Friday, April 5, 2013

The One and Only Recipe I Am Going To Share On This Blog.

As some of you know, I am not a cook.

Up until meeting The Dizzle there was maybe one or two things I could make,
but for the most part, my meals either came from a restaurant or the microwave.
Thank you, Lean Cuisine, for keeping me alive all of these years.

You will never ever see this blog turn into a zone for recipes.
And though I believe in the whole "never say never" thing, I stand firmly in my previous statement.
So let me repeat: You will never ever see this blog turn into a zone for recipes.

Now, granted, since having The ChefDizzle in my life, I have definitely surprised myself with an urge to learn more recipes.
Nothing crazy, just some things here and there so I can trick my man into thinking I'm somewhat domestic.
Though, something tells me he knows I'm anything but.
Fortunately, he's a whiz in the kitchen and quite enjoys it.


Today, things have changed around these parts.
Today, we attended our very first Thai Cooking Class, and Mishi here COOKED.
All. By. Her. Self.
It was a 4-hour, 4-Course, even-went-to-the-Thai market, kind of afternoon.

The first thing we learned how to make was Chicken Pad Thai.
And this, being one of my favorite dishes here in Thailand, is what I am going to share with you.
I've been wanting to know how to make this for so long,
so I'm excited to add it to my 2-dish repertoire.

You're going to be amazed at how easy this is.

We were paired up and assigned to our very own little cooking station.

They even gave The Dizzle his own little sexy spaghetti-strapped dress apron.
{I should note that the instructor referred to Verner as "Sexy Boy" all night long.}

Okay! Here we go.
Pad Thai - In Pictures {full recipe will be at the bottom of post}.

Set aside these ingredients, along with an egg and bean sprouts.
Make sure to have them handy and ready.

Add soy sauce, oyster sauce, and sugar.

Personal Tips: 
KEEP STIRRING! Otherwise you will most definitely burn your noodles.
Remove the skins from the garlic. They do not taste good crunching in your mouth afterwards.

Ingredients (for 1 serving):
250 grams rice noodles
50 grams chicken
3 tbsp. oil
20 grams Chinese chives
1 tsp. sugar
2 tbsp. soy sauce (can also use fish sauce if you prefer)
2 tbsp. oyster sauce
1 egg
30 grams bean sprouts
1 tbsp. chopped garlic
50 grams tofu, cut into 1cm width cube
1/2 cup water

1. Heat the oil over low/medium heat, add garlic and fry until fragrant
2. Add chicken and tofu. Stir until the chicken is cooked
3. Break the egg in and spread the egg with chicken
4. Add noodles and water, stir until tender
5. Season with soy sauce, oyster sauce, and sugar
6. Add the bean sprouts and Chinese chives

And there you have it.
The world's longest recipe post that also took the world's longest time of Photoshop editing.

If just one person attempts this recipe, then all of this will have been worth it.

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend, ya hear?
But before you go, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Amanda.
I've "known" her for quite some time here in blog land and she's a true gem!
She wrote up a little hello for you all and I hope you can go show her some blog love! :)


Why hello there.  I am Amanda from this IS my real hair!

I am so happy to be guest posting for Michelle today.
how cute is she? and Verner? please stfu with that! 
she is legit traveling the world with an Abercrombie model.
I could go on about that for days, so I will stop myself now.

I blog about a lot of different random things.
I like to think that there is a little something for everyone:
[mostly] my dog

my relationship

my best friend



and of course Starbucks!!

I will be completely honest with you,
I swear often sometimes and my travel is not nearly as exciting as Michelle's.
But I am a very good time, I hope that you will come see for yourself

XXO Amanda

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  1. Oh that looks amazing!!! Yum!!

  2. Oh snap! I need to go get me a wok ASAP and get to cooking!

  3. I'll let you make that when you get to GA :) Looking forward to it.

  4. YUMMMM that looks super fun and delicious!

  5. I may actually attempt this! I have a wok sitting in my cabinet all dusty right now! And it'll make me at least FEEL like I'm traveling the world for the time being! :) And I love the personal tips you added! haha I thought I had noticed that the skin had been left on the garlic when I was skimming through the pics!

  6. My mum took a class in Thailand like that when she came to visit us in Bangkok. I love the food there and glad you shared a step by step recipe. My husband does much of te cooking too.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  7. OMG I want this right now!

  8. YUMMMM!

    I was looking at the pictures and wondering if you left the garlic skin on LOL

    I'm pinning this for future reference.. Thanks!

  9. I 'aint no cook either!! LOL. My husband is. I do get in the kitchen and cook just because I think it's the nice thing to do but he knows it won't happen often. I just tried pad thai for the first time a few years ago and loved it. I could see myself (or him) making it! You did get a cute chef!

  10. I think if this was your only dish in your cookbook you'd be okay.

  11. You KNOW I will be giving this a shot as soon as I get my butt to a grocery store! I can't even express how excited I am over this recipe.

    You, are AWESOME!

  12. Ummmmm YUM! I love that you took a cooking class. Totally not worth doing here in S. Korea, but I'd love to do one maybe in Thailand or Vietnam! Thanks for the recipe! Maybe if I feel ambitious enough I'll make it next week.

  13. wow that looked really good AND easy to make!

  14. Those aprons look really cute! Food looks delish!

  15. yumm! i wish we would have learned how to cook. the food is so amazing! looks like you guys did great, what a cool experience! (btw, you should tell him that he looks good in an apron which means he should wear it more and cook more right?!)

  16. 1. Soooo was the instructor a man or a woman?!? (I want to picture a little Thai man.)
    2. What are the red flakes in there? Picture 9, they magically appear!
    3. I LOVE Amanda!! You guys are 2 of my favorite blogs to follow! (and The Daily Tay)

    1. 1. Instructor was a woman. But you can still picture a little Thai man if you'd like. :)
      2. The red flakes are little tiny dried shrimps. I say gross. So I left them out. ha.
      3. xoxoxoxoxo



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