Monday, July 29, 2013

Highlights and Low-lights.

I was in bed literally all day long yesterday. Okay, fine, I guess I can't use the word "literally," because I did get up to make some french fries and use the facilities. But other than that: In bed. All day long.

Was I sick? No. Well, unless you count being hungover as "sick".

But let's rewind.

Friday night, some friends and I went to see that one kick-ass 80's cover band that we saw back on the Fourth of July. It was at this bar/lounge/club called Bimbo's. And let me just tell you, I don't care how cheesy it is, how can you not have fun dancing to 80's music all night long?

My only regret?

That I could have worn this:

Instead of this:

Photo stolen from Mo's Insty.
But, ya know, what're you gonna do?

Saturday was an extra special day to me, and let me tell you why.
The Dizzle's mama personally invited ME to lunch and a day of shopping as a belated birthday gift.
I mean, I can't even begin to tell you just how generous this woman is.
I feel like every third sentence to her is, "Thank you." ;)
In the two years I've been dating V Dizz, I believe this was the first official "alone time" with his mom.
In any other "boyfriend's mom" case, I couldn't really ever see myself doing something like that.
Most, I wasn't even close to.
But it's different with his mother. It's almost scary how similar we are.
So anyway, needless to say, I was really excited.
We met at Union Square and proceeded to do some shopping!
We even went to MAC and this Thai Lady Boy did my make-up.
He/She was pretty amazing and I felt oddly close to her.
I mean, no surprise there seeing as I was basically their #1 fan while in Thailand.
Anyway. She Ruby Woo'd me and I dropped $90 bones.
Then, of course, like any true blogger would, took a selfie in the bathroom at Macy's.

So now let's fast forward to the part of my weekend where I thought Jager and I could have another run at it.
You know, bring back the days where I was 23 and a drinking champ.
Because why not? It's Saturday!
So I started off at a rooftop bar in The Mission with the girls.
Some margaritas were had.
Then something with vodka.
That's when Jager made an appearance.
Oh, and I believe wine happened at some point, too.

Then 3am to 8am happened.
Which basically was a repeat of that one night in Vegas where I was vomiting and dry-heaving every 30 minutes over the course of those 5 hours.
It was so fun. Not.
I don't know why I do this to myself, think that I'm that young buck once again and think I can conquer an entire week's worth of drinking over the course of one evening.
I don't know why I ever think Jager is a good idea.
I don't know why, at 27 years old, I still haven't learned my lesson.

So, now that you know the whole story, it's a tad more understandable why I was in bed all day long yesterday. These days, hangovers don't just last for a few hours. They last all day.
Remember the days when hangovers didn't exist?
You could drink all night long, wake up, and do it again?
Glory days, I tell you. Glory days.

Also, can I add that my day in bed was made extremely enjoyable because not only did The Dizzle join me, but we spent the day having a Walking Dead marathon.
I can't get enough of that show, my friends.
It's so amazing.
I know I'm extremely late to the zombie party, but that's just what I do, apparently.
Need I remind you that I was 8 years late to the Lost party, but that was basically the best bandwagon I ever jumped on.
I will say it again. I love The Walking Dead.
I laugh. I cry. I clench. I yelp/scream.
It basically brings out all of the emotions us humans can muster.
I highly encourage this, if you couldn't tell.

And okay. That's all I got for you.
Hope your weekend was splendid.
I also hope your weekend was not filled with the heaves. The dry heaves, that is.


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  1. Ah oh what fun it is to have a hangover sunday... kinda? I ate crap this weekend so I'm spending my Monday drinking detox tea. Oh joy. Btw super dig them red lips...

  2. girl, i feel your pain, when i get hung over i am vomming for at least 6 hours. at least. i don't understand. this bitch just can't hang with the big dogs.

  3. I LOVE the Walking Dead too! We were a little late to the party too, but not as late as you!! I hate almost everyone on there alternately depending on the episode but I love it and can't wait for the new season. We are addicted. Very cool that you have a nice relationship with the mom in law.

  4. i can never go to mac or sephora because i walk out with no money and a bunch of makeup i will probably never use because it won't look the same as when they did it.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Your Sunday sounds almost identical to mine, except I was recovering from the flu (who da fuq gets the flu in the middle of the summer??). Love the Walking Dead too but unfortunately my boyfriend is way farther ahead than me, so we settled on a Harry Potter marathon. Hope you're having a great Monday!

  7. That was me this weekend! Minus the drinking on Saturday night... and with the addition of basically a nonstop food buffet in bed. Why...?

    Have you checked out Breaking Bad yet? Do it.

    Michelle @ Mishfish13

  8. I would like to state for the record that the Jager was 100% YOUR idea (and that after one shot of it I "pretended" to take another but really poured it into someone else's glass....) :)

  9. Walking dead marathon in bed, I die! Sounds amazing. Stop on by to see what I did all weekend when manfriend was golfing (hint: lots of gifs!)

  10. I remember the days when I used to go partying with my friends, drink a lot, and then was still able to drive home.

  11. Michelle, there are days when I feel like we are long lost sisters... but then I realize that I am not a bit Asian at all :)

    But seriously, shows are best watched after the 4th season has begun or even when they are already over and the main actor is dead. I just started the Sopranos. The Walking Dead is my absolute most favorite zombie jam ever! And trust me when I tell you that I am a zombie addict nerd lol

    Sometimes during the summer I am all.. yes, today feels like a party. Lets drink like its 2005 and I am young. But the next day (if I make it that far) reminds me that no, I am old and I need to calm the fuck down.

  12. haha it is funny yeager made an appearance for you because somehow on the way to the JT concert on Friday night we decided passing a bottle of it around the limo was a good idea. epic. fail. such a rough night! haha I hardly remember the concert. good thing I woke up the next morning and realized I took about 10 videos!!

    PS- I LOVE walking dead. russ and I just watched all the seasons and I cannot wait for the next season in October I think? only downside is I have nightmares when we watch it before bed. but that is a small sacrifice, am I right?!

  13. You crack me up, Mish, you really do! I just love your blog and I will tell you that probably 932749374 more times!

    Having a good relationship with a man's mom is the best. It makes things so much easier and less awkward at family events. The Dizzle's mom sounds adorable and super sweet. You deserve it, penis paddle and all!

    I love you with red lips! That Thai Lady Boy clearly knew what he/she was doing!

    Oh Walking Dead. That show gets me every. time. I just love it! I'm so glad you're on that bandwagon. Better late than never. The new seasons starts October 13th so catch up before then so we can chat about it!!

  14. I have nothing to say about your hangover :(
    I do have a question.......Is season 2 of the Walking Dead out yet?

  15. We're doing the Lost marathon now. It's alll I want to do. We tackled TWD in a couple of weeks this past winter. SO so good. How far are you?

  16. TWD is my favorite show on TV now that Dexter is ending. LOVE IT. I've never seen an episode of Lost. Not one. Should I catch the caboose?

  17. Wait until the 2 day hangovers hit. That's when I started learning my lesson :-/

    Love reading your blog, it's hilarious and so enjoyable.

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