Monday, May 20, 2013

On The Hunt.

Well, bad news, I didn't win the $600 million Powerball jackpot. Which sucks because I was kiiind of banking on winning so I didn't have to continue with this job and apartment hunt thing. I was sure it was in the bag! But alas, the numbers that signified birthdays and The Dizzle's and my anniversary did not cut it and make me a millionaire. Ah well.

Fortunately, the weekend had all sorts of wonderfulness going on to counter balance the lack of my newfound millions. I think San Francisco decided to put on its best behavior to welcome us to the city, because the weather was fantastic and made me feel right at home.

^^^The Dizzle and his nephew, Max, doing lawn mower races :)^^^

Saturday, The Dizzle and I got right to work and went to check out our very first apartment in Nob Hill. It's quite an exciting thing since this will be the very first time we're officially living with a significant other. I mean, yeah, we've spent the last 6 months "living together," but hotel rooms don't count. This will be a full on "sign our names on the dotted line to lock us in for an entire year" kind of arrangement. Big deal. Bigger excitement.

The apartment was....small. Like, reeeeallllyyyy small. I mean, I know that we're not going to get a mansion here in the city, but whoo-weee, I wasn't quite prepared for thaaat small. But I will say the view was great. However, was it great enough for us to whip out our checkbooks? No. But it was a good starting point for us to see what's out there and get an idea of what we're in for.

I had every intention of scoping out more places, but then H&M called my name and we had to go shopping instead. Then of course that weather. That glorious 80 degree weather. Definitely called my name. So of course, when we got invited to go a little south and have a poolside hangout, well I'd be crazy not to! So there went any additional apartment hunting.

But fear not! Today is a new day, my friends! And as soon as I log off here, I am jumping on Craigslist to scope out some places. Which, that's an adventure all on its own. I had no idea San Francisco, all 7 square miles of it, had so. many. different. neighborhoods. Two blocks in the wrong direction can be fatal for your living arrangements! Okay, not that dramatic, but seriously, we have some major research to do this week.

Okay, enough of my boring To-Do's. I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful Monday.

Peace out.


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  1. I hope you find the perfect place!

  2. Good luck on finding a place to live!!!

  3. never been to san fran. it's on my 2013 must see list. love your pictures. which bagel did you get? I'd stand there for 10 minutes contemplating between jalapeno & chocolate chip. good luck apartment searching! xo - chels @

  4. We've talked about moving to San Fran at some point. When we do, I just might have to pick your brain about what you've learned. Good luck!

  5. Ha ga. Fantastic. There is always next time

  6. Yeahhhhhh gotta get used to the small apartment! We went from a big 2 bed 2 bath to a smaller 1/1. It was certainly a change. You get used to it, I promise. What you DON'T get used to are all the crazies and bums in the city.

  7. I'm back in town (went to LA for a wedding over the weekend) so we need to set up a play date ASAP!! Also FYI, Nob Hill is one of the most expensive places in the city for an apartment!

  8. I'm loving this idea of MishDizzle names on a dotted line! OHHH THE EXCITEMENT!!!
    I'm glad you're back to the days of shopping, and bagels, and new living arrangements!
    PS- jalepeno bagels are always the way to go.

  9. I asked my BFF that used to live in SF for like 7 years where she lived - She lived in Nob Hill, Pac Heights and Inner Richmond. I'm almost positive I visited her when she was in Nob Hill, and it was SUCH A great place for young, fun people like us (you). She also rec'd Russian Hill, Marina and North Beach areas. I'm super sad that she moved from SF, but she did pick to go to one of my other fav cities (Chicago), so I guess that is ok....still not Texas, but at least we are in the same time zone!

    Good luck apartment searching!

  10. good luck with the apartment hunt! my friend and i talked about moving up there until i looked at how much a shoebox size apartment was. not in my budget!

  11. Good luck in your search! I was so overwhelmed when we were looking for a place. If $ and parking wasn't an issue, Russian Hill is my favorite neighborhood! Someday maybe I'll live there :) But there are tons of great spots, you'll find the perfect place. Laurel Heights has been good to me, but it's a bit further from all the action.

    It was seriously so gorgeous this weekend, glad you were here to enjoy it!

    Happy house hunting :)


  12. good luck on the apartment search! i know it can be painful so hopefully you guys find something without too much trouble :)
    -- artwork giveaway

  13. I guess I should have told you how dang small apartments in SF, it's ridiculous! Anything that was within my budget (which I'm just assuming you are not a gazillionaire and have a budget similar to mine) was ridiculously 550 sq ft small - not cool.

    Also should have warned you about the 50 million neighborhoods and how it's SO true that if you go two blocks in the wrong direction, it can be a disaster!

    Please please go try Venus for breakfast in Berkeley (and get the french toast!!) and also try Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen in Berkeley (and get the hush puppies and ribs!)


  14. Good luck sweet friend! :)

  15. Good luck! I hope you find something! I love the pictures you posted. So sunny and cheerful. And those bagels?!?! I could definitely go for one or two of those right now!

    -Amanda | Living in Another Language

  16. first: love san fran. such a great city!
    second: hate house hunting. whether it's apartment or an actual house (we are currently in the process, going to have to do a post on that ridiculousness soon), it's stressful and makes my tummy hurt!

    hope that you find one soon, so excited for you on this next adventure!
    erin |

  17. Yummmo chocolate chip bagels. Is it bad that the whole time I was reading the rest of your post I was half thinking about chocolate chip bagels? Yes.Yes, that is bad. Wow. Look at you. Apartment hunting in San Fran. That's so fun! Oh man. H&M. Loooove it. It's pretty much the only "western" place here, so you better believe that almost every single thing in my closet is from there! H&M can be dangerous! But oh so wonderful.



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