Thursday, April 25, 2013

Things I've Missed Dearly

I know I've said this a million times, but I just can't stress enough how mixed my emotions have been lately. Some days, the thought of going back home and leaving this life of travel really saddens me. Especially lately, knowing that we have less than a week before landing on American soil again.
But then other days, I find myself so exhausted of moving from one place to another, always on the go, walking miles and miles a day and I get extremely excited about going home.

Yesterday was one of my "I don't want to go home" phases. So a trick I've learned to turn my frown upside down is to think of all the things I've been missing.

For example:

1. The Internet: Living abroad, moving from hotel to hotel, you really don't know what your internet situation is going to be like. Like now, for example, we are sitting in a little London cafe using their free WiFi because our hotel sucks balls and even though they advertised "Free Wifi," according to them, they have a fully booked hotel and therefore, the WiFi is shot. <---uhh...okay?
I am very much looking foreword to being back in America with the interwebs available at the touch of a finger! {Though I will say that living sans internet for the last 5 months has pushed us to use our brains instead when trying to figure out our location and where to find something.}

2. Food: I can't tell you how many accumulative hours The Dizzle and I have talked listing all of the different foods we've been missing. I mean, don't get me wrong, we've had some amazing foods while traveling, particularly in Italy, but there's just something about those good ol' fashioned American meals that get me salivating and longing for home.

Including, but not limited to:

In N Out...

A good, decent, large, crisp, scrumptious, chicken cobb salad. 
I've come to find that these are just very hard to come by...

A good ol' California burrito. I'm talking, it's 2am, you have many drinks in you from your night out at the bar, and the only thing that can satisfy that drunk hunger is a giant burrito from that really good hole in the wall Mexican place. You feelin' me?

God, it's no wonder Americans are known for being fatties.
But hey, at least I threw a salad in there?

3. Girlfriends: Bless his wonderful heart for being able to handle me 24/7 these last 5 1/2 months, but I can't tell you how many times V Dizzle has told me that I need my girlfriends around.

In fact, it's usually after any and all of these topics have been brought up by me:

     -The latest celebrity gossip
     -The "ohmygod look what she's wearing" statement
     -The 58 times I said I needed a mani/pedi
     -How bloated I feel commentary
     -A new Grey's Anatomy episode is online!!!!!
     -Another person got {engaged, knocked up, married} on Facebook
Oh my darling Boo, thank you for putting up with me and my girly antics. Just a few more weeks and I'll be able to unload all of that girl-overload talk on some females. ;)

4. Having a closet with options: I've said before just how sick I am of my clothes, so why not say it again! I am sooooo sick of my clothes.
My little suitcase full of clothes: Good riddance to you!
I'm hoping Target, Forever 21, and H&M will have some good selections for me when I get home, seeing as I'm on the "I've just traveled for 6 months and have no job" budget.

5. Our very own bed:  We have been in a total of 25 different beds since leaving America last November. So you better believe how excited I am for when we get to purchase our very own bed for keeps!

6. Home cooked meals: We have had a few kitchens along the way where we've been able to cook the basics, usually eggs for breakfast, but what we've really been missing is having access to a kitchen to cook some good ol' homemade meals! Oh man, you really start to miss that. I'm getting really sick of restaurant meals, delivery, fast food, etc. And this should mean something coming from me! Miss: I Can Barely Cook A Dang Thing.

7. Driving: I'm having a hard time remembering what side of the road Americans drive on or what side of the car the steering wheel is {seriously}, so know that I won't be getting behind the wheel anytime soon. However, I really do miss having a car and knowing where I'm going and being able to drive there any time I want. I definitely took that for granted back home.

8. Paychecks: I've mentioned before that we've been able to earn some money along the way. But trust me, it hasn't been much. We started this journey with $26,000 in the bank. And at this point in time, we have about $7,000 left. So yeah. It's been quite the pricey journey. I don't regret a thing about it and would do it all over again a thousand times, but I will say I do miss those regular paychecks. Going back home means I get to work again. Where? Who knows. But I'm sure I'll find something??
And better believe when that first paycheck hits my bank account I'll be doing the Carlton dance.

America, we'll see you soon.
But for now, there's more of London to explore!

As the Londoners say: Cheers!


P.S. I sure hope you've entered this Ginormous Giveaway I've got going on!

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  1. Holy goodness I want In N Out RIGHT NOW. Ohmygosh.

  2. Mkay i'm gonna have a big fat double2 for you tonight!!!

  3. I want a cobb salad SO BAD after seeing that picture. Yummmm.

    Enjoy the rest of your travels! I've loved reading about your journey. -AA

  4. When I spent a month in Europe, all I wanted was a huge salad! We know how to do them here, don't we? Maybe it was just because I had eaten pasta for a month straight, I needed some greens in my life! haha

    What an amazing experience. I would love to do that someday!

  5. That food looks amazing! I can't imagine how exciting (and sad) it must be to be coming home finally. The furthest out of the country I've been was into Canada for a couple of days! lol

    Also, the Carlton gif. was dancing to exactly to the beat of the song I'm listening too! Haha, it' pretty funny :)

  6. Your girlfriends miss you toooooo. Can't wait to visit you in SF sometime soon! Savor those last days abroad. London is one of my faves (not that I've been many places), but I had some crazy adventures there!

  7. love this. it's a weird balance trying to be happy about going home, but also really not wanting to leave a place. happy last days of travel!

  8. Ahhhh I want In N Out, right now!!! LOL!

  9. love this post! i still get excited when i read about how you and Dizz made this shit happen. you are a brave pair.

  10. Holy crap that In-n-Out looks amazing. We only have on in SF and it's over in Fisherman's Wharf. It's a rare treat-treat. Safe travels home!


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  11. That burrito is making me hungry. Also, you guys are amazing for being able to pull this off.

  12. ohhh m ggg the food!!! california burrito! in n out!!! ahhhhh

  13. girl talk, drunk burritos, and shopping? yeah... i would be having a hard time if i were you as well! those are legit staples in my every day life.

    so excited for you to come back to america, but also so sad that your journey is ending! however... i KNOW this won't be the last of your traveling! in fact, i'm sure this is just the beginning ;)

  14. I can't believe you have less than a week! It seems like just yesterday that you left... Also that shirt that Vicki is wearing, I totally have. Must be the universal maternity shirt. Hahaha!

  15. Even after all your travels you will still have more money in the bank then a lot of people have! Your experience is priceless! Traveling is awesome but yeah...after a while I think I'd be ready to settle down again...but then I'd wonder how long that would last.

  16. i can't believe it's almost over! i know you'd agree when i say, that went by way too fast! and i must very well spent : )

  17. jendizzle in the house, whoop, whoop, ha jk, i'M BUZZED, but seriously! I couldn't venture away from an in and out for 6 months if my life depended on it, well if IT DEPENDED on it I COULD (I didn't really mean to use caps but they seemed to hit the appropriate points so i won't bother to edit). Hit me up when you land in SF, I'll happily treat yous guys to a double double on me!

  18. Burrrrrriiittoooooosssss! If there is one thing I miss about California, it is absolutely late night mexican food haha, and the beach, too. I can't believe you've only got a week left! Enjoy every minute of it, because let's face, work is still work ;)

  19. Aw. I've loved reading your journey. Yes this one is coming to a close, but i'm sure you have exciting new journey ahead of you!!! Ummmm that cobb salad looks AMAZING! Sigh. A good ol' American salad...or even BBQ for that matter, I miss it horribly!

    I can't wait to see where life brings you. I've also been bugging my husband about doing a 4-6 month worldwide tour after our time here. You're my inspiration. :)

    Amanda | Living in Another Language

  20. Welcome to London!
    I've loved reading your adventures from the beginning, I can't believe it's only a week more.
    I'm excited that you guys are now inLondon, it's where I live :)

    I hope you get to check out some exciting places. I may be biased but east London is by far the best part!
    Check out shoreditch/spitalfields/brick lane. You won't regret it!
    Have fun :)

    Esther x

  21. Wow. I had no idea you were travelling the world. That's so incredibly awesome.

    I don't think it's something I could ever do.

    7% Solution​

  22. I'd miss all these things while being away too. Glad you have lots to look forward to!

  23. I can DEFINITELY understand! My husband and I are stationed in Germany with the Army, and even though we actually have someplace to stay on the reg, we still miss all those random things... like Mexican food and free refills. :-)

    Wishing you guys all the best on the rest of your travels!

  24. Isnt it nuts how much you start to miss american food?! its so much better than the food anywhere else on the planet. for sure.

  25. So glad I found your blog today! I'm currently studying abroad in New Zealand, and it is CRAZY how much I miss American food! I would do horrible horrible things for just one slice of deep dish pizza.

  26. Okay, we have to meet up for lunch here in SF and we're going to hit up Senor Sisig - my all time fave food truck in the city. The California burrito is the stuff of dreams, I tell ya.

  27. We really are fatties! It's crazy! But oh the comforts of American food :)



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