Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We Got Stuck In China.

Is it weird that I didn't blog yesterday?
I wanted to, I really did.
I just have this urge to write sometimes when stories need to be told, you know?
{What am I talking about, of course you know.}

In fact, I had this whole plan for "Monday's Post," in that I was going to share with you the wonderfulness of my last day in Thailand.
I wanted to talk about this ginormous water fight that took place in Bangkok.
It was packed. Packed, I tell you!
You couldn't step outside for more than a minute without being completely soaked.
Thousands of people armed with water guns, hoses, buckets, and water bottles, ready to spray you down all in good fun.
{Also a bunch of white, clay stuff that people would wipe on your face to say "good luck." <--?}
It. was. amazing.

^^^We got to spend the holiday with my college roomie, Jessica!^^^
And then of course, I wanted to tell you about my little mini meltdown in the hotel room that last night, crying to The Dizzle about how I was sad to leave Thailand.
I wanted to say that I was scared about the unknown.
I was sad that our Southeast Asia travels were over and that it meant "going home."
I was crying that this chapter of our lives was already coming to an end, when it felt like we had just left home yesterday.
Even though we still had Amsterdam and London to see, it still meant going back to The States was just a few short weeks away.
And it was also a reminder that I had no idea what I was going to do with my life.
Which, let's be honest, was one of the reasons I signed up for this whole "quit-my-life-to-travel-the-world" adventure.
I was hoping for that epiphany.
I was hoping for that answer on what I should do with my life.
And yet, there I was, leaving one of my favorite places on earth (Thailand, not Bangkok), and headed back to the place I sort of ran away from 6 months ago.

Anyway, I was totally going to go into detail on those things, but then getting stuck in China happened.
And well, I think I'd rather talk about that today, if you don't mind.
{If I don't document things here on this blog, I'll completely forget it all happened. For real.}

Here's the scoop in a nutshell.

We got to the Bangkok airport for our 7:45pm flight to Amsterdam, with a layover in Guangzhou, China on Sunday night.
They informed us that due to weather, we would not be able to leave Bangkok in time to catch our layover flight in China.
We waited...
And we waited...
And we waited some more....

This guy was not a happy camper, let me tell you.

Anyway, we then finally got on the plane to China, around 12:30am.
Once we got there, we waited around in a deserted airport as they were arranging free accommodations for us to stay for the night until 11:55pm the next night.

Are you still with me here?
Because I'm a "brownie" and 3 glasses of wine in and *I* can barely keep attention here.


They took us to this deserted hotel in Guangzhou, China and set us up in a room.
Then said they'd pick us up the next night at 9:00pm

We slept from 4am until 3:30pm that afternoon. {sleep is a fun pastime for us, did you know?}

Then they brought us our complimentary lunch: The Mystery Meat.

I can assure you that this was not eaten.

Blah, blah, blah, waiting, waiting, waiting, back to the airport to wait some more...

Annnnnddddd: We made it to Amsterdam.

Hallelujah and thank you sweet baby jesus!

V Dizz and I saw our mamas for the first time in 6 months and we. are. happy.

So happy that we had to sit in a giant shoe...

The End and thank you for listening.

I apologize if the ending to this post was sub-par, but it's high time I get back to the fam and mingle.
I think we're going to check out the Red Light District, too, because we're cool like that.


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  1. Have so much fun in Amsterdam!!! So glad you got to see your mama's! :)

  2. So glad you are loving Amsterdam so far! I really loved it there, I want to go back! Also glad you are getting some family time too, I hope that will also help with the whole going back home thing. Soak up the trip though, don't spend anytime being sad that it's over before it's over...right?! :)

  3. I'm older than you and I still have no idea what I want to do with my life, so you're not alone. I've done many a thing hoping it will magically lead to that epiphany, but alas... I'm still looking!

    And... I feel dumb asking this.... but what is a "brownie?"

  4. Oooh how cool! Did your moms coordinate together to come and meet you in Amsterdam? Im assuming so. So awesome.

  5. Yay! I was eagerly waiting for a new post!
    Sorry about your China adventure, that's never fun. :( I'm glad you could make the most of it with 3 glasses of wine though. A much needed drink or two...or three after a terrible day of traveling is a cure-all.
    I can't wait to see the rest of your Amsterdam pictures!

    -Amanda | Living in Another Language

  6. I've been in Thailand before during the Songkran festival, it's amazing! I'd love to experience that again someday. Glad you made it safely back!

  7. i can't believe how long you had to wait! at least they made up for it with that delicious meal right?! have a blast with your fam! it must be great to see them after such a long time!

  8. You're in Amsterdam and you just said "Because I'm a "brownie" and 3 glasses of wine in and *I* can barely keep attention here." and I have never wanted to be someone more in my life lol. Live it the fuck up -glad you made it safely. So much envy.

  9. Glad you made it to Amsterdam and got to see your family! Can't wait to read more about it! Have fun {but not too much!} checking out the red light district ;)

  10. Omggg you are so close yet so far to us. Be prepared to be drunk all the time here. and walking around the streets with open alcohol is amazing. and the weather has been SO warm this week here so Im hoping some of it makes its way up there to you!! We are going to Paris in May so just stick around until then :)

  11. oh man. i fully did the break down right before i headed back to the states. so know that feeling! and YAY for mommas!!!! so excited for you two. don't worry the next step is just another adventure! :) <3

  12. Coming home is just another chapter. :) Glad you guys weren't held up for another night & y'all made it to Amsterdam safely!

  13. Hey keep your head up friend. The fact of the matter is, we're all struggling with the same woes over here on this side of the world BUT we didn't take an amazing 6 month vacation and see all the cool stuff you did. We lose. So honestly, in the 6 months you were gone, don't worry, you might not have "found what you wanna do for a living" anyways, none of us over here did. Blah. Haha

  14. Have fun!!!!!! So excited you're heading to the states even though you're not lol

  15. Yayy, must be so nice to see both of your mom!
    Amsterdam is awesome! Have fun!

  16. A "brownie" LMAO. I'm so behind so I'm hoping there are Red Light District pics coming up!!!



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