Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oh, me? Not a whole lot...

Things have been pretty quiet over here in my parts of the world. Well, maybe I shouldn't say "quiet," but perhaps I should say, "normal?"
I've just been doing my thang. You know: Work. Drink. Sleep. Repeat.
So when blogging pops into the ol' noggin, I tend to push it away because I'm like, "What am I supposed to write about? No one wants to hear about my working-drinking-sleeping-and-repeating business."

Speaking of drinking, I was trying to cut back. And I mean way cut back to like 1-2x/week. Ha! Go ahead, laugh with me: hahaha. Oh, that was silly of me, wasn't it?

I'm convinced you cannot have a full time job and reduce your drinking to 1-2x/week, simultaneously. You just can't. Impossible. And if you can, you're probably Morman.

Oh, let's see, what else?

We finally found a couch we want. It's from Urban Outfitters! Who knew they had couches?!

And yes, yes it's red. I never thought we'd have such lively colors in our apartment. But then our kitchen turned blue and well, here we are now. Blue kitchen, green sheets, and a red couch. How San Franciscan of us.

Anyway, knowing me and how impatient I am, I was ready to hit the 'Buy Now' button immediately. But then, the reasonable Dizzle suggested that perhaps we wait until I receive my first real paycheck before purchasing a $700 couch. Paycheck Schmaycheck, I say! But no, no he's right. Damn him and his responsible nature! Oh, also, good news about the couch: It can lay down to be a sofa bed, too! So you know what that means?!

Slumber parties with me and The Dizzle. Just picture it: You on the couch....The Dizzle's and my sleeping faces mere feet away from you....

I know. It sounds magical to me too. So come on over any.time.

What else, what else. Oh! The Dizzle's sister just had a new baby this morning! Her and her Baby Daddy are the type of parents that somehow, magically have the patience to wait until birth to find out the gender. I, personally, am in awe when anyone can wait so long for that exciting news, but hey, more power to them! The Dizzle now has a brand new baby niece! To be honest, I think I'm more excited about that than he is. Perhaps it has something to do with me having a vagina and him having a penis? Annnywaayy, we're off to see her this afternoon when I get off work! Congrats, Maya & Steve!

Okay, and lastly on the exciting news front, yesterday at work, some man I just met asked me to go pick up some white hydrangeas from the local florist so we could use them for a video shoot. Okay, great. No big deal. A chance to get outside for a bit. But then, he introduced me as an intern. An intern?!?! What the....

So yeah. Mish, The Intern. I'm really moving on up in the world, guys.


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  1. I love that couch. I love UO's furniture!

  2. OH. MY. GOSH. I would've freaked out about the intern thing. I occasionally get called an assistant and I get verrryyyy ragey about that. Not okay, folks!

  3. Ouch. Someone asked me if I was an intern at my old company and it was a hugeeee struggle not to be a bitch when I replied, "oh, actually, I'm the marketing manager" RUDE. I don't look that young!

  4. That intern comment would piss me the hell off. I work in IT and on a semi-consistent basis I have visiting attorneys ask me for coffee, water, tea etc in conference rooms. I offer to call hospitality for them and curse under my breath when I leave the room.

  5. Love that couch! Great taste. Congrats to your in laws :)

  6. I've been at my job almost two years and I'm pretty sure half the people here still don't know my name.

  7. Actually laughed out loud reading about how your anatomy impacts how you feel about bebes! Thanks for an entertaining break to writing care plans!

  8. Must be those youthful Asian genes.... ?

  9. Stakin' my claim on the couch right now! :)

  10. I have a couch in a very similar color and I LOVE it!!!

    Being an Intern rocks!!!! Just kidding. It totally does not rock. :)

    Congrats on the new niece!

  11. I wouldn't want to be mistaken for an intern either! HUMPF!

  12. Intern Shmintern. Congrats on the new niece!!!

  13. Love that couch! I couldn't wait to find out the gender of the baby either. I'm way too impatient for that!

  14. So wait! I don't get it. Are you the intern? Or did he just CLEARLY think you were way younger than you are because of your beauty, and freshness, and general amazingness, and hence must have been an intern?
    I was hoping he'd ask you to get the hydrangeas and come back to be IN the photo shoot!
    Have you guys read reviews about the coziness of the couch???
    We have a not so comfortable couch right now, and I will say my best advice is get a comfortable one!!!

  15. Aww congrats to The Dizzle's sister!! Intern? What the effs.

  16. Well, at least you aren't ACTUALLY the intern. I was totally an intern at 26. That was cool.



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