Monday, June 10, 2013

A Bunch of "This's" - pt. 2

"Monday posts" tend to create a slight lull in my blogging abilities. Why? Because it's been a whole  2 1/2 days (oh-so long, I know) since I last posted and several occurrences usually take place and I have a hard time picking which one is more interesting to write about.

So I have created a plan. And when I say 'created a plan,' I mean I did a post last Monday that seemed to work in that I was able to quickly compile several happenings at once, and I intend on doing it again today.

Sooooo with that said: On to the "This's" from my weekend.


This is what came in the mail from JewelMint.
I am either A) Going to return it or B) Give it away in next month's group giveaway.
I tried it out. I wasn't jazzed.

This is the reason why I'm a bundle of nerves today because I'm hoping and waiting and wishing and hoping some more that I hear some good news on this sitchy sitch.
I have gone over this interview a hundred times in my head and what started out as complete confidence in my performance has now dwindled to a self-conscious, I-can't-stop-analyzing, sense of self.


This is the gang I hung out with on Friday night in North Beach.
(I'm sorry ladies, but I had to post these because they were the only ones I had.)
Clearly, you can see we had fun.
Clearly, you can see that maybe next time we should take photos a little earlier on in the night so that Mishi here doesn't ruin the shot with her squinty eyes, Asian glow, and purple teeth.
And clearly, you can see that my perhaps-I-should-cut-back-on-how-much-alcohol-i-drink rant did not factor in for that evening.

Heaher, Serena, Me, and Mo

This is the restaurant that The Dizzle and I stumbled into after the above night of many, many drinks.
This is also the place that moments after taking a bite into the first Thai meal I've had since being back from our glorious world travels, I cried.
Did you hear that?
I cried into my Pad Thai.
I'm not proud of this fact.
And I'm sure you can imagine what a pathetic sight I was, but I couldn't help it!
The alcohol Thai food brought a rush of emotions to me and I was suddenly overwhelmed with the fact that we're no longer galavanting around the world.
And I was yet again reminded that we probably won't be doing that again anytime soon.
And I just really miss Thailand, okay?

And yes, the food was amazing.
From what I can remember.


This is the gorgeous view we had when V Dizz and I took the train across to the East Bay to have dinner with his mama, Saturday afternoon.
I was then reminded how fortunate I am to be in a place as beautiful as this.
It's a different kind of beautiful than what I saw in say, Thailand, but it's beautiful nonetheless, 
and I am thankful.


This is the photo I took of Justin Guarini The Dizzle that I found on his Mom's nightstand.
I can't get enough of it.
That hair!
Seriously! What?!
I love it.

Look, Maya, you made the blog! Don't hate me.
I told The Dizz to grow it out again so i could run my fingers through that lusciousness, 
but he assured me that luscious it would not be and it would be more like this:

I don't know why he's thinking that wouldn't be sexy.


This is a picture of the windows in the apartment we saw yesterday.
And. I. Love. It.
But here's the thing, I can't necessarily rush to sign our names on the dotted line when I haven't exactly been offered a real job yet.
So we're in a pickle, one could say.
We're still going to drop off our applications first thing in the morning, and hope for the best,
but let's just say I'll be waiting by my phone all day in hopes of a very good phone call.


This is the park that above apartment is right next to.
That's right. THE FULL HOUSE PARK!
So of course, we had to make a little Vine video and run up the hill like The Tanners once did while simultaneously singing the theme song.

(Are you on Vine? Find me if you'd like! @mishlove)


And last but not least, this is kind of what the stripper on the bus today looked like who handed The Dizzle her business card to the strip club she worked at, all the while sitting right next to me.
Good news, she was headed to work right then and said he could come in!
At 1:00pm.
Personally, if I were to strip, the early afternoon shift would be my first choice, too.
I'm definitely not a morning person, and I like my nights in these days.
Good call, girl. Good call.


Oh, San Francisco, how you always entertain.
I'm really trying my hardest to get settled here, so if you could help a sista out, I'd appreciate it.
K, thanks, bye.


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  1. I ran around the Full House park on Saturday myself!! hahaha! When I visited SF over the weekend I could hardly imagine how AWESOME it would be to live there!! And how overwhelming it would be to find a place to live, so my heart goes out to you, girl! Good luck on the job hunt! I'm sending good vibes over that interview!!

  2. oh i hope you get the job! :) and the apartment!

  3. Ah looks like a fun weekend! I'll have to go out with you guys next time. Next game night that we have, you guys will have to come. Its my turn to host it. Good luck on the job and apartment!

  4. Oh the memories of full house. That is awesome. Love the picture windows!
    Good luck with everything!

  5. Have you thought about teaching English abroad? There are different certifications to get but I don't think any of them are that difficult... There's TEFL, TESOL, and some others. Anyway, people with those certifications and also a Bachelor's degree and a native English speaker can get jobs around the world for contracted periods of time. From what I understand, they fly you over, set you up with a place to live, and pay you (not a lot, but enough to live) and all you have to do is teach English and then spend your free time exploring.
    Might be a cool way for you guys to keep the traveling going. I'm thinking about getting one of those certifications too, but I have ridiculous student loans so I might have to wait a few years.

    Anyway, a thought.

  6. I definitely see why you love that apartment. Sure hope it all works out for you, Honey. Let me know how it goes!

  7. Fingers crossed on the job & apartment!

  8. I look beyond repulsive in those photos. Ugh.

    But my fingers are crossed for the job and apartment!

  9. Fingers crossed for both! :)

  10. Yea, afternoon stripper hours. Nice. They looking? You applying ;).

  11. Ah! I'm crossing my fingers for you over here in Hawaii! Because shoot, that place is my most favorite place. But most of all--I want you to 1. have a job and 2. get that apartment! Smooches

  12. Squeee! 1) I love that bay window, so good luck! 2) Look at young Dizzle! So handsome. The hair comparisons had my cracking up. K has the same problem. I'm a nazi about him staying shaved. Bozo the clown? Not cute.

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