Monday, July 15, 2013

I felt inspired.

We somehow found ourselves at a Ross this weekend. And if any of you have been to a Ross, then you know you're bound to find something random and awesome at the same time. As The Dizzle was off looking at some work-out gear, I wandered over to the "throw-everything-that's-on-clearance-in-here" bin. Which is usually the best bin anyways.

And that's when I saw them.

Two yoga mats. $6.99 each.


Are we even yoga-goers, you may be wondering? 

Not since that last time in Thailand with the tiger-shorts-wearing-large-package-having-white-man instructor.              
But hey, you can't be a yogi without a yoga mat, I say!

Got to start somewhere, right?

So I quickly snatched them up and brought them over to The Dizz right there in the middle of Ross.


Fortunately he was on board.

And as you can see, with nothing but a bed in our place, we just have so much room for activities!

Why not have it be yoga!

So, of course, when we got home, I had to show The Dizzle my amazing yoga skills.

Prepare to be impressed, friend. I'm pretty profesh.

Okay, so I might need to work on my skill just a tad.

But point is, I was inspired.

And if you ask me, whenever you feel inspired in life, you should go with it. Because you never know what may come from it.

Want to know what else I was inspired to do this weekend?

Go to a 3-year-old's birthday party and wear a pink party hat.


Which was all fine and dandy, until I realized every other adult had taken their party hat off while I, the weirdo, was sitting alone on the couch, scarfing down pizza and salad, still rocking my pink party hat...

What can I say? I'm just creepy cool like that.

Hope your weekend was splendid and full of inspiration.


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  1. Seriously , you just reminded me of Emily Osment ;)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. HAH loving the pink party hat. Also props for the yoga! I am not limber enough to even attempt it.

  3. Okay, the party hat is awesome. I'd leave mine on all day too. Then probably forget about it and end up wearing it to bed.

    Also, "this is called . . . " = best part of the video.

    Love that jacket!!

  4. i am the queen of buying random's a problem haha i love cheap finds at stores. sometimes deals are too good to pass up.. even if you survived many years without them!

  5. The clearance section is my best friend. I don't even remember the last time I bought something at regular price. Of course, the things I buy from clearance can be a bit random...

    Michelle @ Mishfish13

  6. Haha...and wear that pink party hat you did! Bet it didn't look as good on anyone else ;)!

  7. Haha I loved those videos on Instagram. #getitgirl

  8. Hahaha love the party hat!

  9. Hahaha! I also love that now your ads have turned to yoga mat ads. You rock Mish.

  10. Your pics are hilarious lol. I have a yoga mat...I need to start using it more though

  11. I love Ross! I always find good stuff when I'm there! :)

  12. You go girl! ;) I always forget Ross has some good finds!

  13. You looked great in the party hat! Miss you :(

  14. Large package having white man? I almost peed my pants!!! Hahaha...
    Good luck with the yoga!

  15. Sometimes Ross and Tj Maxx have the best of deals! I saw that video of you on instagram...made me laugh out loud! Good luck in your yoga endeavors...I've been working on Derik something awful to start yoga with me. Sigh.

    -Amanda | Living in Another Langauge



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