Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fasha forgot my birthday. Again.

This may come as a shocker to you that my own Fasha would forget to call his daughter on her day of birth.
But fear not, this was no shock to me.
This is just what he does.
He forgets birthdays.

In fact, one year, he actually did call me on my ask me a question about car insurance.
I kept waiting for the, "Oh! And happy birthday!" part, but alas, once he got his car insurance information, he said goodbye and hung up.
Thanks, Dad.

And lest I remind you about last year's birthday when he forgot to make reservations and instead gave me a used Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul book over lunch at Panera.

So you see friends, this is just something I have had to deal with in life.
Unless I'm reminding him a million times about it, he'll completely forget.
It's just that he's quite forgetful by nature. Even with his own children's names.
I mean, my siblings and I have basically grown up with 4 different names.
If I heard Matthew, Michael, Michelle, or Mai Li, then I'd look up because any one of those could and would be directed at me.

Needless to say, he truly has his moments that make up for it all.

Like that one time he took me out to lunch just so that he could tell me 20 reasons why he was proud of me.
(Never mind that he then followed that up with a request that us kids come up with 10 reasons why we think HE is so wonderful as his Father's day gift...)

And let's not forget just how supportive he is of my blog. He's always telling me how much he loves the way I write. Do I actually think he reads this blog on the regular? No. But still, I thought that was nice.

AND - - Just the other day, we were on the phone and we realized that we haven't seen each other in NINE WHOLE MONTHS. Nine!
Not since before I left to go do that whole world traveling thing, can you believe it?
So you know what he did?
He bought me a plane ticket to fly down to San Diego for a weekend visit next month!
I mean, let's not get too excited here. I should note that he didn't exactly OFFER to do this, I instead had to ASK him to do this (standard).
But still.
He generously did it nonetheless and I shall be visiting Fasha in just a few weeks time!
And do you know what that means?
When there's Fasha - - There's also his uber-Korean wife, Princess Sophia.
And when Princess Sophia is near, good times are had.
As in....something random and awkward will happen to which I can then come here and blog about it to you all.
Nothin' like some cowboy hat-wearin' Koreans on a pair of horses, eh?
Get. Ready.

And Fasha, I love you. Even if you never remember another birthday again. ;)


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  1. well, this is pretty sweet of you to write this out for your dad to forget your birthday!! at least you weren't like this:

  2. Happy Birthday, yeah for an upcoming fasha ps post!

  3. Haha my Dad almost forgot mine last year.

  4. Hey, at least you will get some good blogging material! Sometimes that is priceless and hard to come by. That is exciting that you get to go back home for a little while to visit. And hope you had a great birthday!

  5. your fasha & princess sophia stories are the best!

  6. my dad forgets my birthday every year. and he's completely missed like 8 of them. and yay! you're coming to san diego!

  7. What I really want to know is will the Princess be asking you for money for Fasha's birthday gift again? And will you be playing any card games? The questions are really endless so I'd like very much to just go with you, mmk?

  8. Aw happy birthday! I love your Korean father. :) He's so much more relatable and understood now that I've lived here for almost two years! I'd have to say though, he's throwing me for a loop in that picture with giving us a thumbs up and not the typical peace sign!

    -Amanda | Living in Another Language

  9. cutest ever even though he's a little forgetful. maybe it's a man thing? and love the name princess Sophia haha.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  10. hahaha, you crack me up! Your writing is so honest and hilarious, I love how blunt you are. Happy Birthday!!! I live in San diego, lets get a yummy lunch or go hiking when your here! :) I am off to travel for 4 months and would love to pick your brain! :)

  11. Based on that picture alone I can't wait to hear all about San Diego!

  12. hahaha this is hilarious!! my dad forgot my birthday this past year and yes we did talk on the phone about something else that day! oops!

  13. hahaha koreans in cowboy hats

  14. I am cracking up at that photo...that is freaking hilarious. And I still can't get over the fact that you call her Princess Sophia haha!



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