Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Good News. Bad News.

Good News: We accomplished item #2 from yesterday's list and went on a whopping 2 mile run.
Bad News: My chest burned like no other, I had to take two walking breaks, and I got a major side cramp. From 2 miles. TWO! How the eff did I ever run that marathon before?! Our goal was to do another 2 miles today, but from the way I'm hobbling around, it's a good possibility I might try to get out of it.

Good News: We're going to Lake Allatoona today for a few days of cabin fun with the fam. And TONIGHT, The Dizzle will be making his oh-so-famous-mouth-watering-I've-been-craving-this-for-six-months CHILI!
Bad News: As much as I'd love to share this recipe with all of you, it is forbidden. This is a top secret recipe that has to stay in The Dizzle's hands and family for life. I deeply apologize. But, I mean, as laid back as The Dizz is on everything else in life, if this is the one thing he's adamant about, I guess I've got to comply, right? Girlfriend duties.

But here's a grainy cell phone picture that I took a long time ago. So I guess that's almost as good.

Good News: I finally got on the scale this morning to weigh myself and kick-start my little diet and exercise plan.
Bad News: I finally got on the scale this morning to weigh myself and kick-start my little diet and exercise plan.

Good News: I got to cook last night! In a real, full-sized kitchen! There was a casserole, there were cream-cheese mashed potatoes, and there was a hearty salad.
Bad News: I burnt the shit out of my thumb in a 350 degree oven. To which I spent the rest of the night with ice on it until I passed out again at promptly 10pm.

Good News: When we were in London last week {that sounds so weird to say, especially as I'm sitting here typing this in GEORGIA. Plus, I'm trying hard not to become the girl that always refers back to her travels, but anyway...}, The Dizzle and I were sitting in a pub, talking about dogs again. And if you remember from this post, we had agreed that we're on the same page and do want one at some point.
So anyway, at this pub, I got the grand idea to go to that one website where you can take a test to figure out which dog breed fits best with you and your lifestyle. We each took the test separately. And what do you know, a Labrador Retriever ranked highest for both of us! So then of course we spent the next hour oohing and awwing (mostly by me) over Lab puppies. In a pub. In London. <--see what I did there?
Now on to my good news (finally): Yesterday, I convinced The Dizz to go to the pet store and just look at a Lab. And he agreed! And we played with the cutest little bundle of joy! And I got so so excited and happy! And we've definitely agreed that a Lab is the one we want!

Bad News: Then it was time to go. And I was sad. And I really wanted him. But The Dizzle reminded me that we don't have a home, nor an income, for a dog right now. Details, I say! Why can't we just be 2 homeless people in love with a bundle of joy between us in our cardboard house by the freeway? Sound pretty romantic if you ask me.

Good News: The Dizzle just made me breakfast!
Bad News: I must leave you now to eat it. Don't cry too hard. ;)


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  1. Oh man, that chili looks amazing. I love that the sour cream is shaped like a heart, because it's made with love. Aw!!!

  2. OH my gosh! I grew up with lab puppies. We had a male and female lab, both with excellent AKC bloodlines, so their puppies were always wanted...not only by buyers...but by us children! It was great. I totally miss dogs now though. Labs are definitely a great choice!

    I have the same luck with anything hot. If it's there...i'll burn my hand on it...every time. Sigh.

    AAND...good luck on that sunburn!!! :(

    -Amanda | Living in Another Language

  3. gah that lab is so cute. but hyper i tell you... (Please adopt!).

    And i just got on the scale too. No bueno. I actually lost weight during my trip and now gained it all back. No bueno.

    Have fun at the lake!

  4. It seems like your good news weighs out the bad? And I feel you on the running thing though. If I stop for too long, it's like I've never gone running before. Keep it up yo.

  5. I say the good outweighs the bad...oh that pup is precious!!!

  6. I will get that recipe!!! The Bean loves chili, and how can you say no to that face!?:-)

  7. I hate to be THAT commenter, but when you and the Dizzle do get a dog, adopt or rescue! Just please don't buy from a pet store - their puppies are usually from puppy mills and can get super sick either immediately or from genetic diseases later in life. Buy through a reputable breeder if you really want a purebreed, 8 week old lab, but keep in mind that rescue groups also often have puppies!
    Ok, I'm getting off my soap box now. Welcome home!

    1. You are not THAT commenter haha :) I completely agree with you Carly! We've both agreed not to go the pet store route for various reasons you mentioned as well as - holy shitake they're way too expensive!
      Thanks for your comment!! :)


  8. I'm going to ditto Rima - if you can, adopt! it is possible to adopt the tiniest puppies (the organization we rescued Charlie through had TWO litters back in January... too sweet!) if you really do want to start from the beginning. but you can also get slightly older (read: already housebroken) puppies - Charlie was only 16 months when I got him so a lot of the hard training work had been done for me :) also, he cost me $250 to rescue. a breeder would have set me back at least double that! anyway. urging over - I know you two will give your Lab so much love no matter where s/he is from!

  9. omg, how adooorable that puppy was! and btw, I very much agree with CarlyMae`s comment! Go for a decent breeder if you want a puppy, not from pet stores!!

  10. Glad you guys made it back the the U.S. of A! Sounds like things are going well so far! Good luck with the job/house situation...and puppy!! How fun!

  11. I want that dog!! Now hurry up & get a job so I can see what kind of cute puppy you pick out ;)

  12. Okay, if you can't give me the recipe, can you at least invite me over to eat some of it once you get to SF? :)

  13. That puppy is so cute! Labs are good dogs'll have one in no time! :D

    And the chili recipe is OFF LIMITS?!?! What am I going to do with myself?!?!

  14. i say i homeless people can have dogs then so can's perfectly reasonable!

  15. That lab puppy is almost cute enough to live in a cardboard box behind the 7 eleven :)

  16. That puppy is so cute. Almost cute enough to live in a cardboard box for :) Glad you are enjoying your time back home, though there's probably no way to avoid being that person who always refers back to their travels, I think you're just stuck with it!

  17. Despite that test I think you need a pug because they are the sweetest ever. Ha.

  18. Yum, that chili looks good! And yay for both choosing the Lab. ENJOY!

  19. Ahh you 3 will be the cutest cardboard box family on the freeway ever!!!!



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