Monday, July 22, 2013

It felt good to use her again.

My camera, that is. (As of right now, I've decided to assign my camera a gender.) 
She had been collecting dust for several weeks now, so it was high time to use her again!

Saturday morning, The Dizzle woke me up with a little surprise. 

No, not that kind of surprise.... 

(Did I just write a sexual reference on here? Shame on me!)


He went to the closet and brought out a little birthday bag and said, "Happy early birthday, Boo!"

And with those four words, I ripped in to my gifts. Amongst them: Alcatraz tickets for the Night Tour... THAT night!!

You should know that I've only been talking about going to Alcatraz for the last 9 months or so. Call me a nerd, but I just love that shiz. Touring a real live prison on an island and walk the same grounds that Sean Connery walked?! Um, yeah. I'll take two.

So that evening, we headed over to Pier 33 and boarded the giant Alcatraz cruise boat. 

Us and 150 foreigners. Yessss.

The 20 minute or so ride to the island was at such a perfect time with an amazing view of the sunset and San Francisco skyline. It truly felt surreal looking back at the city and knowing that was our home. Our home! It just hit me. We live there? When the hell did that happen?! (Seriously, I don't think it's fully sunk in yet.)

And talk about those seagulls flying so close. 

Go ahead. 

Talk about it.

As we got closer to the island, the sun went away and the fog settled in.
It got cold and it got creepy.
Just the way I wanted it for this little adventure of ours.

The cells were super small. Verner could touch wall to wall. I couldn't even imagine being locked up there for years and years. Fascinating, I tell you!

Definitely one of the most interesting parts of the tour was getting to hear about all of the escape attempts. This one below was done over several months with a SPOON.  A spoon! 
Talk about desperation, eh?

They had the upstairs hospital area open to the public, which isn't always the case, so that was a nice little surprise. It was so quiet and creepy walking through the rooms and imagining the prison in working function. It seems like the perfect place to make a horror movie.

Hydro-Therapy Room
Surgical Room

This weekend has been one of my favorites so far in the city. It felt like we were traveling again, experiencing new adventures together. And seeing all of those tourists there with us, who traveled thousands of miles to be right where we live, made me have a new appreciation for my new neighborhood. So here's to many more weekends of new experiences and exploring!

Great start to my birthday week, if I do say so myself!
Thanks Boo for such a great day! I guess my Alcatraz mentions over the last 9 months have paid off, huh? ;)

And for all the rest of ya'lls - - If you haven't done the Alcatraz Night Tour, then I'd definitely recommend it, in case you couldn't tell from this post.


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  1. Go Dizzle! That was a great choice for a b-day present! I like to think of myself as a resident tourist since I'm always exploring the area around where I live. It's always a great surprise to find super cool places that are so close. Happy Early Birthday!

  2. i loved alcatraz! so creepy!!!

  3. Omg creepy
    Loves. RJ

  4. SF was the only city I've been to where I really, truly fell in love with it. (And I was only there for a long weekend!) I crammed in as much touristy stuff as I could while I stayed at a friend's place and visting Alcatraz was INSANE. The audio tour is so, so worth it.

    So happy your "casual mentionings" paid off and got you the tour ;)

  5. SO COOL! The last time I was in San Fran we did a yacht cruise in the afternoon through the bay. We saw The Rock, but we didn't go in. I've always wanted to go back!

  6. Yay pictures! I tried to visit when I was in SF in middle school, but we didn't realize we had to buy tickets ahead of time. My aunty promised to make it happen next time I make it down there.

  7. Joe and I visited Alcatraz a few years ago and I loved it too. We were there during the day and it was creepy - I can't imagine a night tour!

  8. I'm so excited to get to SF in September. Alcatraz is definitely on our list of things to do. Happy early birthday.

  9. I've been dying to do the night tour. I've just been waiting for someone to visit who wants to do all of the usual SF touristy things, but maybe I'll just go by myself.

  10. I'm visiting in the middle of August. I'm not really sure if I should visit it. I'm a wimp at creepy stuff. How's the horror/creepy factor? Will I be able to sleep at night ever again? I'm leaning towards NO.

    The Dizzle is so thoughtful. Happy birthday, Michelle.

  11. I've been to Alcatraz once, during the day, but I really want to do the night tour! I also want to do a glammed up photo session on Alcatraz so if you and the Dizzle are ever up for it, let me know. ;)

    Happy birthday week!!! Happy hour or lunch to celebrate? :)

  12. Awesome! I have always thought it would be so interesting to travel to Alcatraz! So much history

  13. Looks very interesting...but I dont know how I feel about a night time tour of the place....creeeeeppy!

  14. looks like so much fun! glad you got to check one off the list! (and that I got to meet you this weekend)

  15. since we've moved here we've yet to make it over to Alcatraz, I'm hoping to go soon, i'll definitely take note about the night tour, it looks awesome!


  16. Lol Alcatraz is so creepy! We go to SF often and I've always managed to escape the Alcatraz tour for more clam chowder on the Pier or some exploratorium action. I'm glad you had so much fun though!!

  17. so cool and creepy! i went as a kid and don't remember it. i tend to block out traumatic experiences. happy birthday!! :)

  18. Alcatraz was def the highlight of my visit to San Fran. I WANTED to do it at night but it didn't work out that way. Still fun. I have a really weird prison fetish!

  19. I've been meaning to do an Alcatraz tour forever.

  20. We just did this tour in February and it was my FAVORITE part of our SF trip. Such a cool place to witness in person - jealous that you got to check out the hospital portion though. Did they say why you were allowed to on your tour?

  21. That would be so cool to visit Alcatraz! Maybe one day!

  22. I remember the first time I found out about Alcatraz and instantly thought.. I need to visit that place (although I didn't know they offered night tours!). Def. on my top list of to do if I ever visit San Fran (which is hopefully soon!), The pictures looks amazing, never realized how small the cells were.

  23. So creepy yet awesome! My mom and I listened to some stupid vacation club schpeel to get free Alcatraz tickets...only to miss the boat because the trolley took so long :( So next time I'm in the city I really must go.


  24. You went to Alcatraz, so cool!

  25. What an awesome birthday present! I love stuff like this and am super jealous! The closest thing on the east coast is Riker's Island but uhh, that's still in use.

  26. I did this a few years ago and it was so much fun, but so creepy! hahah! I remember watching the story of the escape on America's Most Wanted when I was little, so it was crazy to really visit there! Glad you got to go! :)

  27. I'm honestly surprised that they haven't made a movie there. It's definitely a good pick for a horror/suspense movie.



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