Friday, May 3, 2013

My Kind Of Camping

The last time we went camping, a tent was involved. A very small and uncomfortable tent that I promptly got rid of immediately following the trip.

I'm going to just put it out there for ya. Right here. Right now: I am not a sleep-in-a-tent kind of gal.

I don't get excited about it. I don't enjoy being freezing in a sleeping bag on an uncomfortable blow-up bed, and I don't like having to hunch over at a 45 degree angle trying to put clothes on every morning.

However, I really do enjoy all of the other things that come with camping:
Late night fire chats, wine and beer galore, hot dogs, kayaking, hiking, etc.
So when my mom said she booked a cabin by the lake for 2 nights, which meant all of the camping activities would happen but I'd get to sleep in a real bed at night, I said Sign Me Up!

It was a very relaxing 2 days and great time to decompress and unwind from our travels.
I only had one moment of a mini panic where I asked The Dizzle how soon we could move back to Thailand. But we took a hike and he brought me back to reality and I'm still ready to surge ahead with our San Francisco plan!

Anyway, here are a few crappy cell phone pictures from our mini trip.
My dead camera has been sent off to the Canon factory to try and be repaired (for $250! ugh), so it's going to be at least a week or two before I get it back. :(

Here's me doing some sexy pre-hike stretches in skinny jeans and running shoes.
I still have yet to do any shopping, so I'm still working with what I've been traveling with, unfortunately.

The Dizzle and I have had our fair share of experiences with kayaks (a whopping 3 times), so we were pretty pro status taking them around the lake.

And then here we are, just being so in love and working on that passion I told you about before.

Have a grand weekend, dear friends!
But before you go, I am very excited to have Duckie here on the blog today!!!
I'm sure you all know her and her awesomeness, but if you don't, today is your lucky day!
She has written a very creative and very funny post for you, PLUS - - a pretty amazing giveaway below.


Hey all you Mish Lovin' Life fans!  I'm Duckie, I'm awesome, and I blog over at Frikken Duckie.  I live on Guam, a tiny little island in the Pacific, which has gained some popularity over the past month for being targeted by North Korea.  By the way, did I mention I'm Korean?  I've told Mish on several occasions that I think we are probably related.  Mostly because I think it'd make me like 10x cooler if I were  related to her.  (That may have sounded a little creepy, but I mean come on, the girl is amazing!)

Anyway, so you all know that Mish is back in the great U.S. of A., broke, homeless, jobless, and probably blogging from a McDonald's because they have free wi-fi...I kid, I kid.  But seriously, I know what it's like living on a budget and not being able to splurge often which is why I'm a huge fan of DIY projects.  Especially the cheap ones.  Oh, and easy.  They have to be easy.

So here's a little cheap and easy DIY project that I thought I'd share with you all, especially Mish - because I know she's "so incredibly sick" of her clothes.  It's perfect for the upcoming summer months and puts use to all those stained/hole-y t-shirts you've got tucked away in your drawer.

Start off with two t-shirts (you could use just one for a single-color bandeau, but we're cooler than that) and cut off the bottom trim first, then cut off another piece (big enough to cover your tatas comfortably) to use for the bandeau part and cut that so its one long strip.  Once you've got both pieces cut, lay them out, one on top of the other in a + shape.  Fold the bottom strip over so the ends meet and do the same for the top strip and pull the ends in opposite directions.  Pick it up and place it over your tatas and tie in the back.  Tada!  You're done!

See, I told you.  Cheap and easy.  You can cut more strips in different colors and prints then mix and match them together.  Uh, can you say endless bandeau collection?

Oh, wait!  And you know that trim you cut off?  Save it to make a turban headband!  Yeah, we're seriously stretching that wardrobe out!

Keep the trim in the circle form its in and lay one piece on the other in a + shape and fold over the same way you did with the bandeau.  Once you've got your ends pulled, take your loops and put them together, fit them on your head and throw up a peace sign!

Okay, so now that you've got two projects to get you ready for summer, how about a giveaway?!  Yeah, see, I told you I was awesome.  I'm giving one super lucky (also awesome) reader a large ad spot on my blog for one whole month!  AND...(yes, there is an "and")...I'm also giving that same super lucky awesome person a Coastal Scents Mirage Palette because now that you've expanded your summer wardrobe, you've gotta expand your makeup collection too, right?  RIGHT.  Now enter away....

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks so much for reading!  I hope I've inspired you to create something today and good luck on the giveaway!

♥ Duckie.

P.S.  If you loved this post, please bombard Mish's blog with comments of how awesome we both are so she can admit we're related.  Thanks!



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  1. love both of you ladies! and if all koreans are related, count me in as a long lost half-korean cousin too! xx

  2. Oh my gosh, that pic of you guys is so awkward :)

  3. I love the tutorials and kyacking is one of my favourite activities on the water. How fun!

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  4. I love the tutorial!!!! Super cute!

  5. I keep reading to see if you have gone shopping yet..I feel like you are gonna lose it and just spend crazy amounts!

  6. I love camping!

    And by camping I mean staying in a hotel =)

  7. Man, cutest couple award! :-P

  8. french fry pic = engagement pic. for shizz
    also, SF?! when did i miss this announcement? my fave city...only 90 minutes away...only where i'm hoping to settle soon. i'm so envious.

  9. I love camping - it is so much fun. But you are right, tenting is not for the faint at heart, nor the true bed or bathroom lovers!

  10. I´m like that too... I like the camping activities, but I prefer a real bed! I´ve never tried a kayak before, I´m so afraid that I´d turn the whole thing around and end up in the water! Have a great weekend:-)

  11. This is the easiest DIY tutorial I have ever seen - one that I might actually be able to do and use!! Thanks for introducing me to "Duckie" :)

  12. Mush,I've just your blog through big mario has it taken so long..hello hello!can see why she is sharing the love!camping looks fab

  13. Sorry, predictive text has a mind of its own..

  14. You and The Dizzle are the cutest thing ever! And Duckie and you are BOTH hell-awesome!



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