Thursday, July 18, 2013

Do you MOGL?

Since I've been incessantly checking my bank account as of late, I noticed today that there was a random deposit in my checking account for $24.55. Nothing extraordinary, but hey, that can buy me like 4 bottles of wine! (Have I told you how okay I am with drinking cheap wine?)

After looking into this mysterious money a little further, I realized it was my first payout from MOGL!

Several months ago, this lady approached me and The Dizz at a bar and asked us if we knew anything about MOGL. I was mid-gulp with my Bud Light, and I instantly felt the urge to say, "If you're selling something, I don't want it! I'm drinking my beer, now leave me alone."

But instead I basically did the exact opposite and asked, "No, what is this MOGL? Do tell!"

She explained that MOGL is a company that teamed up with hundreds of bars and restaurants all over California. By simply going to a place that's part of the program, spending what you'd normally spend, you end up getting 10% cash back at the end of the month. 

That's it. No strings attached!

Trust me, I asked.

You can link as many debit or credit cards to your profile (I did all FIVE of mine) so that no matter which card you end up paying with, it'll still count towards your 10% cash back. Once you make your profile and link your cards, then that's it! You can forget about it. Which, clearly, is exactly what I did. Then, every month, you can find a little surprise in your bank account (or any other card you choose to get paid out on).

Michelle L earned $4.79 cash-back fromBlackwood Thai Cuisine
Michelle L earned $0.92 cash-back fromBread and Cocoa
Michelle L earned $8.39 cash-back fromNaked Lunch
Michelle L earned $6.45 cash-back from Fly Bar and Restaurant - Sutter

And for all you do-gooders out there, if you spend over $20 at whatever restaurant you're at, then MOGL will donate a meal to someone in need within your own community. Pretty cool, huh?

And ANOTHER cool thing is their Jackpot rewards. If you happen to be the top spender at a particular restaurant, then you get an additional bonus in your cash back! I went out for a friend's birthday party last month and ended up spending $150 at the bar (yikes, I know, but that's what happens when alcohol is involved), and turns out I came in 2ND PLACE and won some extra mula! So if you happen to have a favorite place that you frequent all the time, or you get drunk and spend frivolously like me, then chances are you'll have a good shot at winning the jackpot.

Anyway, I thought it was kind of neat and thought I'd share with you!

Might as well get cash back if you're going to be spending money at that place anyway, right?

If you're new to signing up and use my referral code (MichelleLim), then YOU automatically get TEN free bones (That's $10 in case you didn't know)! Not bad, huh? You can just download the app straight on your phone.

I feel like this kind of sounds sales-y, but it's not, I promise! This isn't a sponsored post at all. I just think free money is always welcome and it kind of seems too good to be true. But I promise, it's totally easy to sign up and there's no random hidden fees!

Badda bing. Badda boom.

Go and get your MOGL on, yo!

**Update: I'm dumb and apparently didn't do my research. So, as of NOW, MOGL is just in California. :( Sorry, friends!!! I hope it spreads soon though!


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  1. Now about the place you went called Naked Lunch...

    1. Not what you think. wasn't what I was hoping for anyways.

    2. Haha yeah.... Enticing name though, eh? :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! Free money is always welcome.

  3. This is great! Thanks for sharing!
    I wonder if this works all over the World? Like restaurants in other cities across the globe? Restaurants and food are everywhere right?? I'm signing up!
    Thank you!

  4. Awesome idea... Too bad it's only in California :(

  5. If I end up moving back to California I will be all over this! I'm going to be there for two weeks in October I feel like getting one even just for two weeks aha. I'm pathetic.

  6. I got super excited while reading this post and when I scrolled down to skim through the comments.. I guess it's only in California :( Otherwise I would have jumped onto this like a kangaroo!

  7. AAAAWWWW YEAH. That's whats up. Thanks Asian sister :)

  8. Um, question. How do you know which places participate? Also, this sounds almost too good to be true. I

  9. All the good stuff is in Cali :( Do you use ebates? Same concept, but for online shopping. I have a blurb about it on my blog if ya want to check it out.

    Not sure if you know about this, but if you have Trader Joe's there, their wine is AWESOME and $2.99 bottle! Check it out :)

  10. My friend just sent me an invite! Hopping on this train asap.

  11. I signed up! Hope you got something for me using your code!!

  12. I was all set to sign up until I saw your update! Boo! I hope they start spreading like the plague... in a good way!

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