Thursday, May 9, 2013

What's the blog etiquette for talking about jobs?

I never know what the "rules" are for talking specifics about jobs here on the interwebs.
I feel like everyone is always so "hush hush" about anything specific with their workplace.
I mean, I get that you shouldn't come on your blog and blast the company you work for.
Preeeettyyy sure that could be grounds for getting fired.
But, for example, I was supposed to have another phone interview today.
And am I allowed to say who it's with?
I don't think there's anything wrong with that, right?
I'm excited and want to talk about, damnit!

I'm going to do it.

I'm going to put it out there.

Here I go.


My phone interview is with Williams-Sonoma for an assistant buyer position at their corporate office in San Francisco.


Nothing happened.

Mr. Williams has not put me on the "do not hire" list! {yet}

Well then, I guess I'm allowed to keep talking about it...

So here's the thing, I've already had one phone interview before and it seemed to go well because we had an appointment to chat again today now that I'm back in the States and days away from moving to San Fran! Unfortunately, today didn't work out and we had to reschedule the phone call for next Tuesday. I was a little bummed because I've been looking forward to this chat and the fate of my near future in the career department! But it's okay. Tuesday will work.

I'm really hoping this goes well. I've been just a tad stressed thinking of what I'm supposed to do with my life. And well, I DO have a degree from that one fashion school in Merchandise Marketing, so I might as well try and put those skills to use, eh?

Let's just cross our fingers for Tuesday.
Let's also hope I didn't just do a major "No-No" by talking about this on my blog.
And this doesn't really have anything to do with anything, but I saw it and thought it was funny.
So let's hope this doesn't happen during the phone call.

P.S. What do YOU think the rules are for talking job specifics online??


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  1. congrats on the interview!!! :)

    as far as etiquette, i think it depends on your profession. For example i am teacher and i probably wouldn't talk about specific students or even reveal which district i work for. When kiddos are involved i think i should be more private.

    it all just depends.

  2. Fingers crossed for you!!!!!! :)

  3. nice! sounds like SO much fun!! get it GUUUUURRRRL!

  4. Wow! That sounds like it could be a fun job! :) Good luck on your phone interview!

    Hum... etiquette over the internets...I'm not sure about that one. Seems like if someone is trolling hard enough, they can find out anything about you even if you are careful. I'd just keep work-talk to a minimum and hope for the best? I work for my best friend, and he knows EVERYTHING.ABOUT.ME so I'm not so worried about that. I will never be eligible to run for public office because of said friend, but that is a whole other story hahahaha

  5. good luck! fingers crossed! :)

    and if by chance anyone from williams-sonoma is reading this, hire michelle! she's amazing!

  6. I don't think the fact that you have a phone interview with a company is a taboo topic. Yeah, saying bad things about a company you work for or would like to...or making public "company secrets" or something could be a problem, but I think you're in the clear on this one.

  7. i work for a company where privacy concerns are a huge topic, so i try to keep work talk off my blog. that being said, if i worked for a company that wasn't like that, i would probably mention it every so often. i think you're fiiiiine.

  8. Ahhh good luck!! That sounds so fun! I hate phone interviews, but I love them because I make crazy faces when I'm thinking, and no potential employer needs to know that.

    Look, I'm all about being careful about what you put online to protect yourself, but sometimes you just need to tell the world things. For instance, I used to post all the stupid things my coworkers said, and I took pictures of the inside of the office and the insane Christmas decorations (like a christmas tree put together UPSIDE DOWN. The stupid was overwhelming there). I definitely made fun of that place, but it was all so outlandish I couldn't keep it to myself. I never mentioned where I work, and thankfully no one ever found out. I might have been more nervous about it if I worked anywhere else, but we didn't even get an HR person until months before I quit, and I had to teach my boss how to copy and paste. So I figured I was safe.

    And as long as you say nothing bad or incriminating about your job/potential employer, I'm sure you're fine.

  9. congrats! that sounds like an awesome opportunity (and I'm just a tiny bit jeals...). as far as etiquette, I think this is the kind of thing that's totally okay to talk about. I talk about work all the time now but when I worked in a law firm, anything related to clients or specific cases was totally off limits to me but I talked about co-workers anonymously...

  10. Personally, I never flat out say the name of where I work in any of my blog posts. Sure, people could probably figure out by piecing things together, but I'm just too wary of saying WHERE I work. I also don't think I would say the name of a place where I was interviewing but that's just me. I can't really say why, just that it doesn't make me comfortable.

  11. Good luck with the interview, I'm sure you'll do great! I know it can be disappointing when things like that need rescheduled and you were so excited about them! I think the biggest thing with job etiquette is not talk bad about your job. If you have a great job and are excited about it, you should be able to share about it! I think a lot of people don't talk about their job because they don't enjoy it, or they choose to not mix this personal blog with anything related to work. I talk a little here and there about my job, and I don't think that's a bad thing. Holly @ Perfectly Imperfect Holly talks about her job ALL.THE.TIME! And it's obvious that she loves what she does, and I think that's ok! :) Happy Job Hunting! Good luck!

  12. Good luck! That sounds like a most super-awesome-amazing job!
    I've always been a bit scared to just come out and say who I work for, but I mention work a lot. Just not specifics, I guess...and I always try to sound positive (which I am, I like my job a lot).

  13. that's awesome - best of luck! also if you end up working there and getting a discount on WS brands… help me out. i'm spending my life savings at west elm lately. :)

    i think it's perfectly fine to say where you work (or interview) as long as it isn't negative. i put it out there on my blog where i work and what i do and to the best of my knowledge, the world hasn't ended!

  14. I think it depends on the job. Good luck girlfriend! :)

  15. I love Williams & Sonoma!

    I never know if I'm allowed to say anything about jobs either! Someone needs to write some official rules about it or something!

  16. Yayyy more Bay Area bloggers! I just moved here 2 weeks ago! I'm waiting to hear back from interviews too. Good luck!



  17. i hope the interviews go well! that sounds like an awesome job! (and i think talking about it all depends on personal preference and company rules. but since you don't work for them yet, it's ok right?) i actually have the same degree..and now i'm teaching english. my parents are really proud that i'm using my degree to teach five years olds how to pronounce 'chanel' and 'prada' correctly.

  18. That sounds super exciting! I have my fingers crossed for you! I often don't talk about work and interviewing on my blog in specifics. Like, yes people know I have a job and it's with a research firm in the city, but no specifics. One, most people don't really care about what I do (I don't do anything cool). I also usually assume my company doesn't want to be mentioned and/or associated with my blog. But, especially when it comes to interviews, I don't want to get my hopes up. Because, to me, the worst thing would be for it not to work out. I'd hate for people to ask, oh how did that job with so and so turn out.

  19. I just don't post work places for safety reasons. My husband has a job that could potentially endanger us if it was publicly known.

  20. Congrats and good luck with your interviews!

    As for etiquette, I normally don't post about my jobs and interviews until months, or even years, after I quit that place. For example, one of my most recent post was about DQ and I left that job about 5 years ago... I didn't trash talk them, I merely just explained my experience working at that particular DQ. Of course, I didn't share the actual names and location but I felt safe blogging about the truth because I left that company ages ago. I wouldn't post anything private or about a place that I'm currently employed with or recently quit.

  21. Haha. I've always wondered about this too. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned my company from time to time and I still have a job. And guess what? I'm a Buyer for Hilton. So I'm positive that's a sign you'll get the job ;)

  22. Good luck on the interview! My job would freak the eff out if I posted about work, so I go out of my way to make no mention of what I do and where I work. however, i don't think that is the norm.

  23. I say.... your blog, say whatever the heck you want. except for badmouthing your job in case your boss reads it haha.

    Olive & Ivy

  24. Good luck, that position sounds AH-MAZE-ING! I think some companies may have policies around employees posting about them, and some companies may search a future employee online before hiring (although I swear that's the worst rumour ever). I personally don't talk about my job on my blog because I'm an admissions officer at a university...the last thing I need is an applicant finding me and asking me how to get admitted on a blog comment! Haha.

  25. I agree! It's so hard to know if you can/should share or not! I figure my job title and company is on my Facebook page, my public LinkedIn account, and I've put pictures of my new business card on I don't worry about it too much. I mean you'd never get fired for telling your friends or random people you meet in person where you work, so why should it matter on your blog?

  26. Although I enjoy reading your blog, some of the things you post make me cringe. Any future employer can access it and see some of the great stuff you post - travel blog, funny family stuff - and the very questionable stuff - fat kids at the Coca Cola factory, making fun of random people you see on the street. Those people can easily be your future employer's son, daughter, sister, wife - you get the point. I live in NYC and am in education (so you're safe, haha) but I do Google names when we hire new staff and frankly, I'd never hire someone who posts the things that you do. I would never hire someone who would publicly ridicule employees/the workplace, etc. Its really immature and honestly, from the quality of the writing I've seen, you're better than that stuff.

    When all is said and done, this is your blog and you have the right to post whatever you want on it. And obviously people enjoy it (myself included). I just wanted to provide some different perspective.

  27. Just curious ... did you ever get that job at WSI? I had a most interestingly disappointing experience myself.

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