Friday, July 5, 2013

Are you reading this from your bed?

.....because I'm writing this from mine.

I intended to spend the entire day in bed, but alas, The Dizzle and I had nothing to eat and in order for us to not die of hunger, we had to pull ourselves out of bed and walk down to the grocery store. Immediately upon arrival back home, The Dizz promptly removed his pants and got straight back in bed. (Apparently his hangover is worse than mine.) Then I, being the ever-so-wonderful girlfriend, made him a bagel breakfast sandwich, to which he promptly devoured in said bed.

But anyway, after my cooking endeavor, I quickly got back into bed myself, and here I am, writing to you.

And with that said, how was your Fourth? I hope it was swell. Mine certainly was.

This was my first 4th of July in San Francisco, and I must say, they done well, them San Fran folks, they done well.

After I spent the better half of the morning in bed (I'll tell ya, since this whole full time job thing kicked in, my bed has been my favorite spot. Granted, we don't technically have any other furniture to hang out on, so the bed wins by default, but still, it's been my go-to hangout destination.), The Dizz and I finally got ready to meet with with some friends for the 4th of July festivities!

And I DID remember to put on sunscreen this time, thankyouverymuch.

We headed down to Pier 39 and danced the afternoon away to Tainted Love's concert. aka The BEST 80's cover band in the whole wide world.

If you don't like drinking beer and dancing to the 80's, well then, I think we need to have some words.

It was so much fun. And it was easily justifiable how many beers I drank with how much dancing I did to counterbalance the calories, obvi.

And then of course, somehow a hat ended up on my head. I don't know why and I don't know how. But the pictures prove it happened.

Oh yes...I must have stolen it from Serena.

That makes more sense.

You know what else makes sense? This little Instagram video.
My favorite happens riiiighhhttt around the :12 second mark.
You're welcome.

And there ya have it. Thank you for tuning in, friend.
Now, I am going to roll over and watch some Hulu with my Boo.


But before you go, meet two fantabulous gals for your reading pleasure! Bri and Lisa are here today to say a little hello and introduce themselves. Hope you can all show them some blog love! :)


Hi there! I'm Bri of San Briego, blogging from the beautiful city of San Diego! After graduating with an MFA in Creative Writing, I moved from NYC to SD 3 years ago where I found the love of my life. Together we adopted two rescue dogs and moved into a bungalow by the bay. Now I write all about our adventures, my obsession with surf shack decor, what inspires me, fitness, fashion, food and more! 


Hi everyone! My name is Lisa Ng (pronounced "ing") so I call my family blog expandng, get it?? And I'm certainly expanding right now, 8 months with a daughter. I have a 3 yr old son at home so I often seek parental advice through my blog, but I also love blogging about photography. Hope you'll stop by!



Thank you, ladies! Happy you could be here today. :)

And Happy Weekend, ya'll. 
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  1. Sounds like an amazing 4th!!!! We spent our 4th listening to some awesome 90's bands at a free concert. :)

  2. Not in bed- on a sofa- but not for the same reason ... Was gripped to the tennis on TV! Great first photo!

  3. My bed is always the most comfortable right after my alarm goes off :)

  4. Looks like a great time. And yes I hear you.I spent 3 weeks on none other than an air mattress on hard wood floors.

  5. You look so good in the pic of you and V. I don't know what it is...your hair? your lipstick color? the few wispy bangs? Anyway, you look so happy and that makes me very happy :) Love you!!!

  6. Ha I am actually reading this from my bed. That is the best time to catch up on blogging!

  7. Ha I am actually reading this from my bed. That is the best time to catch up on blogging!

  8. This looks so fun! And seriously, I about died at the instagram video - just on the 12 second mark.

    xo aly

  9. How did you know I would be reading this from my bed?!?

  10. oh haaay. i am in fact reading this in bed, uh, a day later.
    now you're making me wanna go to SF. it's been awhile. Last time I was there, there was the love parade. naked chicks and d!cks all over. whoa.

  11. Glad you had a wonderful fourth! Tks for the feature!



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