinking, we had all the homeless come and eat it up!

No really, that guy on the right LOVED it. I'm sure he also would have loved the wine too, but that, I was hoarding for myself, thankyouverymuch.

So there you have it.

In conclusion to this extremely long blog post:

- If I go to a 9:30pm movie after several glasses of wine, I can pretty much guarantee I'll be paying for a $14 nap.

- Pretty sure you never want to be the girl that turns her oven on, falls asleep, then almost burns the entire apartment building down.

- Money is apparently the one key motivational factor for weight loss in my life.

- Juicing is good.

- I make bomb banana bread.

- Just ask the homeless.


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  1. That poor girl sleeping through the fire would be me, I'm sure of it!

  2. THE POT IS UP TO WHAT!? That is such good motivation to keep me working out 6x/week! Also, you should really tell the whole dying story at parties because I would love to laugh at this girl, especially while drinking.

  3. oh my god, what a crazy weekend you´ve had! Good for you joining the diet bet! I´m working on losing weight too; think I´ve gotta make some kinda reward program for myself.

  4. I was planning on baking banana bread this weekend! I got a recipe from my sister-in-law but wouldn't mind stealing yours as well, in case it's better ;-)

  5. That is SOOO dangerous. It always scares me being at the mercy of other idiots in SF since we all live basically on top of each other. I'm glad everything was ok!

  6. Banana bread sounds really good right about now! :)

    xx Denysia Yu

  7. I'm glad everyone was ok!
    I hope you enjoyed your movie nap too =)

  8. glad you didn't die! in other news glad it wasn't your apt, because you obvs wouldn't have woken up either until the firemen (or Hugh Jackman) saved your life.

  9. Wow I'm glad you didn't die! You have me craving banana bread and wine now. I need to make some and pick a bottle up asap.

  10. Glad you didn't die :) Now I want to go home and make all kinds of fun bread :) including banana bread! I usually save bread making for fall, but I might have to break the rules :)!

  11. You'd have to pay me to loose weight too.
    Sounds like an awesome weekend.
    I nap in movies too!!!

  12. last night I was thinking over your post, and although it was a lot less exciting, I think I almost died this weekend too. Juice fasting kills ;)

  13. Thank God for Verner! I'm so grateful you have him to take care of you ;)

  14. you do realise you said - "This dumb-dumb apparently turned her oven on, in her drunken stupor, then fell asleep and forgot about it, then never even woke up until the firemen physically shook her awake!"

    And yet YOU nearly slept through the whole thing too!!!!!!!

  15. Yikes! I'm pretty sure I've left the oven on once or twice... luckily I haven't progressed to the stage of life where I DON'T have roommates to watch over me.

    Michelle @ Mishfish13

  16. Girl, you are hilarious! Glad you lived to blog the tale :)

  17. A fire in my home/apt building is one of my biggest fears. I'm glad V-Dizzle is such a superhero and took action!

    Good luck on your dietbet, you can do it!

  18. hahaha a night of wine sounds so good right now.

    and I agree money would probably motivate me to lose weight. I should try something similar. I have been stuck on a plateau and have done nada about it. I am lazy ):



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