Thursday, July 25, 2013

Passionfruit and Pregnancy

I have attempted to write two different blog posts this morning but somehow just couldn't get through them, to which I have then saved into my drafts, probably never to be read again. So now, here's my third attempt. Which will basically be just a compilation of random thoughts. Riveting, I know.

I've been reading people's uproar about Passionfruit 2.0 and how this free service has now changed to a whopping monthly fee of $9.00. $9.00?! That's like what, two Starbucks drinks worth? No need to get all in a tizzy over it. People are saying how it's outrageous to charge this! How dare Jason try to expand his business and make a dollar!?!?! The nerve of him! Listen friends, it's just blogging. It's what you want to put into it or not. It's just another service, like Netflix, where you can choose to pay for it or you can choose to illegally download shows for free.

...or something like that.

I better just stop talking about this before things get cray in my comments.

Moving on.

For the last 24 hours, I thought I was pregnant. Like, legit preggers. Yesterday, was supposed to be "The Day." And for the last, oh, 8 years, I have never failed to miss this day. Never ever ever. But yesterday? Nada. So I was like, okay great. I'm pregnant. What am I supposed to do with a baby in my tiny ass studio in San Francisco with no health insurance? This could be a bit of a pickle I'm in. But I kept trying to tell myself that it was just a fluke and I was fine.

So I opened a bottle of red wine and drank my worries away.

This morning though, I went to the bathroom for my morning pee and to, you know, check on things.
Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

So then I was like:

So I told The Dizzle to basically start planning for a mini Dizzle, because I'm pretty sure this is it.
I'm becoming a mother at 27 years old.
And then he was all:

But then, guess what?
I got to work.
I went to the bathroom.
And well, looks like Mishi here isn't going to be a mother, right now, after all.
So then I was like:

So there's my anticlimactic story for you.
I mean, I know I said the other day that I was open to it all and I wasn't going to plan or have an agenda, but uh, I don't think I'm quite ready for that step in my life.
(But mostly, I don't think The Dizzle is ready for that step in life.)

Okay, that's it.
It's Thursday. Hallelujah.
Cheers! I think this calls for a celebration (in more ways than one).


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  1. The gifs really make this You're funny girl.

  2. Hahaha. I convince myself I'm pregnant and that my life is completely over pretty much every other month.

  3. I'm totally one of those people that is pissed about the $9. It's funny because I totally understand people trying to make money, so I understand his decision. Hell, I'm one of those that wants to make money myself! But I'm also one of those people that no matter how much my blog grows, people still don't advertise with me. For whatever reason advertising with me is like the plague or something. I practically have to beg people to sponsor, which is insane. And those that have sponsored said they got great results, so I don't know what gives. Regardless, if I only sell one ad a month for $5 or $10 bucks, it's not really worth $9 a month. Silly as it seems, $9 is a lot to me because I'm pinching pennies since I just quit my day job for my card business. However, if you're a HUGE blogger that sells lots of ads at like $30-$100 a pop, you're actually getting a better deal than before. I think my frustration came from the fact that his plan seemed to screw over the little guys like me and benefit those who probably didn't really need the benefit when it came down to it. It felt like he was trying to push out clientele he didn't want. And now I've totally brain dumped on you. Sorry for that. Just slightly frustrating for a little business like me when I'm strapped for time. :(

    On the non-pregnancy note--- uhh, congratulations??? Hahaha!

    1. I feel you!

      I just left my first blog to start a new one and don't have any major sponsors (read: no paying sponsors AT ALL)- just swaps. I loved PassionFruit to help me manage my swaps but I really can't justify $9 a month.

  4. My only gripe with the $9 passionfruit thing is I just set up sponsors on my blog a week ago and I don't have any yet (I'm still building). Therefore, paying $9 is outrageous to me because at this point its a waste of money to me :( Since I don't have sponsors yet, it will be hard to decide when the time is right to start spending the $9 and hope that it works out. I may just never do sponsors....only swaps.

  5. i feel like i have that little freak out in my head every month before the big P. this betch is not ready for a mini betch running around.

  6. Haha this post cracks me up!

  7. I think it's just hard for people to accept it going from $0 dollars to having to pay. People that just start out using Passion Fruit will never know the difference and think it's a great price. I haven't ever used Passion Fruit so I'm glad that I don't have to feel all out of sorts about it. This does pretty much ensure that I probably never will use it but that's okay. Glad you aren't preggers!

  8. My only gripe with the $9 is that, like Heidi said, for those established bloggers who can poop and people will pay for it, it's a gold mine. For anyone under, say 500, it's hit or miss. Probably miss. I'm not big enough to charge for ad space so it's a waste when I could use that $9 to sponsor a blog.

    Hooray for being non preggo! That would freak me out too.

  9. I went ahead and paid for it because, quite frankly, the $50 is cheaper and I'm cheap. Will I continue after that year? I'm not sure! Nobody sponsors my blog, so I don't know that it would be something to continue. BUTTT, most importantly, the GIFs in this are just YES. Love it.

  10. haha don't worry, friend, we've all been there :)

  11. I love the Gif's. Haha, well at least your not pregnant!

  12. This is too funny! I love the Hermione gif!

  13. lol, we have all had those moments hun. Sometimes things are off. I am married but I am nowhere near ready to have a baby right now, I have too much going on. Once I went on this strict detox, I'm talking no wheat, gluten, sugar, starch, fruits, breads, pasta, dairy. It was hard core. Then I went on a cruise after the 3 weeks of being on this detox and started eating whatever I wanted and my monthly friend didn't come at all that month. I was in a panic!! I realized that it was the drastic change of diet and then the next month got it twice! sometimes it happens you just gotta try and stay calm.

  14. hahaha this is so funny! the gifs are such a great add to this already comical story. glad you are relieved about not being preg!

  15. I won't be celebrating.... :(

  16. that was by far the best story accompanied by gifs.... seriously dying.


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