Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nudies in San Francisco

Yesterday, while The Dizzle was off looking dapper and trying to bring home some bacon, Stephanie and I took a gander around the city. One of the places we went was Baker Beach.


I was quite unprepared to see so many penis' (pee-ni?) at one time, but they didn't seem to mind. one. bit. And well, who would I be if I didn't take inappropriate photos of strangers and put them on my blog? Don't worry, I've done an excellent job of photoshopping any views that might make your stomach churn.

Also, don't get too excited about seeing naked men today. Hot guys don't go nude. It's a fact.

The other 12 nudies we saw were at least 65 years old, face up in the sand, making some serious eye contact with us. So of course, you can see why I wasn't able to snap a photo. But, come to think of it, no one needs to see that. Not ever. So you're welcome that I spared you.

Also, interesting fact: Just this year, San Francisco has BANNED being nude in public if you're over the age of 5! MEANING - - Just LAST YEAR, I could 100% walk around in public, completely naked, and it would be NO. BIG. DEAL. I could sit at the bus stop, in my birthday suit reading a newspaper, and everyone would just have to accept me in all my glory.

So basically, these are straight up rebels here at Bakers Beach. And we all know I'm a fan of being nude on a beach (not really). So being nude WHILE being a rebel? I just don't think it gets better than that.

This is a lot of naked talk before noon.

Okay, moving on.

Here are some photos I took yesterday that do not have any exposed genitalia for those of you that didn't appreciate the first half of this post. Bakers Beach is actually a really gorgeous area of the city that I didn't even know existed, so I'm really glad Stephanie was able to show me around!

^^Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge!^^
^^Vista Point^^
^^For all of you Full House fans, like myself, here are the Painted Ladies!^^
I think I'm starting to really like this city. Now if I could just find a job....and a home..... 
Details, Schmetails!

Hope you have a great Tuesday!

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  1. Funny you should say this, when we were in San Fran last October, there was a lady on a trolley with nothing but a trench coat on and every so often she would stand up and open it for ALL TO SEE. It was absolutely ridiculous. And, like you said, she was not the type of person anyone wanted to see nude. SMH

  2. Nude beaches are absolutely terrifying! I got tricked into going to one once in SD (Blacks Beach) because I had no idea it was a nude beach. I asked to leave the second we got there because it was so awkward! I do not want to see old mans junk - gross!! Lol

  3. haha Andrew and I stumbled upon the nude beach when we were hiking from Crissy Field, under the bridge and down to Baker Beach. And you're right, no hot men ever go nude.

    A year and a half after moving here, I still haven't seen the painted ladies, I'm jealous!

  4. I would have been so uncomfortable! LOL!!

    Yay for Full House!

  5. so many pee-ni yesterday!!! it was fun though. :)

  6. You dirty girl, taking photos of naked people.........lol!

  7. Well this post was hilarious. And the 5th photo up is gorgeous.

  8. This is hilarious! I can't believe you took photos of naked people running around SanFran and posted them. You are too funny. Should naked people on the beach crack me up so? Maybe I'm still 5 years old...

  9. I ran past that beach on Saturday for my half marathon! Too funny. My friend actually JUST informed me that it was a nude beach today, haha. (Clearly no one was on it while we were running by). SF is awesome.

  10. Hahaha... Umm... that second picture!? What is up with that person's booty?! It looks as if it has fallen off! Too funny... But you are right... NO hot men go nude!! EVER! In Europe or the US! Sad. LOL!

  11. The Full House houses?!? That's so awesome! I can't wait to someday dip my toes in the Pacific. The Atlantic is great, but specifically, I need some Pacific in my life. We have a nude beach here too. I want to go just to see what the big deal is. Wow.. no pun intended.

  12. PEE-NI!!!!! Eeeee! haha!

    OH, and the painted ladies. I ADORE those houses!



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