Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mushy Brain and Male Housewives.

It's been three days of work and every day, after I've left for the afternoon, my mind shuts down and I get extremely tired (except for these brief 15 seconds from last night where something strange came over me).

Apparently I'm not used to using my brain so much. It's crazy how tired you can get just from new mental stimulation. I'm hoping this isn't a forever thing and I'll level out in a week or two.

Anyway, suffice it to say, blogging has taken a bit of a back-burner this week for me. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to manage the two going forward. At my last job, I just blogged at work most of the time. Why? Because well, I just didn't really care and it seemed no one else did either.
But here? I certainly can't do that. Nor do I want to! I'm actually liking what I'm doing and definitely want to make a good impression. So then I'm left to try and whip something up, mind a mush, in the late afternoon hours...

(Hence what I'm doing right now. Oh, hey there.)

Speaking of work, don't you just hate being the "new girl?"

 Or man.

I'm sure being the "new man" is just as tough.

I'm really not too fond of this part of the job. I sit at my desk, working hard on this project or that project, and every now then, I'll hear some other girls talk about their weekend or talk about so and so in the office, or whisper about something then laugh heartily, and then I feel just a tad bit lonely and left out. But, I mean, it's to be expected. This happens with every new job. I know that in due time it will change and I'll get to know them better and perhaps even become friends.

But until then, I'm just the new girl that walked to lunch all by herself today. Allllllll alone. And ate her California Rolls and fruit cup alllllll alone.
(Boo hoo, right? Get over it, Michelle.)

(P.S. I warned you I didn't have good blogging material.)

Oh, but I WILL take the time to say just how great of a housewife The Dizzle has been. Seriously. While I'm away, making the bacon, The Dizzle is home cooking it. Or cleaning it. Or painting it. Or making the bed with it.

You get my drift.

Having dinner ready with a fresh glass of wine waiting for me when I walk in the door? Say whaaat? Is this 2013 or what?! Kiiiiiiind of really loving it. All we need now is just one of these uniforms and we'll be golden.

HA! Totally kidding. Please don't wear that, V Dizzle. I beg of you.

Welp, that concludes this fantastic piece I've written.


Work = Good.
Me = Tired.
The Dizz = Amazing. Wonderful. Sexy. NOT getting a Chippendales uniform.


P.S. Have you seen my Facebook page yet? No? Well you should.

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  1. My fiance is our housewife these days, and he's not so good at it. I leave a "Honey Do" list when I leave everyday, and I come home and mostly he's played Call of Duty and played with the cat.

  2. Slowly your new coworkers will know how awesome you are. I wish I was werkin with you!!!

    Lord VDizz should not wear that. Hahahahah

  3. I totally get what you're feeling - I was the same way back in October - but seriously, you are freaking AWESOME! Soon enough they're going to realize this and wonder why they missed out for a couple weeks. ;) SO GLAD you're loving the new job!!

  4. This is so funny because I've totally been calling my live in bf my nice little housewife for the past few days...I was even going to give him a shout out blog post, just hadn't got around to it yet! :)

  5. Mister Man works from home, which is the best thing ever. everything is always.done.every day. and lady, i used to switch positions every 4 months at my job, meaning a new team, new boss, new job. 3 times a year for 2 years. so i know exactly what you're going through, and you know what i'm gonna say...just hang in there! your brain (and friendships) will adjust.

  6. I would love dinner and a glass of wine ready when I walk in the door! I'm about to be the new girl again, so I totally understand :)

  7. Vdizz could rock that uniform..........just sayin' ;)

  8. Your man is the best. You're so lucky to get dinner once you come home. I need to get my act together that happens here when my husband gets home.

    Good luck with making friends at work. You can do it.

  9. Haha, I always wonder to myself if it's normal to be this tired... as I down my third cup of coffee.
    But I think it will pass soon! Hopefully you'll push through :)

    Michelle @ Mishfish13

  10. Congrats again on your new job. It will get way easier once you get in a comfort zone. I usually write my posts after a glass of wine - just some food for thought, it makes things entertaining.

  11. I love reading your blog! This may have been a "mushy mish" post but it was fully entertaining.

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