Friday, July 19, 2013

A tad grossed out, but super proud.

Have you all met my brother, Michael? Of course you haven't, most of you haven't even met me. But you know what I mean.


Here's Michael. He lives in Georgia right now while going through chiropractic school (he has 2 more years to go). He recently went to Jamaica on a chiropractic mission trip too. Pretty neat if you ask me.
There he is in all his yellow headband glory.

I last saw him back in May when The Dizzle and I were staying in Georgia for a few weeks upon our return to the States. 

As you can see, he's a pretty fit guy. Always has been.
In the last few years, he's been getting into power lifting and has even won a few competitions.
That's just what he does, though. He loves to compete. 
And quite frankly, he loves to win (but who doesn't?).

So anyway, the last time I saw him, he informed me that he was going to start training for another power lifting competition and that he was going to lose THIRTY POUNDS in order to make the 145 weight class.
Now, I don't know a whole lot about power lifting and weighing in, but losing 30 pounds on this guy seemed extreme and crazy to me.
But here's the thing, there's just no stopping him. 
When he has his mind set on something, he goes for it. Full throttle.
So the last two months have been spent going through hardcore training and eating things like this:

Today was his weigh in.
And as of two days ago, he still had 13 pounds to lose....
So he spent the last 48 hours wearing 3 layers of sweats, doing multiple sessions of cardio, and basically just drinking water to stay hydrated.
He made it to Florida for his final weigh in this morning.
And guess what?
He made weight!

Every time I look at this photo, I have to cringe a little. 
It's not that I'm not proud of his accomplishment, I just don't like to see a man who's usually 175 pounds now be 145 pounds and have veins popping out of his stomach.
I mean, seriously, whaaaat? I can't even believe it.

You done good, brother. 
And I know you're going to kill it at the competition.

But can you promise me something?

As soon as that competition is done, can you go eat a cheeseburger? K thanks. ;)


And now, if you would please take a moment to meet a few of my friends on this lovely Friday of ours!
First up, the hilarious Katie from Understated Whimsy!
Say Hi, Katie :)

Hi I'm Katie! A Detroit native, wine addict, wannabe photographer and mom to a pretty crazy puppy named Scoobs. I'm not so great at DIY or cooking or being classy in general but visit and you can read all about that time my dog peed on me, the time I was practically on an episode of Hoarders, or why my manfriend won't let me use his name on my blog (lame). 
I can't wait to meet you!


Next up, we have a girl after my own heart, Elizabeth Kathryn from Life and Laughter!
Take it away, Elizabeth Kathryn :)

Hey ya'll! My name is Elizabeth Kathryn and Im a photographer and blogger. I sarcastically write about life, love, my unhealthy obsession with Pinterest, and everything in between, all while trying to bring a smile to your face! Come say hi! Life should be filled with laughter, dont you agree? 


I hope you can all show them some blog love!
And also, hey, you have an amazing weekend, ya hear?
I vow to do something fun this weekend, damnit, and I hope you do too!


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  1. That is super insane! He's super disciplined and competitive it's impressive. Good luck to your brother!!!

    Jan Loves

  2. He is total beast mode! So impressive! I can't even lose 7 pounds.

  3. Wow that's crazy! He looks great!

  4. I need his tricks to lose the fat!!! I'm not a fan of the vein look either (especially on the stomach) but I can't help but feel incredibly impressed when I see them. It's like, he has NO Fat!!!! lol

  5. Danggggggggggggggggggggggg, he is ripped! I'm sure he's gonna do amazingly at the comp!

  6. Holy cow! That brother of yours is RIPPED! My husband weighs about 140 naturally, he's tall and skinny. His heaviest was 165 and when I see those photos it's weird to me how much of a difference that weight makes. He's not ripped like your bro but he was really fit and eating tons of carbs and protein. Anyway my point is it's so crazy how much gaining/losing weight will make a difference. Good luck to him in his competitions!

  7. Wow that's crazy!! Good for him!

  8. oh haaaaaay. i agree about those poppin' veins. but his determination is killer. mad props to bro!

  9. It's mind boggling to me (maybe not others) that he lost 13 lbs within 3 days. Good luck to your bro.

  10. Holy cow, that's amazing! But I agree with you - after the competition, eat a pizza ;)

    I live in Georgia too! Is he going to Life University for Chiropractic?

  11. No offence to your brother, but men like that just DO NOT appeal to me as a woman. It's gross and unattractive, are they veins popping out? ew!

  12. I have a friend who does lifting competitions, and my bf used to do them so I'm somewhat familiar. And holy hell, that picture makes me cringe a little too. Feed him all the burgers Mish!



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