Friday, August 16, 2013

Fridays are never meant for serious blog posts, IMO.

I'm in an awkward stage with my hair.

Ever since I chopped it off for the good of all hairs on my head so that they may flourish and grow strong together, I've been kind of, sort of, very much uncomfortable with it. My hair and I? We just haven't been on the same page since.

Yesterday, I put that headband thingy on my head because without it, the wispies surrounding my forehead were going cray and I looked like a straight up homeless person.

Or Nick Nolte.

I asked V Dizzle if I looked weird with the headband on, and his response?

"I'll let you decide that one."

So... I decided to look weird for work. Better than homeless Nick, I suppose.

And when my hair is down? It's all one awkward length. Not long. Not short. Just....there.

I found a hair place near my house that charges $22 for a haircut. And we all know how I feel about not paying an arm and a leg for a cut, so I think I may need to pop in and get some layers up in this B. In fact, perhaps I shall do it this weekend. Because, why not?


In other news, since last week, I have now lost POINT 8 pounds (of my TEN that I need to lose). Call it small, but I call it a win. You know what I did yesterday? I RAN home. And then you know what I did once I got home? I ran a little more. Sure, maybe it was only 3 miles total, but still, I am impressed with myself for trying. There were many times that I thought I was going to pass out and fall to my death, but alas, I pressed on.

And this morning? Immediately after weighing myself and realizing I lost another point four pounds?

I did a little naked dance.

Because, obviously, I was already naked. So, you know, it just happened to work out that way.
I'm sure The Dizzle was pleased?
(Why am I sharing this?)

Annnnyyywaayyy, this is where I shall bid you adieu.

Tonight: Date night with my boo! We will be heading out to a wine bar and a movie. And let me tell you something: I am excited. In fact, so excited, that if I were naked, I'd be dancing. But I'm at work, and that would just be weird.

Happy Weekend, friends!

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  1. Haha!! I loved reading this, so awesome for a Friday! I hope you get your hair flowing nicely once you go to the hair place! ;) Happy Friday!

  2. Random question - but me and the hubs will be in San Fran for just the day in a few weeks. I'm pretty sure I'm going to make him do the Alcatraz tour (because it was pretty legit), but is there a fun little place to eat that y'all have found and like? I need a plan...

  3. layers for the win! $22 is a great deal!

  4. When you were talking about your running, I couldn't help but think of Forrest Gump. " I ran clear to the ocean. And when I got there, I figured, since I'd gone this far, I might as well turn around, just keep on going." Good luck with the awkward hair length situation. I remember when I decide to grow my front bangs out in third grade and I went through an awkward barrett clip phase. Not my best look by a long shot.

  5. in case you're adding things up that is 1.2lbs. just saying. also gotta love nick

  6. Hahahahaha "I'll let you decide on that one" classic! It makes me so mad having to shell out so much money for a haircut, $22 is a great deal. Thankfully my friend is a hairstylist so her friend discount is nice :) Great job on the run! Have a great date night and fun weekend. xo

  7. Nick Nolte! That is the perfect doppleganger for those days when the wispies are out of control. And for the record, your hair looks cute in the hair band/ponytail combo!

  8. Sounds like you're having a great weekend!! Good luck with the haircut missy, I'm always so awkward when it comes to my hair, it's like frizzy and tangled and unmanageable.

    xo Becky



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