Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Operation: Jiggle

I spent the last six months gorging and eating whatever I wanted all in the name of traveling the world and experiencing the wonderfulness of each food form.

For Example:

There was that thin-crust pizza in Benalmadena Costa, Spain...

There were tapas galore in Malaga, Spain...

So many coffee breaks with a side of churros, like this one from Marbella, Spain...

When we went to France for those 4 wonderful nights, we let loose and devoured several crepes.
My personal favorite being the ones with cinnamon and sugar...

Then there were the many cheeseburgers devoured. Even if it had a little quail egg on it, sky was the limit, we said!

And the bruschetta! Oh, the bruschetta! In Italy, there simply was nothing better.
So was it mandatory to eat at every meal? You bet your sweet ass it was!

Oh, and then in Rome, we had these pizza squares almost every day because holy wow, they were scrumptious. You see that top piece there? That had potato and cheese on it...#yum.

When we got to Thailand, it was slightly healthier. Although, their corn on the cob that you could buy on the streets were always slathered in butter and salt. The more, the better!

And let's not forget the drinking. The "I'm serious when I say this that I can count on one hand the number of days we didn't consume alcohol in a 6 month period."
Vodka buckets for $10 on Koh Samui, Thailand? I'll take 3!

But the thing is, I justified all of that gluttonous behavior from the miles and miles we were walking each day. We were constantly walking! We avoided public transportation whenever we could to save money, so eating all of those calories didn't really seem like much of a big deal.

But then Amsterdam and London happened.
Or should I say: French fries with mayonnaise happened.
My eating motto for our last 3 weeks of travel was basically: Carbs! Carbs! Carbs!
Eat like I just don't care!
So I did. Eat. A lot. Like I didn't care. Because I didn't.
And no matter how much we walked, some el-bees definitely creeped on.

So now we're home.
And now we're not walking miles upon miles a day.
We're sitting at home, working on our laptops, hanging out with family, and absorbing all of the Netflix we've missed.

Last Wednesday, one week ago, I took the plunge and I faced the scale head on!
My reaction?

Now, okay, okay, am I fat or even in an unhealthy weight range? No.
Is it a matter of 5-7 pounds over my "comfortable, I feel good at this weight" goal? Yes.
So, nothing major, no.
But on this 5 foot 3 1/2 frame, I notice those 5-7 pounds.
And my thinking is this: I'm 26 years old and not getting any younger, so I might as well take advantage of this time in my life while I can!
I want to take care of my body.
I want to feel strong and fit.
I want to put good things into my body and feel good.

Since last Wednesday, I have tried my hardest to incorporate exercise every day: kayaking, hiking, running, and gym time. We have also been making a big effort to cooking our meals at home and making healthier decisions (80% of the time).

Have I cut back on the drinking? Hell no.
And as of now, I have no intention to, thank you very much.

But guess what?

Since last Wednesday, I have lost 1.4 pounds!
Sounds small, but to me, it's a great feeling and accomplishment.

So here's to a healthy lifestyle, all in moderation and feeling good on the inside too.

Happy hump day you sexy beasts.
(I don't know why I just said that, but I'm going with it.)


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  1. i love this. no, not just because the food is making my mouth water like craaaazy, but because of the outlook you have on your body. you know you are on your way to feeling healthier, but you aren't fad dieting, detoxing, and losing the booze (because let's be honest... booze is the best). you're just changing a few things about your current lifestyle, having fun, and seeing results. and that's how it should be!
    ps- you're freaking gorgeous anyways.

  2. I would say..stop posting pics of food..b/c it makes me hungry and ...just walk some...or if you are happy who cares..

    also when are you going clothes shopping? I am waiting for that postttt!!

  3. I gained 12 pounds when I lived in Italy! 12!!! It was insane.

    Definitely start being healthier now, because it was seriously like the day I turned 30 my metabolism said "see you later, I'm peacing out" and just went away! It SUCKS. My daily wine intake now goes directly to my wine belly. Ugh.

  4. The food looks amazing!!!!!! Making me hungry over here. Trust me, it is easier to lose the 5-7 now at your age than it is at mine! I'm struggle with it at the age of 35 :(. It used to be so easy!!

  5. The food is making me hungry! And I love corn. especially when it's with butter and salt! :)

    xx Denysia Yu

  6. I was doing pretty good with my healthy eating until seeing these pictures. Pizza, crepes, cocktails...

  7. Uhmm yeah. This post just makes me want all that food! gimme gimme!

  8. I ate so much in Italy I literally threw up. Never have I felt so much of a fatty. It happens. Good for you getting back on track!

  9. if i traveled for 6 months straight im sure my weight gain would've been in the 20-30 pound range, so you didn't do bad! haha. if you're ever bored or cant get outside to exercise, you should try the Jillian Michael's 30 day shred videos - you can find them on Youtube for free! i started it last week and i'm loving it.. I WANT HER BOD!

  10. Those pics of the amazing food made me hungry, and I just ate lunch! But cheers to you for promoting healthy moderation over crash diets. I see all too many posts about protein shake fasts and diet pills, and it sends such a horrible message! Not to mention, crash diets are not sustainable and the weight comes back! Anyway, you go girl!

  11. Holy hell, I thought that said 14lbs (fourteen)!! All of that food looks absolutely amazing and I don't blame you one bit for taking advantage of the food that is out there. Now it's time to get your butt back to how it was. Way to go on your weight loss!

  12. OK soooo gaining only 5-7 pounds over 6 months is actually great! If it was me, I would've came back obese and no chin ... The boy just bought me a groupon for 10 hot yoga classes. I'm super excited about the gift but I'm wondering if he's trying to hint at something besides the fact that it was a good deal? (Thunder thighs R us over here haha)

  13. I need that food in my belly now haha.

  14. good luck! I feel like I always gain weight on vacations that are even just a long weekend. I walked a ton when I was in Europe but the weight still creeped on a bit. you'll lose it once you get into a groove.

  15. You're making this Korean living girl jealous with all that YUMMY food! Way to get back to work asap! And congrats on the 14 lbs. That has to feel good. :)

    Amanda | Living in Another Language

  16. no fair posting all those food pics...i got so hungry seeing them! and girl, i so know what you mean about being 5'3" and gaining weight. 5 pounds on us short gals looks like 15 would on people of normal height!



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