Thursday, May 16, 2013

Business Casual?

I had that phone chat with Williams-Sonoma again. Details are still being worked out, but I think things are looking good. Hopefully I'll know more soon! One thing I made sure to ask at the end of our call, even at the risk of sounding dumb, was what the dress code was in their offices.

Her answer? Business Casual.

Ah. Business Casual. Business Casual. Business Casual?

Let's talk about what exactly that entails.

I have yet to do any major shopping except a few shirts, bras, and some undies here and there.
But I've been refraining from the big shopping sprees until I knew what was going to happen job-wise.

So, yes, I've still been wearing my disgusting clothes that I've been carrying around in a suitcase with me for the last 6 months. I don't even know how I've managed this long. Oh wait, yes I do. That whole lack-of-income thing.


Back to the topic.

I just Googled "Business Casual" and Mr. Google gave me this: way in hell would I ever wear that.
Can you imagine me walking into an office environment on my first day of work?
I'd be dubbed the "Office Ho" in no time!

Let's see what else The Ol' Google popped out:

Okay, just no. God no.
I will also not be dubbed the "office frump".

So what are we talking about here? Some nice slacks and a blouse of some sort?
We don't need full on slacks with matching jacket kind of thing, right?
I'm thinking more like the J Crew or Banana Republic look.
And jeans are a definite no-no, yes?

I searched "Business Casual" on Pinterest and they gave me this:

That's cute, right?
I could wear something like that.
But how can I trust Pinterest when they also gave me this:

That'd just be silly.

Looks like I've got some major shopping to do this weekend in San Francisco.
I'm sure I can find something suitable? Maybe?

Sheesh, it's like I've been out of the work world for over 6 months or something...

Well, look out California, Mishi is back!


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  1. Business casual/smart casual is my worst nightmare of a dresscode. I never know quite how to interpret it. The first Pinterest photo is really cute though!

    Hope the shopping trip is successful :)

  2. hahahah thank you for this! Pefect humor for my day right now :)

  3. From what I hear, business casual in SF is not the same as business casual everywhere else. You still might be good with jeans...although, I don't think I'd show up in them your first day. Fingers crossed you get the job!

  4. So it'll be completely overwrought with tourists during the weekend but I recommend the H&M in Union Square for affordable-but-good-looking biz casual options. I found a lot of law office appropriate things there that didn't make me feel like a total frump. You'll have to get past all the fun trendy stuff first, though.

  5. OMG wtf is that last picture? Like, really?? haha oh pinterest. can't trust 'em. I hate how vague "business casual" is. I do envy your big shopping spree you'll have soon though. SF is the best place for it, too!


  6. Haha that last picture. I have been trying to wrap my head around business casual as well, since I might just be in the career world very soon. I have been out of the whole working thing for 1.5 years and my last job was a massage therapist, so I wore pretty much whatever was comfortable. But now, I am lost...

  7. some nice pants (blue or black), reasonably high heels (NO hooker/alien heels with nails on!!), and a cute loose fit blouse with a nice colour, but not neon colours! And a cute, professional hand bag! :-)

  8. I don't think you can go wrong with the Pinterest suggestion. (The FIRST one, unless Williams-Sonoma is merging with Fredericks of Hollywood.)

  9. my last job was really professional and this one i can get away with wearing pajamas. so i usually dress business casual just because it makes me feel better. email me, i have a few links i think you might like.

  10. Guess it depends on what kind of "business" is being talked about! LOL!

  11. I think Pinterest has the best grasp on business casual! That frumpy google image...OMG horrible!!

    I'd say go conservative the first few days & notice what other people at the office are wearing, then you'll have a better idea of what's accepted. Generally, I'd say business slacks & some kind of button up, blouse or sweater is good. And some offices do allow jean Fridays! =)

  12. I'd say go conservative the first day, then see what other people wear. I view business casual as any type of pants besides blue jeans and leggings (cords, khakis, black jeans, etc are all okay) and any type of "button up" shirt, or something that can be worn with a blazer!

  13. Let's be honest, if I had an ass like that I would probably walk around with it hanging out!!!

  14. haha hearing business casual is the worstttt. I think it often means no jeans, but suits aren't necessary either.... but in some situations places are completely okay with a nice pair of jeans when worn with good shoes and a nice top. So confusing!

  15. Ahhhh Williams-Sonoma is my dream company! So excited that you'll be in SF! I think you'll be a little chilly in that last pic from Pinterest! It's foggy and cold out there today :( Boo, welcome to SF summer.

    I just had the "business casual" discussion with my boyfriend last week. There is a lot of grey area there...

    Happy shopping this weekend!

  16. I think the first picture from pinterest is cute! I like the colored blouse! :D

    xx Denysia Yu

  17. When I worked in SF jeans were considered business casual, just not paired with a tank top. Think blouse, blazer and jeans with heels, particularly if the jeans were designer.

  18. You know, I actually read this post. I mean, all of it and just now did I realize from someone's comment you said Williams-Sonoma because my brain totally read Sherwin Williams. As in the paint company.

    Definitely go with Pinterest #1. Pinterest #2 should be saved after you've had a couple drinks with coworkers :)

  19. Hahaha the last picture is ridiculous!

  20. Bahaha! Good grief. I definitely think you should consider that last one. For real.

  21. Definitely the last one. It says, "I'm all business from the waist up".

  22. I wonder what kind of business that last girl is in .. LoL

  23. One, thanks for making my day. Two, Banana Republic has a ton of good stuff that will suffice any "business casual" dress code. You will be golden with Pinterest #1 look. It's always better to be a bit more dressy the first day than dressed down...

    Pinterest #2 should be saved for the Dizz.

  24. Slacks and a nice blouse with or without a jacket would be good. Also, a pencil skirt and blouse would work well! Good luck!

  25. Hahaha, "business casual" is definitely the last look. Not a doubt in my mind. Just kidding, J. Crew and Banana Republic would be great places to shop! The first Pinterest look is spot on! Good luck finding an outfit and good luck with your interview!


  26. Express. {And I'm not just saying that because I work there} But the entire studio collection can be mix and matched to give you a business casual look or a business look when you need to look businessy.

  27. My office is business casual too. It can be a fine line to walk. Fortunately, I'm all for casual so I just add some dressy things and call it a day.

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