Friday, May 31, 2013

May Group Giveaway!

Oh, helllooooo there.
Guess what? It's that time of the month again!
No, not THAT time, but Group Giveaway time!
I've actually never won one of these things before, but I bet it's pretty awesome.
If only I could enter my own...
But alas, that would be weird and I'm sure frowned upon.
So here's where you come in.

Up for grabs from these beautiful ladies:

Enter below!
And remember, the more entries you make, the better chances for you to win. Obvi. #simplemathskills
Good Luck and have a great weekend!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


P.S. Interested in participating next month? Check out these options here!

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  1. Found your blog through livinginyellow! I could seriously use some ad space:) I think your blog is fresh and trendy and cool!

    1. Hi Christiana!! Welcome and thank you! Good luck, Free Ad Space is where it's at! ;)




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