Friday, May 17, 2013

Baby Photographer In The Making?

Yesterday, The Dizzle and I had baby duty for my 6 month old niece, Melody. So after her wonderfully long and glorious 2-hour nap, The Dizz and I decided to take her outside and have a little photo shoot! Verner did the shooting while I did the "I'm trying to make you smile so my voice is raised 12 octaves higher and I'm dancing and prancing like a crazy person" job.

Let me just say that I think we did a pretty fantastic job and the photo shoot was a success.
Though, during the initial setup, you could tell she was a tiny bit confused with the whole situation.

I didn't think she was grasping the concept of what being a baby model entails, because she immediately tried running crawling away.

But then she decided to give it a try and came back to us. And that's when the dancing, prancing, and high-pitched voice came in, followed by a highly confused and unimpressed Melody.

But then something clicked!
And she loved it!
My squeaks and "Hello! (gasp) Hello!" words worked!
And this, my friends, is what you call a happy, happy baby model.

Hey, Baby Gap, let us know if you need a little Korean baby model. Or better yet, let us know if you need a baby photographer complete with professional squeaker, who, might I add, may or may not be a baby whisperer.

Anyhoo, today is a day full of many emotions (shocker) as we say goodbye to my family and head to San Francisco! The Dizzle's sister is picking us up from the airport and has promised to take us straight to In N Out! Oh, what a great, great reunion that will be.

Happy Friday, my loves!


Oh, btw, now that I'm "back", I have more time to focus on my wonderful sponsors! So I am now going to take the time, on this lovely Friday, to introduce you to two wonderful girls that I am fortunate to know!


Meet Rachel who blogs over at Postcards from Rachel. I'm sure many of you already know her, but in case you don't, she is a fellow travel-lover and expat. She was living in Scotland but has now moved back to The States! She blogs about the wonderfulness of life, funny happenings, and travel life with her hubby!
Here's a little "Hello" from her!

Hi, everyone! I'm Rachel and I blog over at Postcards from Rachel. I started my blog to keep my friends and family up-to-date after a big move abroad to Scotland. Now that I'm back in the States and relocating every six months, I write about moving woes, travels, recipes, and ugly sobbing at gas stations because I can't remember my own zip code. In my spare time I enjoy chugging mimosas, walking my two grumpy dogs and zip lining with the hubby. Stop by and say hello!


Now, this was completely not planned. But meet Jen, who lives in SCOTLAND. Do you and Rachel know each other? Talk about a small world! Jen, who blogs over at It's A Blondes Life, is a sweet and positive person who will often have some great make-up tips or reviews as well as funny stories from her day-to-days.
Here's a little "hello" from Jen!

Hi girls! I am Jen, and like Mish, I'm a lover of life! I blog over at Its a Blondes Life! I may be a little different to your other reads, as I am Scottish and live in a city called Glasgow! However I absolutely love the USA and it is a dream of mine to visit all 50 states!! At the moment my number stands at 7.... So I still got a long way to go! It helps though that my boyfriend Robert loves America too! We were in California in February and March and just fell in love with the place! Other than writing about the many adventures we go on, I like to indulge in a bit of retail therapy from time to time and like to share the goodies on the blog too! So Its a Blondes Life equals adventures, fun, make up and not forgetting cats! I hope you will come and join in!



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  1. Great job making Melody smile. And what a smile! Her parents will love these photos!

  2. She is an absolutley adorable little baby model. You did a great job in bringing out her natural talent =)

  3. The pictures turned out awesome!! Hope you have a safe flight to SF!

  4. These pictures are so cute, I love the second to last one, it put such a smile on my face.
    I'm going to go check out Rachel's blog now, I'm actually meeting Jen tomorrow as she is visiting London.
    Safe flight home.

  5. What a doll! SHe's too cute. Just FYI- I deleted my comment on your 'controversial' post as I got several super rude/hateful comments which is freaking ridiculous. I still stand by my point about no soda for kids, but yeah don't need the crazies coming over! Sorry you have to deal with that!

  6. haha what a cutie! Have a safe flight!

  7. such cuteness! and I love Rachel!

  8. Oh that is too much cuteness!!! :)

  9. Such cute pictures

    Have a good flight to san fran!

  10. What a cutie bear! I can't believe she's already crawling... this is the same baby you posted about waiting and waiting for her to be born right?

  11. Totally. I love that you got such cute one of her smiling! What a happy little girl. Ps. Love Rachel, she is awesome!

    Bonnie Rose | a Compass Rose

  12. awwwww what a cutie! Beautiful photos! XO!

  13. Mish, she is freaking cute!



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