Monday, April 8, 2013

The Story Behind The Ink

I always thought couples who got matching tattoos were dumb.
Why? Because if they ever broke up (which, let's be honest here, is more common than not these days), then they'd have these matching tattoos to stare at for the rest of their lives.
And getting the name of your significant other tatted on you?
Oh lordy, don't even get me started.
I mean...we all know how this ended.

Point made.


Somehow, this past weekend, I blurted out to The Dizzle:

"Hey, we should get tattoos while we're here in Thailand! What do you think?"

So he pondered it for a few hours, with the occasional nudge from me thrown in, and at last,
he agreed to said tattoos.

I suggested that the tattoos should be:

a) Meaningful to both of us, individually, because IF we're ever not together, we've still got to like the tattoo and know that it's still meaningful to us.

None of this "VERNER + MICHELLE = LOVE 4EVR. WORLD TRAVELS 2013. XOXO" nonsense.

b) Written in Thai because obviously, we love Thailand and it looks way cooler than English

c) Be tripled checked by 3 different Thais so that what we think the tattoo says doesn't actually say,

"Donkeys and children play in green pastures until midnight." 

Don't ask why that's the first thing that just came to me. I have no idea.

Point is: It had to say what we wanted, so translation was key.

After a few hours of contemplation, we both agreed that a Buddhist quote seemed fitting.
We're not religious people, but we do tend to agree a lot with the Buddhist teachings and values.
Especially recently, being in Thailand and learning/reading more about it, it just seems like great morals to live by.

Verner has been reading, "The Art of Happiness," by the Dalai Lama and thought of this quote he read from it that sat well with him:

"The purpose of life is to be happy."

How very simple and true that is.

Not only is that something that we are aspring to live by each day, but also, it reminds me that that's all we're ever trying to do as individuals.
No matter who you are, what background you have, who you know, where you live - - aren't we all just trying to be happy?
And who am I to judge what your happiness means to you?
Sometimes I forget that and am quick to judge someone's actions if they don't jive well with what I'd do in my own life.
But then I remember that we're all on our own "journeys," if you will, and to each his own, right?

Anyway, that quote stuck.

We got it translated. We confirmed with 3 different Thais that it actually said what we wanted it to.
Then we got to inking!

I should also point out that this tattoo "shop" was in the back of a bike rental store.
Did we think to find a different one? Nope.
Such dare devils we are.
But, hey, 3 days later - - no infection! Hooray!

After only 20 minutes each - voila! Done and done.
I'm very pleased and happy with them!
It was a great experience and one that I'm glad we got to do together.

Though... some could argue that these tattoos are not as cool as the one's we got in Vietnam...
I'm on the fence about that. ;)

Happy Monday!


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  1. I love these! Such a great saying and something fun to do together and to always remember your trip by

  2. Again I love your tattoos. Great choice for the Thai script. Though you make me laugh with the revival photo of the Vietnam tattoos...equally awesome indeed! ;)

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  3. Awww yeahhh girl!! Love the quote. It fits well with the Pillow's own philosophy. Wah...

  4. I love them! Do you guys have other tattoos?

  5. I like this quote! I've contemplated getting a tattoo for years but I just can't find something that resonates enough to make me get up and do it. Despite my lack of action, I know without any doubts that I would get that same placement as you. I feel like it's the perfect spot! Maybe I should take this post as a sign and just do it already!

  6. I love it. I think your location choice is good too. Easily hidden if you ever want.

  7. I absolutely love that you did this, such a special thing! :)

  8. love that quote and what a nice reminder always of your trip around the world and of how to live a full life :)

  9. Yay for tattoos without each other's names! You so smart! I love the quote :)

  10. I saw them on Instagram and liked them immediately, of course! I'm not sure, though..I was super partial to that golden retriever... ;)

  11. beautiful. and i don't even like tattoos!

  12. I think they're awesome. It's a very beautiful quote. When I read it on Instagram I just thought "Yes." You are incredibly brave. I'm still being a bitch about getting my ribs done. How was the pain factor?

  13. Love the quote you chose! :)

  14. Love it! Good idea to get something that`s meaningful for both of you, but still individual. I´ve been thinking of getting a tattoo for years, but I still haven`t dared to take the big step...

  15. love it! :) how did the ribs hurt? i have always wanted one there but have chickened out. which is saying a lot since i have one covering almost my whole back.

  16. Such a great saying!

  17. That quote is perfect! And what a great way to remember this time in your lives!

  18. I love your tattoos! I'm not big on the "couple" tattoos either, and honestly, I'm not big on tattoos for myself in general, but I love what y'all chose to write for yours and I love your comment about everyone having a different view on what "happy" is for them and who are we to judge? I feel like I'm in that situation right now where I'm doing something that makes me happy, but people think I'm kind of crazy for it and it's a weird situation, but it works for me! Love, Love, Love this!

  19. I have a tatty-tat on my left ribs too, about the same size as yours! Hurt like a biiiiiitch but it's my favorite of the ones I have :) Y'all's look amazing, lady!
    (Mine actually matches my husband's in the same spot, but no names because that shit's just a curse!)

  20. yea i tend to make a lot of sense out of buddhist quotes for some reason too, they seem to explain life really well unlike no other. such a lovely quote and i love that you got matching ones but NOT cheesy name ones hhahaha :)

    rachel x

  21. Love this and the story and the inspiration. You guysssssss.

  22. Your tattoos from Vietnam make me laugh so much. x

  23. Awww!! I'm going to get a tattoo of my Smoosh this year. Yours turned out great. How fun!


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  24. i LOVE this.. my husband and i got matching tattoos on the inside of our bottom lips just two weeks after we started dating... his says whore, mine says bitch... pretty sure that dictated our entire relationship (;

    i'm not even kidding you. i really DO have a tattoo that says bitch.

  25. you guys are too cool for school! geez. showing us all up left and right! Looks A++! xoxo

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. I know I already commented on your Twitter post...but again...I LOVE THIS!
    My husband and I were seriously looking at getting on when we were in Bali last summer..but the tattoo shops there were way sketch, and I was personally freaked out by the guys in the shop. Way to be braver than me! I'll have to suck it up next time. :)
    I already share a tattoo with my immediate family, since we're a worldwide traveling family. It's latin and says 'always together no matter how far apart.'
    I love tattoos!

  28. When I saw this, I asked Justin if we could get matching tattoos.

    Pretty resounding no. That's fine, I'm just going to have to find a new fiance!

  29. These tattoos are awesome!!! I definitely had to get my Italian tattoo translated 3 times before I got it too so kudos for being smart!


  30. very well said. love the new ink!

  31. this is awesome! what a great way to remember the trip together! love the look

  32. i LOVE where you got yours! I have been wanting another tat and would love to get it there with a nice quote. I just got to find "that" quote. (how much did that hurt???)

  33. I love it! I recently got ink on my ribs too same side!



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