Friday, July 26, 2013

Being nosy makes for good stories, IMO.

It's true. I'm nosy. I like to hear/see/know what's going on around me.
It's gotten to the point where I'll be somewhere in public, like a restaurant per se, and I'll find myself straining to listen to a conversation the couple next to me is having.
And it doesn't even have to be that interesting of a conversation!
I just somehow naturally do it.

I mean, lest we forget that time I was basically this couple's private photographer as they almost made a baby on the train in Italy?

Annyywaayyy, it's only natural for me, when I'm crammed on a bus and squished up next to a lady on my right who happens to be on her phone posting something on Facebook, to glance over and read it.

And then of course, it's only natural that I come back to my blog and write about it:

Please read the following FB post:

"OMG. OMG. Ya'll. Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z tonight.
Me and my roll crew of 30-something ladies are certain
we'll be spotted in the crowd and invited backstage."

So here's the thing.
At first I thought she meant her and 30 other ladies would be attending. 
So then I was like, okay, yeah, maybe there will be 30 of you guys holding up signs and screaming out JT's name. And maybe yeah, they could spot you and invite you backstage.
But then I saw her tag the post with just 3 of her friends.
So NOW I'm thinking that she meant "her and her friends that all happen to be in their 30's."

So then I was like, oh okay, she's just being sarcastic and funny on Facebook.
I would totally say something far fetched like that to be funny.
Ha ha ha - good one, girl. Thanks for the laugh.

But when I looked over at her face, I saw something unexpected.
There was ZERO smiling going on.
You know how when you're texting or writing something funny and you catch yourself with that smug little smile on your face because you know just how funny it's going to be?
But her? Nothing. Straight faced. Not a hint of a smile.
So, I think, maybe, perhaps she was dead serious about her FB post.
I think she really thinks her and her "roll crew" will be spotted by Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z tonight.

So then this whole moment took on a completely different meaning.
And of course I then had to bust out my stealth ninja moves and snap a photo so you could see too.

I mean, doesn't that face look like that of pure determination to be spotted in a crowd of 30,000 people at a Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z concert?

I think so.

But you know what? Kudos. Kudos to her.
So hey, to the lady on the bus this morning, can I just say one thing?
I admire your bold determination.
And I DO hope you and your 3 friends that make up your roll crew get spotted tonight.
And I DO hope they invite you backstage.
Tell Jay-Z I said what's up, k?

So, you all know, Rachel, right? I mean, if you don't, then you really, really should. She has such a fun blog. She loves traveling (and happens to do it a lot, in my opinion). She has beautiful photos. And she just had her one year blog anniversary! Congrats ;)  Head on over and enjoy, my friends!

"I'm Rachel from Postcards from Rachel and I consider myself a lifestyle and travel blogger. I started this website as a way to keep family and friends up-to-date while living abroad in Aberdeen, Scotland  and decided to continue because we're still moving around, plus I've met so many wonderful women through blogging! My husband and two dogs are my travel sidekicks and we're getting ready to make another move to Boston next month. My blog posts are "postcards" from me to you (wherever we may be in this big world), so I hope you'll stop by and follow along!"


Happy Friday, friends!
Tonight, I'm off to see a kick-A 80's cover band.
Tomorrow, The Dizzle's mama is taking me on a birthday shopping spree (she truly spoils me).
I think this wknd is going to be grand, don't you?
Let's link up on Instagram to keep the good times rollin', yo!


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  1. Sometimes, when my mom and I are out together, one of us will say something totally random - you know, nothing that had been even close to what we were talking/thinking about before. And the other one will go, "Oh, you thought of that because the people next to us were talking about it, right?" What can I say? Being an aggressive eavesdropper is in my blood.

  2. I LOVE this. Mostly because I have a problem with eavesdropping/people watching and am extremely annoyed that my Iphone makes a loud noise when taking photos of people, because I always get caught in the act. I do believe I have shushed the man in the middle of a nice, romantic fancy restaurant dinner because his yapping was interferring with me being able to hear what the ladies next to us were gossiping about. Shhhhh Boyfriend, I gots to know what's going on in everyone elses lives. Thanks. LOL

  3. gawd, i love everything about this. mainly because i am a creep too, but mostly because you know those 30 something ladies are trying to get JT's attention! werk it girl

  4. I have to believe that my fellow 30-somethings know better and have realized that the window to backstage invites significantly shrinks after age 21. It's an even smaller window if you don't look anything like a VS model, and near impossible if you happen to be wearing a glitter scarf circa Claires 2007!

  5. Seriously! If they don't hide it, it's yours to snoop on. Great stealth photo skills!

  6. lol i admire your sneaky public photog skills!!!

  7. You have just confirmed my ultimate fear. Having my photo taken without my knowledge, only for it to land on someone's blog. I have some major triple chin action when I'm looking down at my phone and updating my status. It's unfortunate. And this why I won't use public transportation. Basically it's your fault my carbon footprint is so large. How do you sleep at night? ;) ;)

  8. I'm a major eavesdropper. I eavesdrop in every language I understand, not solely English, which means I'm trying very hard because eavesdropping in your native language doesn't require as much concentrating as eavesdropping in a 2nd or 3rd language. haha!!

  9. I cannot believe you had the huevos to snap her picture.

  10. I just finished reading a post on Rachel's blog - I love it too! I'm super nosy as well, and I love to people watch. :)

    Shelby xoxo

  11. Oh my gosh. I eavesdrop sometimes too but how did you see what she was writing on facebook? It makes me wonder what people have seen me do on my phone in public. Not that it would be anything to hide but still haha!

  12. What I need to know is how you got that damn picture!



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