Monday, August 26, 2013

How can I love something I'm so horrible at?

Normally, with my competitive nature and all, I stay away from things I'm not very good at. If I know I can't be amazing at it, I'll most likely avoid it altogether.

I mean, sports? No, thank you. Let's just say the only sport I attempted in high school was volleyball. And I only made it on the JV team. And that's because there were like 10 girls total and we all made it by default. I never did master that overhand serve.... Enough said.

And shall I mention Art? Ha. No, I shouldn't mention it. Lest we forget this night? Mishi here is not an artist. I think the creativity genes just skipped me altogether.

But DANCING? Well. I mean. I just love it. I love it so very much.

Dancing has always been something I've loved, really. In fact, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a tad resentful towards my parents for taking the Asian route and putting me in piano for 16 years.

But I digress.

Here's the thing. Dancing? I'm horrible.

I was in Zumba the other day, at the front of the classroom, of course, because I'm weird like that and always try to get a spot right in front so I can see myself better in the mirror and not be blocked by anyone else, obviously, and I was realizing just how horrible I was at it.

No really.

I mean, I can follow along and get the steps right, sure. And maybe my piano lessons have helped in some way that I can follow a beat. But good lord, I cannot, for the life of me, move my hips with any sort of grace. I'm stiff and jerky and in no way sexy when I dance.

And if you know Zumba, then you know that it's filled with salsa and samba and hip pumping and booty shaking and every teacher I've had has had hips that don't lie and wow, I wish I could move mine like that, but oh wait, nope, I'm still robotic.

My teacher last week was basically Shakira herself and I couldn't stop staring at her butt swaying back and forth and just how effortlessly she looked!

Then, of course, there's me, in the front of the class, sweaty, stiff, and as awkward as can be.

But here's the thing! And what I love so much about Zumba - - As I was awkwardly dancing my heart out, I took a look around the classroom, and I'm pretty sure 99% of the other Zumba-goers were JUST as awkward as me! It was great and totally made me throw any self conscious thoughts I had out the window!

I just love it. I love dancing. I love shaking my tail feather, no matter how stiff and NON-sexy it looks. And I love that after the hour of dancing, I am soaked in sweat and got a really good workout in!


For all of you people out there who love to dance but feel like you could never step foot in a "dance class," fear not! Zumba is here! I promise you, it's a room full of people feeling the exact same as you! So we can all be awkward together!

Now, go shake your tail feathers!

In the name of dancing, amen.


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  1. Wellll of course you know I 100% approve of this post! Dancing is the best! A girlfriend of mine just moved to San Fran and I'll be visiting sometime next spring. If you're in town we must get up for a night of dancing like hooligans :)

  2. I always skip on anythig Zumba related because although I have dancing down, I can't do coordinated or choreographed dance moves to save my life. I ALWAYS go to the left when they say right and I'm always a step behind. It's just sad.

  3. Yup. Earlier this summer (can I still call it summer?), I took this BEGINNER'S hip-hop class that I was sure I could rock in the same way that I rock a dark dance floor drunk. Nope. Not even a little bit.

    Michelle @ Mishfish13

  4. I always want to try Zumba but I'm definitely scared sense of rhythm is pretty laughable.

  5. Amen to this entire post!! I LOVE to dance. I started taking the zumba and hip hop classes at my gym because they're excellent cardio and I can't get down with boot camp classes to save my life. But I am the most awkward white girl in all the land. It makes me laugh. Luckily there are always a few token students who make me look good so I don't feel so bad. Is that wrong? Oops.

    Those GIFs/pictures made my entire day! Perfection.

  6. Haha love this post! I danced for 12 years but my sister was sort of iffy about going to Zumba with me for the first time because she is extremely clumsy. I told her not to worry because most people there are, and its true, it is just a fun way to get a workout, who cares how you look as long as its fun and you are sweating :)

  7. Oh, I love zumba! dancing is so much fun and I wish I was better at it. It is pretty fun to shake your booty. just being real. lol

  8. Im from a small rural fishing community full of white folk - you should try zumba here. you would feel like beyonce.

  9. So funny! I actually started taking Zumba classes about 3 or 4 months ago and at the last class I thought, "If anyone were watching me, they would die laughing... literally!" I've go 0 rhythm and for the life of me, I can't get my hips to shake or groove and certainly not twerk. I just fail miserably. BUT I remind myself how much fun I'm having, I can laugh about it, and at least I'm not sitting on my couch stuffing my face, right?? Sounds like we've been having similar Zumba experiences.

  10. I love dancing! Aside from parties and clubbing, I haven't "officially" danced for a few years since leaving high school. I've been dying to try Zumba but I'm way too shy to step in... even when I plan it with friends, I still get too shy!

  11. do your thing! that's one good thing about dance - you can still do it even if you're "bad" (unless you're trying to be a professional or something...) unlike competitive sports, dance is all about your enjoying yourself and having a good time. i take ballet now and am not too bad. but i'm so so so awful at hip hop, so i stopped that one awhile ago!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  12. i wanna be shakira. but i refuse to even step into a zumba class, because i have zero rhythm. it's probably more like a negative percentage really.

  13. That's awesome that you don't let anything stop you from being right up front and enjoying it even if you aren't the best at it. I was a gymnast and cheerleader. I tried out for Tennis and sucked. I made the Freshman team which was basically a way of saying you didn't make it! I like to sing but I suck at it. It doesn't stop me from doing Karaoke even though I need a drink or two to get up there.

  14. Haha I love dancing too but am just awful at it.

  15. We need a vine. We need proof of this.

  16. I feel very similarly about dancing. I thought I was rocking it at my wedding... until I saw the video. It's horrifying. And I asked my husband, and he was all, "it makes you happy..."(shifty eyes). It doesn't really stop me, it just makes me want to destroy every single shred of evidence ever.

  17. Oh my gosh whenever I was in Zumba class, I could NOT stop staring at the teacher's butt! I felt like a creeper, but for real that girl could move!



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